Elsa’s not a big fan of Spanish rice, so she didn’t eat much of it. If our San Angel Inn Restaurante review was helpful, or at least entertaining, please like and share this with your friends or anyone you think will find it useful. Unfortunately, this item left the menu at Epcot’s San Angel Inn right after we ate here. That way, you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised rather than disappointed. In retrospect, we should have asked for ranch dressing on the salad. I can get Tex-Mex whenever I want. He got Chile Relleno, he enjoyed it a lot but it wasn't his favorite meal of our vacation actually. We were all pleasantly surprised by our meal at San Angel Inn Restaurante in Epcot. Normally you would be correct, but that’s not what comes with this appetizer. She ordered the cheese quesadillas, which were served with rice and green beans. Instead, I opted for a strawberry daiquiri. The combination of what’s effectively a free appetizer plus a delicious steak is an offer I cannot refuse. Its interior mirrors the exterior. In any case, we think it warrants a new look with fresh eyes and it’s definitely worth your consideration. It is perfect for the tortillas that are served with it, but this doesn’t work as a dip for your tortilla chips like Tex-Mex queso. In many circles, San Angel Inn Restaurante appears to be loved for the ambiance and hated for the food. Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/DisneyDailyDime, Twitterhttps://twitter.com/disneydailydime, Pinteresthttps://www.pinterest.com/DisneyDailyDime/. We respect your right to privacy. The chips are paired with both a red sauce and a green sauce. The cheese was something akin to the queso, using Monterey jack cheese for the filling. You’ll enter the Mexico Pavilion and head toward the back. Reviews at TripAdvisor are all over the place. Post a Review of San Angel Inn Lunch/Dinner View Menus at San Angel Inn Restaurante Dining Location. Disney Cancels Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! San Angel Inn was the first restaurant Carla or I have ever found Valentina sauce at. Funny enough, the Cesar Salad is one of my favorite things on the menu.. next to the queso and guac of course. The jaw-dropping architecture achieves a key goal of Imagineering. A hilarious byproduct of this proximity is the exchanged looks. The marinade was excellent and added a lot of flavor to the pork. I don’t think San Angel Inn suffers from that issue. The award winning agents at MickeyTravels are ready to help you book a truly magical vacation! What I would suggest is that you should go for the ambience. How Much Does a Disney Wedding Actually Cost? What adds to the theming and intimacy of the restaurant is the fact that it sits on the side of the river that is part of the Three Caballeros attraction (Gran Fiesta Tour). On a side note, the mole was not spicy at all. One thing we will say when reading those reviews, look for dates on them. You see, complimentary chips and salsa are a part of the package here. Make sure you review the San Angel Inn Restaurante menu before deciding to use the dining plan as some entrees cost only $13-24. This was real cheese, melted down and seasoned. This added a nice little bit of crunch and texture to the appetizer. The girls actually got appetizers along with their meal, so we’ll cover them really quick. They’re just there as accompanying visuals to enhance the illusion that you’ve taken a trip south of the border. While not exactly an appetizer, we’ll cover the Sopa Azteca that Carla ordered here. Shop the Disney Store | If you remember, that was my chief criticism in our Le Cellier review. We always appreciate it when you share our posts, as it allows us to spread the word about our young blog and hopefully allows us to help others. The restaurant and all of the Mexico pavilion interior is meant to be part of an intimate twilight setting. The contrasts are like a dessert that is both salty and sweet. The difference is that It’s a Small World sits below Pinocchio Village Haus, offering kind of a side view. The atmosphere and overall theming is excellent and immersive. Check Out The Awesome Harveys Baby Yoda Bag That’s Dropping Tomorrow! My biggest tip would be to get a reservation for 11:30am and sit right right to the water. The Review. This was a naturally gluten free dish, which was perfect for her. It’s thick and rich, with a strong flavor profile from the chilis that they use to make it. You really do feel like you have left sunny Florida and are seated outside at night in Mexico. If you’re not sure about some of the more significant differences between Tex-Mex and Mexican food, here’s a good article that goes into some good detail. It’s on the right, and the check-in spot is kind of easy to miss due to the surroundings.