The only thing I can think of is to go to 0 … Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... or Buy It Now. Quattro's Farms -the place with the wonderful meats- has Pheasant, free range chicken, and Turkey Eggs, but usually not duck eggs. Currently, we are producing duck eggs and horse boarding. 6 FRESH Purebred Fertilized Peking Duck Hatching Eggs 1/2 Doz. If you walk toward the West side of the market you'll see a guy who works out of the back of his pick-up truck who has duck, goose, quail, etc. Anyway, we raise ducks and I use the extra eggs for baking. Duck egg whites often need to be whipped harder than chicken egg whites before they start to foam and gain air volume. I googled for duck breeders or farms in your area and didn't come up with anything. Plus Extra. Great for baking and a richer flavour than the chicken egg. Here are some ideas to start you on your duck egg buying journey: 4 Dozen Grass-Fed Duck Eggs; Set of 6 Blown Out Blank Duck Eggshells; Duck Hatching (and Eating) Eggs Duck eggs are as easy to use as an ordinary chicken egg, but will add an extra dimension to any dish at any meal. Get the best deals on Fertile Duck Eggs when you shop the largest online selection at $10.00. But that doesn’t mean impossible! Check out our Farm Blog for recipes, tips on how to live and eat adventurously, and of course, humorous anecdotes on life in general! Protein helps balance blood sugar levels keeping you feeling fuller for longer (appetite management) and maintaining energy levels; Duck eggs contain more vitamin A, vitamin B12 and iron than chicken eggs. The duck eggs are richer and make fantastic cakes. Duck egg whites aren’t recommended for use in meringues, as they don’t set in the same way as chicken eggs’ whites. Duck eggs can be sent by courier and will be packed as best possible, however we do not accept liability for damage during transportation, please consider this when ordering. Breakfast, Lunch, Appetizers, Dinner, and Dessert all have one thing in common now: duck eggs are on the menu, and as delicious and nutritious as ever! When frying duck eggs, take care not to overcook them, as doing so can give the yolk a rubbery consistency. Duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs so contain more yolk than white which provides more protein (9g compared to 6g). Browse the Duck & Quail Eggs section at Waitrose & Partners and buy high quality Free Range Eggs products today. Sorry I am in Wisconsin or I … Where to Buy Duck Eggs. As mentioned above, duck eggs are not as common as chicken eggs, so finding them may be a little harder. On this site, you will also find information on events hosted here on the farm, updates for the folks interested in our garden and about where their food is coming from.Stay tuned! Not sure about Quail. Free delivery - T&Cs apply.