Apr 16, 2008 3:04pm. I've hit 795,000 but I have yet to break 800,000. Since there are only two levels, you're going to be seeing the same scenery over and over and since the patterns of the enemies never changes, once you get a firm grasp of these two levels it should be fairly easy to blow throw them. Would you believe I have always sucked at sh'mups despite enjoying them immensely? I almost guarantee that you'll fail to remember any defining features of the level after having played it. Yeah, I think I'll get this! It seems I creamed him with 751,600 points! Red power-up capsules enhance the offensive ability of the player's ship, eventually resulting in a five-way shot. It doesn't work that way. Or does no mention of CC or GCC mean that only Wiimote is usable (if so, how is it done? I am however finding it really addictive and great fun. (The scores don't update when you submit, but your position does. An intergalactic top-down 3D shooter and features score uploads allowing you to compete against fighter pilots around the world. Star Soldier R is a futuristic scrolling shooter video game developed by Hudson Soft, and is the seventh installment in the Star Soldier series. i like fact there's more strategy and depth to it then you think.Isn't this type game refer to as caravan title, beening only couple minutes long. Defend Your Castle) will find themselves with a much better response than those that don't provide the value. I think tomorrow I'm going to take on the 5-Minute Mode and see what kind of score I can get. And you're exactly correct. At first I frowned upon the "just 2 levels" issue like almost everyone else, then I started to think that having few levels is probably a good thing for time attack gameplay.Let's see...is there any recent and awesome shooter with very few levels?Did I hear "Geometry Wars"? The scores are most definitely ordered correctly. My love for space shooters has greatly been renewed because of it and it's set the bar for Gyrostarr and Space Invaders: GE, both of which I'm really looking forward to. DYC at 500? When the two minute mark is up, I can't help but feel jarred by being suddenly dropped out of the game. You do have your choice of three different modes of play. ), (Edit: I found Corbie's score too: 723,200 points). Aside from regular scrolling-shooter gameplay, the game also has a Fast Shot mode which measures how quickly the player can press the fire button. Pointers, anyone? I was just surprised that the game didn't use more graphical effects. It's got some pretty nifty tips for improving your score. Please sign in to leave a comment. Star Soldier R at 800? I'd get so bored with this game after only two levels, which is why I'm not getting it. Even my girlfriend started it and wants to improve her score now. Lost Winds at 1000? You'll have to earn these points the old-fashioned way. However, compatibility may extend to prior revisions or compatibility gaps may exist within ranges indicated as compatible due to limited testing. This does remind of the good old days at the arcade trying to get high scores. Which isn't a problem per se (it gives the game an interesting Retro feel), I was simply under the impression that developers had a pretty standard toolkit for such basic stuff like lighting by now. Uh-oh... TWR is getting some competition.... xD. Not as good as Blazing Lazers, but damn good anyway. In this episode we check out all the WiiWare titles currently available in Japan. LOL. I just think that gamers are going to have to approach Wii Ware with a different perspective as they do retail releases and classic game releases. NOTE: Could you add which controllers are supported to your reviews (like in the VC-Reviews) please? Also, I'm a little new here and while I haven't been to many forums, this is the first site I've been to where the staff actually interact with the posters for reasons other than to answer question about crippling problems on the site. I'll check it out. I hope Hudson does another Star Soldier for WiiWare with a campaign mode. I hope I can keep going as much as possible after work tonight. @lockelocke - Holy cow, that's awesome! The most I can get is 978,400. Please update as appropriate. (Costs a bloody fortune to get a copy, too!). I won´t be getting this, because timelimited gameplay don´t fit me at all. I'm pretty sure I did, but can't seem to find it. One of these days I'd love to pick one up, though. Aussie-developed game missing from release lineup. I know what you're saying, that this is the perfect medium for games as the overhead costs are minimal. Sure you've played a zillion shooters that were far longer - if you've played that many shooters than you certainly know that this is the closest thing you're getting to inivation in this stale genre, at least one that's not from Kenta Cho. Konami has owned the rights to the series since their absorption of Hudson Soft in 2012. They'll do it their way, and as long as their are just enough people to make money off of it, it's worth it to them. Hosted by 44 Bytes. Players can also decide how they want to play, choosing from three control schemes - Nunchuk and Wii Remote, Wii Remote only (held sideways) or the Classic Controller. There are tons of enemies to take out, not to mention the blocks strung across each level that you can shoot for points and power-ups. I get to be on the high score list! Great game, really enjoying it. Hmm this is pretty much a test by Hudson to judge demand for a full wii release of a new Star Soldier game. Haha Corbie I just beat your 2 min hi-score. Although this technology sparked numerous interplanetary conflicts, humanity had reached the pinnacle of its existence. I love the time attack modes of the other star soldiers, i think i should get this one...should i? Residents of Earth were overcome with despair, as they once again faced certain annihilation. SD Card) if I want a backup. lost winds is fun and all, bu t the controls arent my cup of tea. Even if they had just five, this would be a solid 9. I've read several reviews saying this game isn't worth the money because it lacks a story mode, only has two levels. That helps! In 2-Minute Mode, players have just enough time to battle through one action-packed stage and one giant boss. These are still basically titles that are being put together rather quickly and generally by much smaller development teams, some with quite a bit less experience than some of the big boys out there. As it so happens, I actually like the idea of small, simple games. Let me put it this way: For PC games that I was really excited about, I used to pay $5-$10 for a Demo CD without flinching. Why don't they tell you these things?!?! Star Soldier R). Holy Mary mother of Jesus, are you people insane? I had to look again to realize that the other score was higher! And I've also enjoyed the discussion we've had as well. Actually, I think publishers are the ones who should be approaching the service differently. I'm pressing forward in the tourney. Edit: Make that 833,300! Star Soldier R received mixed reviews. Dazza: Thanks!! Star Soldier R; Star Soldier R : Description: Image: no image available : Size: 24MB: Download: Register to Download this file: Rating: 5/5 : 1 Vote : Previous; Back; Next ; 0 Comments. And Daz...now I have to fire it back up again and beat that score. What's here is really great and this game has all the makings of being a fantastic shoot 'em up. In Star Soldier R, your job is to take control of your space fighter and shoot your way through each of the two levels as fast as you possibly can. shrug Go figure. Thanks to the Star Soldier R web page, I see Dazza in the SW with 689,800 points. Get 100% of speed (or 105-120% if press TAB). Oberstein's Theory has enabled mankind to travel through space at ultrahigh speeds. It's fun to shoot for a higher score each time and to try and beat the scores of gamers around the country using the Wi-Fi connection, but as good as the game is, it really leaves you wanting more.