Enemies killed by allies will grant you Warframe 25% of the affinity and the other 75% will be split amongst whatever weapons you have equipped, therefore bringing less weapons will make whatever you have equipped level up faster. One feature in fissures is when last long enough you start to get free boosters, only for that mission starting from 25%. When it comes to question on how to level up weapons in Warframe, many people think that killing things in any way will grant a large amount of affinity to all their gear. In terms of how to level up Warframes fast, you need to understand how they acquire affinity. Spy missions are also great for solo leveling because not only can you do stealth kills, you may also hack the terminals that are the main objective which grant bonus affinity if undetected. There are still a few ways to level up when you’re alone, however you might require a bit of skill and time before mastering the techniques to do so. Knowing the fastest way to level up will help you do this and eventually you will know where is the best place to level up. Enemies will repeatedly spawn after being killed which means the faster you kill enemies, the more that spawn and the more experience you can farm. When it comes to power leveling in Warframe you need to stick to public games when no buddies are available so more enemies will spawn in mission you will farm affinity on. Same goes with what we discussed about Hydron, make sure you have a weapon or Warframe that can help and act like a team. In Warframe, you will come across different Weapons, Warframes and Companions which are all essential to your success in missions you do. Which are the primary, secondary and melee. Be sure to always do your part when in squads and try to level up as effectively as possible. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. However, they are not always easy to learn to control properly. Hydron is a small map and enemies will come in waves to attack the defense target. This is wrong and the truth is you basically get affinity for whichever weapon you are using and half of that affinity is split between whichever weapon is used and the Warframe you are using. Killing enemies with your weapon will award the weapon you used and the Warframe you are using with affinity which is split amongst them. Hydron is well known for its high affinity gain and is considered one of the best missions to farm experience or affinity. These all require you to level them up so that they can reach their max potential and make the most out of the equipment you have. It basically consists of playing a member of the Tenno species who must explore the entire solar system to find the various armor that will allow him to achieve his own survival. Napalm Grenades is aWeapon Augment Mod for Penta, Secura Penta, and Carmine Penta that causes the grenades to leave a burning patch on the ground upon impact. In this vein, having the Warframe tier list weapons that we bring to all our readers will be a huge advantage to have great chances of success and each and every one of the missions that you will have to face in your search for the galaxy. These missions are great for farming as well so you can choose which one you want to go to and check what you can get to make the most out of your farming experience. Strangely Grineer Themed. This is also considered the fastest way to level up weapons in Warframe, provided you have a squad with you that can kill. The fastest way to level up Warframes is to have a good melee weapon with you along with Naramon as your school with Affinity Spike and go around killing enemies with your melee weapon. That is why HDGamers brings you the Warframe tier list weapons to prepare you for battle. This guide will ensure you that you will be on the right track and level up fast so you can carry on with your gameplay without having the delay of worrying what is the fastest way to level up. If you can kill enemies with your Warframe abilities, then stick with that otherwise try to kill as many as you can with a strong weapon you have.