The fragrant blooms will be intoxicating in the heat of summer. Kumquat fruit nutrition facts. Spitz zulaufende, dunkelgrüne, glänzende Blätter. The oval kumquat or Nagami kumquat (Citrus margarita or Fortunella margarita if dividing Eufortunella kumquats into separate species) is ovoid in shape and typically eaten whole, skin and all. This kumquat is eaten whole, skin and all because the main sweetness is in the skin, not the flesh, which is rather tart. Sie sind eng mit den Zitruspflanzen verwandt. Marumi is the largest of the fruits, and it is round and spicier in flavor than most. Meiwa is a hybrid of Magami and Marumi, and it is more massive and more round in nature. Kumquats (Fortunella), im Singular Kumquat, auch Zwergorangen oder Zwergpomeranzen genannt, sind eine Pflanzengattung innerhalb der Familie der Rautengewächse (Rutaceae). It may contain few seeds. The Cantonese word kumquat means "golden orange". Die Frucht wird in der Regel mit Schale und Kernen … Rootstock used : Carrizo Citrange. Sie stammt ursprünglich aus Süd-China. $475. There are different four types of kumquats out there, including Nagami, Meiwa, Marumi, and Hong Kong. The common name, which has been spelled cumquat, or comquot, means "gold orange" in China. Die häufigste Kumquat ist zweifelsohne die Ovale Kumquat (Fortunella margarita), auch Nagami genannt, mit ihren länglichen Früchten. Cacoa Plant in Pot. Delicious, sweet yet tangy, kumquat fruit (cumquat, as the fruit generally recognized in Europe) is a winter/spring seasonal citrus fruits.Botanically, they belong to the Rutaceae family, in the genus, Fortunella, and named so after the botanist Robert Fortune, who brought them from China to Europe in the middle of the 19th century. It much most variety popular variety in the Orient . In Southeast Asia, the round is called kin, kin kuit, or kuit xu, and the oval, chu tsu or chantu. 22/10/2020. Wait until you see how gorgeous your Nagami Kumquat tree is, filled with vibrantly-colored fruits. Ihre Markenzeichen: Kleine, kompakte, reich verzweigte Büsche. Nagami is the most popular and well-known; this is a small, oval fruit. Kumquat ist die englische Schreibung der kantonesisch-chinesischen Bezeichnung kam kwat (goldene Orange).. The inside is still quite sour, but the skin has a very sweet flavour, so when eaten together an unusual tart-sweet, refreshing flavour is produced. Glenorie, NSW. Kleine (1-1,5 cm), aber sehr zahlreiche, weiße, intensiv und süßlich-herb duftende Blüten. Nagami Kumquat are remarkably cold hardy tree , it produces oval shape fruit the entire fruit is eaten. The combination of sweet and sour makes for a very refreshing and addictive experience. The Japanese equivalent is kin kan or kin kit for the round type, too kin kan, for the oval type. the orange rind is sweet and the flesh is sour and slightly acidic which makes it real citrus fruit flavor. The Nagami Kumquat is also sometimes called the Oval Kumquat. Kumquats are used all over the world in culinary recipes and holiday decorations.