This walker is rock solid for those with larger frames, accommodating up to 500 pounds. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The eight inch hard rubber wheels will never go flat and can negotiate most surfaces with ease. She also graduated from Florida International University with a BS in Occupational Therapy. Hugo's rollator walker features adjustable handlebars as well as a padded seat that can be set at two different heights. – That means it can even be used as a portable aid for getting on and off the toilet. If you’re thinking of getting a walker to use specifically when you’re out and about, whether it’s for a trip to the grocery or a stroll through the park, if you don’t need a seat, but you just need the added mobility, the Lumex three-wheel walker is a compact and lightweight option that’s easy to keep in the back seat or trunk of your car. As we age, mobility frequently becomes more difficult. It also locks when folded to make it easier to tuck into a closet or trunk. The taller you are, the worse they seem to make you stoop. Working Out at Home? One thing is certain, they'll get you on your feet and moving, which is essential for improving your health. This lightweight walker features a unique design that combines larger 10 inch wheels in front, and eight inch wheels in back, delivering more stability on grass, trails and other uneven surfaces. If they demonstrate poor judgement as to when to use their walker and when not to. The most common walkers for seniors include: If you have an unstable gait and need to bear a significant amount of weight on a walker, the University of Arizona Center on Aging says a standard walker is best. “Malls, movie theaters, shopping, family events, or sports arenas/fields are accessible with more support as well as a mobile seat,” Wilson says. The ergonomic hand grips make accessing the brakes natural and comfortable. The steps and instructions on how to use a standard walker are: The steps for using rolling walkers are the same as what I listed above for standard walkers except for: Walkers can be a great mobility device for seniors and they do help tremendously – but again – only IF they are used properly. Cognitive, physical and environmental factors can impede the safe use of walkers. It could be that they need it temporarily, occasionally or at all times. . While that might seem like a lofty goal for some, the right walker can make it quite possible, as well as more pleasurable. The large front wheels take the pressure while the back ones smoothly glide you wherever you desire to go. Find more Drive Medical Four Wheel Walker Rollator information and reviews here. Of all the options, standard walkers offer the steadiest support. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Check out our guide to the best lightweight wheelchairs. Have a Physical Therapist adjust the walker so that it is properly set for your height. A walker can provide you with some stability to stand and walk but it will not prevent you from slipping – so the right shoes are important. By Crystal Lee | Last updated June 19, 2020. Robin and Esther are the duo behind! We also compiled a list of walkers with high ratings for older adults who are looking for help with everything from mobility and balance issues to recovering from a stroke or surgery. It includes a convenient seat with a backrest. Rollator Walkers come in a variety of sizes and each has its own degree of functionality, depending on your needs. It easily folds from the center to remain standing for storage, and it comes with a hefty open storage bag as well. However, standard walkers only allow for fairly slow movement, and they are not suitable for uneven surfaces. When considering capacity, pick one that’s appropriate to you or the individual’s size and weight. Fevers in Children: How High Is Too High? I’m Interested in Your Walkers for Seniors. It features a padded seat that's easy to clean and an under-seat pouch to store your belongings. If you're in the market for home workout accessories, numerous discounts are available online. Another bonus? The difference between a rollator and a walker is that all of the legs on a rollator have wheels, some of which swivel to make turning easier. Check out this compact model from OasisSpace. When you’re ready to purchase one, make sure to talk with your doctor or a physical therapist. If you are obese, please use a Bariatric Walker which is meant for individuals that require support for extra weight. To help you home in on a few features, we asked Megan Wilson, PT, DPT, ATP, a physical therapist and certified assistive technology practitioner at St. Jude Medical Center, Centers for Rehabilitation, for her expert input on what to look for in a walker. Yes, we have a large selection of walker accessories for you to choose from on our website. The best walking assistance device is one that fits both your specific needs and your body. Her expertise in home assessments and home safety issues for seniors will help you to make the best possible decisions for your elderly parent or senior that you are caring for. This walker comes in blue, red or pewter, and it’s affordable enough to be a backup option for a larger walker with a seat. It also stands out for the fact that both the seat and the handlebars can be adjusted for a wide range of different heights. With six levels of adjustability for people from 5’1″ to 5’10” in an upright position, or for people up to six feet tall in a slight stoop, this walker features wrist rests to allow for easy ergonomic reach to the handgrips. If you are buying on a budget, try looking at walkers for seniors that don’t have an abundance of extras, like those with electronic functions or stabilizer features. The wheels give users agile control, and the brake arms offer ease of access. Finally, most insurance providers will pay for a walker with a prescription, which Wilson says reduces the out-of-pocket cost to you. For folks over six feet tall, you can get the Nitro with a tall frame. – Many rollators are equipped with hand loop brakes that you can engage by squeezing the levers. It is adjustable for a range of heights and can support up to 250 pounds. The double fold design makes it easy and compact to transport, yet this walker still has to ability to handle up to 300 pounds. The detachable sides allow it to fold down very compactly, making it well-suited for travel. There are many other walkers for seniors worth considering, including models that allow for a more upright position for those with back problems. The best walkers for seniors enhance mobility and independence. Find more Medline Heavy Duty Bariatric Folding Walker information and reviews here. These walking aids also come in different sizes. Excellent for regaining stability after injury or surgery, this walker is heavy-duty, with arms that fold in for easy storage. You won’t ever be lifting this type of walker when you are walking. It also folds flatter than many other models making storage a breeze. While it’s super sturdy, with big 8 inch wheels for great stability, we’re really impressed with some of the added features that make the more expensive price tag totally worth it. But if your senior loved one demonstrates poor judgement (which is very common with cognitive decline) and is unable to decide how to avoid pathways that can be problematic – then I recommend that they be assisted by someone in these situations. Walkers also give you more independent access to home and community, so you’re not holding on to someone for balance. This article will help you understand the different types of walkers that are available as well as the pros and cons of each type. The walker can handle weights up to 300 pounds, and will keep folks up to 5′ 10″ tall in an erect position, while taller individuals will have a slight stoop when using it. This three-wheeled walker can even stand on its own when folded. This walker has quite a few options that make it different from others as well. Find more Roller-GO Double Foldable Upright Walker information and reviews here. They are also not good for people who lack upper body strength. With the removable basket, pouch, and tray, the NOVA Traveler offers plenty of convenient ways for you to carry everything you need. We are here to share what we have been through and what we learned with you! We both have years of experience in senior care – Esther as an Occupational Therapist and Robin as a Dental Hygienist and we have both cared for our elderly parents. Whether you’re dealing with age-related disabilities, impairment from a stroke, surgery or other medical issues, these walkers can help you on your road to recovery. With its padded seat, push bar, and fold-down footrests, this four-wheeled rollator can be used as both a walker and lightweight wheelchair. Its slim profile allows it to fit through tight passageways, making it an ideal mobility aid for travel. Walkers (and any other mobility devices) can certainly help an elderly person from falling but they can just as easily cause the fall as well. These walking aids also come in different sizes.