At low percentages, even the clean hit can lock. Her recovery is one of the best in the game thanks to her ability to float and her up special. As a result, she is able to go far off stage in order to edgeguard her opponents. IOS App. A slow dashing speed (the second lowest in the game) also prevents her from easily pursuing opponents on foot, and her various attributes give her the shortest wavedash in the game, preventing her from taking advantage of wave smashing. When sourspotted, it can combo into an aerial attack against, Does an anticlockwise tornado spin on her left foot, hitting multiple times. She also has good chaingrabbing abilities, which is particularly useful against higher tiered characters. The first hit is usually used to start, Does a 180 degree kick. Peach can act a full 8 frames earlier after DJL compared to her wavedash. Additionally, floating aids Peach's off-stage presence when combined with her slow falling speed, despite her low jumps and the high ending lag of her aerial attacks (except for down aerial); not only does it help her cover certain angles when edgeguarding, it can also be used to aid her horizontal recovery or potentially even allow her to go underneath stages such as Battlefield, Final Destination, Smashville or Town and City. Dash attack is relatively fast and decently disjointed, with the first hit reliably leading into the second, and it can also serve as a potential KO move at very high percents. A quick kick at an upwards angle. These attributes form the crux of Peach's combat: a focus on aerial combat while forgoing most of her ground-based options. Angle BKB/WBKB KBG; Dsmash 5-6, 9-10, 13-14, 17-18, 21-22 (Legs Intangible: 3-24) 40: 14/14/12/12: 140 Hit is 25 total frames. Maybe some tech chase stuff. From SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros. wiki, This article is about Peach's appearance in, Super Smash Bros. Melee Character Matchups,,, Slaps the opponent twice. Turns around and waves to the screen while winking. Depending on how the last hit lands, may launch opponents behind her. Regardless of her average grab range, Peach also owns a powerful throwing game. Peach's strengths outweigh her weaknesses, and she has received excellent results in tournaments thanks to players such as Samsora, MuteAce, BlazingPasta and Ling Ling, with her representation also being far greater than that of her Echo Fighter, Daisy. The player can't be too close to the stage to initiate the Wall Bomb and the Peach Bomber must be smashed each time or they will simply be unable to reach the stage. Peach (Paper Mario: The Origami King). Down tilt is her fastest tilt attack, and while it is less disjointed than her other tilts, it possesses decent combo potential; with sufficient technical skill, it is possible to follow up the move with multiple neutral aerials performed from ground-level floats. L-cancelling after the aerial attack allows another double-jump L-cancel combo to be used almost immediately, making this technique particularly useful once mastered. With Mario and Bowser on Princess Peach's Castle. Sourspot, however, will not KO until over 200% regardless of charge. 3.0 % Base Damage. Peach does not fall into any specific archetype of a fighting game character; her attributes are quite varied, with average weight, a low falling speed, and among the slowest dashes in the game, alongside a high air speed. This is one of two Gamecube games to do this, with the other being. Sends opponents upwards. Notes - six hitboxes (yes, SIX) EACH do 14% or 12% damage... Notes - weak hit frames 7-23, can also do 10% damage (and has 6 frames shield stun), Notes - weak hit frames 10-22 with 6 frames shield stun, Notes - 5 hits total do 3% damage each, frames 12-13, 18-19, 24-25, 30-31, 36-37, Notes - when hit, invincible for 8 frames. Despite her high-tier placement in SSB4, Peach has been greatly buffed overall in the transition to Ultimate. Good. mama mudkyp is working it, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Charge hold is frame 9, Hit 1(Early/Normal/Late)/Hit 2(Early/Normal). Peach has received a few nerfs, however. Peach grabs the crown off her head and strikes with it in a vertical arc with red and turquoise magic sparkles emerging from the crown. With a high air speed, low falling speed, the ability to float, a long midair jump, the ability to recover with her side special and a long recovery special, Peach is extremely difficult to KO off the edges, even with her below average weight. Forward smash allows Peach to choose which weapon to use via angling, instead of having to use it repeatedly to cycle weapons, greatly increasing its reliability. Striking Sheik with Toad on Tortimer Island. This landing animation lasts only 4 frames, being shorter than both her aerials' usual landing lag (22 frames), and L-Cancelled landing lag (11 frames). To start, your frame data is off; as Sycorax83 said, you can input jump a frame earlier and input any ground action by frame 7. I believe this means you can DJL > Dash Attack OOS to punish Fox's upsmash on your shield with 6-7 frames of leniency (depending on which hitbox you are hit by), while wavedash oos > dash attack is just narrowly impossible.