It gradually became ingredient of the breakfast tea in England. Amongst all the white teas, Baihao Yinzhen is the most expensive one as it only use the top buds to produce the tea. The tea is features by its exquisite appearance, floral aroma, showy white hairs and early cropping. The Chinese weight loss teas are produced based on the belief that the caffeine in tea increases body function to help burn more calories. Everyone understands this. It entered the Chinese market in 2007 and has more than 500 stores in three years. Goddess of Mercy Guanyin, female embodiment of Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva. Its fragrance can be smelt from far away. view all. Everyone understands this. It is often used to treat constipation, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, etc. Aloe can form a protective film on the surface of the stomach to protect the gastric mucosa from the stimulation of gastric acid, and then activate the cells to grow new tissue from the inside of the ulcer. And after drying, some kinds of teas have to go through roasting and scenting which are added processes. Here are some Chinese teas for constipation: 1. Many patients defecate less than three times a week and severe patients defecate only once every two or three weeks. There are two styles of Oolong tea we’ll focus on – Da Hong Pao 大红袍 (dà hóng páo) which is a variety of Wu Yi Yan Tea 武夷岩茶 (wǔ yí yán chá) and Tieguangyin 安溪铁观音 … It has branches over 100 different cities in China and is expanding to the USA, Australia, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Thailand, and more. Da Hong Pao is the best variety of it. People who are prone to diarrhea and stomachache should not drink Cassia seed tea. Pregnant women should not drink Cassia seed tea. China is an original producer of tea and is renowned for its skills in planting and making tea. There are many drugs to treat treat constipation, but they have many side effects. If taking the drugs for a long time, it will cause drug dependence. The most popular types of Chinese teas include pu erh, Silver Needle White Tea, Tie Guan Yin and Da Hong Pao Oolong tea, Keemun Imperial Black Tea (Hong Cha), and Bi Luo Chun Green Tea. Cassia seed tea is made from dried Cassia seed, which is a traditional Chinese medicine. Barley tea is a traditional fragrant tea widely spread in China, Japan, and Korea. Pu-erh tea from Yunnan province in China has long been considered a special delicacy and an indispensable part of daily health care. Focused on product innovation and marketing, HeyTea has created social media crazes among young consumers. The central veins on these leaves are removed and are pan fired and shaped so that the tea will not been oxidized. The black tea of tight, thin and straight shape and dark, bright color is considered as Kung Fu tea. It is named for its black or dark appearance. Long-term use of laxatives, especially irritating laxatives, can cause damage to the intestinal mucosal nerves and reduces intestinal muscle tension, which on the contrary leads to severe constipation. It is consumed in large quantities all over the world, but is likely most popular in Asia. The best time to pluck the white tea is on sunny morning. Manufacturer Supply High Quality Gunpower Green Tea, Organic Deep Flavor Genuine Chinese Gunpowder Tea, Health Organic Tea Factory Low Price China Green Tea Chunmee, Wholesale High-quality Pleasant Tasty Chunmee Green Tea, Best Chinese Organic Loose Big Leaf Chunmee Green Tea. As one of the top 10 popular Chinese tea, Silver Needles of the Gentleman Mountain is strong in bud head and even in length and size. Depending on different varieties, the tea can made more bitter or smokiness. Diseases. Happy Lemon was founded in Shanghai in 2006. Age. The tea has a relaxing and calming effect. As one of the best Chinese tea, it has a natural orchid fragrance after brewing. Da Hong Pao or Large Red Robe is the most famous tea in. Seven grades in decreasing order of quality: Supreme, Supreme Ⅰ,Grade Ⅰ,Grade Ⅱ,Grade Ⅲ, Chao Qing Ⅰ, and Chao Qing Ⅱ. Our mission is to deliver premium content and contextual insights on China’s technology scene to the worldwide tech community. It can be used to quench thirst, clear eyes, remiss greasy, promote digestion and inhibit atherosclerosis. There are 8 main processes: 1.plucking tea leave; 2.sun withering; 3.cooling; 4.tossing; 5.withering, this includes some oxidation; 6.fixation; 7.rolling; 8.drying. Constipation seriously affects the quality of life and work. Aurantio-obtusin has the effect of lowering blood lipids. Precaution: women during menstruation, pregnancy, and lactation should not drinking senna leaf tea. HeyTea a Chinese popular tea shop chain (Source: HeyTea) HeyTea is one of the most innovative and upscale tea brands in China. It is named for its black or dark appearance. Besides the general health-caring function, it can also defy age, fight arteriosclerosis, prevent and cure diabetic, reduce weight and sober you up. In China, raw materials of many Chinese patent medicines include Fructus sophorae because it also has a good effect on softening blood vessels and lowering cholesterol. By the end of 2019, Nayuki’s tea had opened more than 420 direct-selling stores in over 50 cities in China. It has obvious health value and is honored as “magical plant” and “family medicine box”. Its customs of tea-drinking spread over to Europe and to many other regions through cultural exchange via the ancient "Silk Road" and other channels of trade. Smartphone maker Xiaomi revealed strong growth momentum in the third quarter of 2020 and posted record high quarterly revenue of 72.2 billion yuan ($10.98 billion), according to its unaudited financial report announced Tuesday. When Keemun Tea was produced, the result exceeded Yu’s expectation that the tea even was popular in England. 10 popular Chinese tea include Biluochun, Longjing, Junshan Yinzhen, Tieguanyin, Maojian, Wuyi Rock Tea, Keemun Black Tea, Lu’an Melon Seed… Aloe is rich in aloin and aloe-emodin, which can promote the secretion of intestinal fluid and stimulate intestinal peristalsis, so as to improve constipation.