The content of this website is protected by copyright and reproduction in whole or in part is only authorized with the written consent of Alex Zhang, President and CEO, Langley Flying School. the highest speed on the white arch depicted on the Airspeed Indicator. lift varies with the angle of incidence of an airfoil. Weight. To pacify the stall characteristics of an aeroplane, a common design feature of an airfoil is. Question 1 . keeps the nose of a plane from swinging from side to side, prevents an up and down motion of the nose, used to troll the wings from side to side, small plates that are used to disrupt the flow over the wing and to change the amount of force by decreasing the lift when the spoiler is deployed, deployed downward on takeoff and in landing to increase the amount of force produced by the wing on some aircraft, the front part of with will also deflect. drag. Winds in the troposphere that are at their highest speed at the top of the troposphere and drop off as the craft climbs higher, Visual Flight Rules (VFR) - regulate flying in conditions where there is good visibility, Responsible to assign altitudes and headings in conditions and the Pilot is responsible to maintain their the assigned position. Q. Aerodynamics and Theory of Flight--Questions, Booking Sheet | SURVEY . Bernoulli’s Theory for lift is best described as follows: the downward force caused by an airfoil passing through the air produces an equal but opposite upward reaction force. To overcomgenerated by the motion of the airplane through the air and is an aerodynamic force. an accelerated fluid or gas produces adjacent low pressure. The air resists the motion fo the aircraft, to overcome drag, Airplanes use as propulsion system to generate force. thrust. Safety Plan and Policy, Unit 110, 5385- 216 Street Langley, British Columbia, V2Y 2N3 Canada, E-mail : Good luck! Lift. answer choices . Q. Parasitic is speed-related—the faster you go, the more parasitic drag you will experience. What Does UTC stand for. imbalance lift in a slow flight condition. 20 Questions Show answers. stall at an angle of attack is that greater than the critical angle of attack. The Greenwich Meridian (Prime Meridian or Longitude Zero degrees) marks the starting point of every time zone in the World. Approximately one-half of the lift generated by an air foil is created by. The content of this website is protected by copyright and reproduction in whole or in part is only authorized with the written consent of Alex Zhang, President and CEO, Langley Flying School. parasitic drag exceeds asymmetric thrust. Give this Theory of Flight quiz a try! Average score for this quiz is 6 / 10. This is the name of the force that tries to move an aircraft forward. Note the reference to “differential camber”, which is a made-up expression and not the same as “airfoil variation.”  Airfoil variation is a design feature to pacify the stall. Cause structural stress. © 2020 Langley Flying School, Inc. Confucius, Commercial Pilot with Applied Human Factors Aviation Diploma, Multi-crew Standard Operating Procedures Training, Langley Flying School Bursaries and Awards, Instructor Teaching Load and Availability, Flight Instructor Aircraft Responsibility, Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor Training Record, Request to Start Advanced Flight Training, The force during flight that is exerted through the centre of gravity, perpendicular to the earth’s surface is, The force during flight exerted through the centre of pressure, perpendicular to the relative wind is, A straight line between the leading edge and trailing edge of an airfoil is referred to as. Examples of abnormal situations/functioning of the airacraft, ice on the wings, fuel leak, engine fire, smoke in Cabin, door malfunctioning, unusual noise or smell in the cabin, unusual aircraft attitude, damage to any part of the airplane, Flaps, landing gear and visible fuel leaks.