MIO SPORTKLINIK UNTERSTÜTZT SUCHTPRÄVENTION IN GRÜNAU "Trudi" nennt sich ein Suchtpräventionsprojekt, welches vom Team "Drahtseil" in Kooperation mit der Diakonie Leipzig an Förderschulen durchgeführt wird. It requires very little effort to ride and thanks to its small size, it's very easy to manoeuvre. If you're really worried about it, there are zero calorie alternatives. Considering the level of acceleration and power of the Mio Sporty, this setup is enough to bring the scooter to a stop even at higher speeds. Let MiO motivate you with caffeine, B vitamins and electrolytes. The narrow built thermal double seat With a kerb weight of 94 kg and a compact design, handling the Mio sporty is easy and fun. MiO Liquid Water Enhancer. Not sure which heart rate monitor is right for you? Get exclusive promos, discounts & low-interest loan from authorized dealers. continuous heart rate monitoring is not required. The Yamaha Mio Sporty seat height is 745 mm . The 115cc engine of this scooter produces enough amount of power and torque that is sufficient for most of my requirements. Both electric starter and kick starter options are available on the scooter and its fuel tank capacity is 4.1-litre. Certain selections come with, Strapless (no chest strap), on demand heart rate monitoring, Heart rate displayed as beats per minutes and percentage of your maximum heart rate, Stop watch with basic lap/split time functionality, Basic time keeping: time, date, alarm (if set), hourly chime (if set). Corner Hermosa St., Gagalangin Tondo, Manila, Manila. If you are a newbie in this segment, then here comes the most exclusive opportunity. The Yamaha Mio Sporty has a 114 cc Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, 2-Valve, Air-Cooled, SOHC engine. Read More, As a woman, I have always wanted to have a potential bike that displays finesse and power while not stereotyping my gender. At the front, the handlebar houses the headlamp and black coloured edgy rear view mirrors. Read More, Its been a few months I have been using the Yamaha Mio Sporty for my daily commute and I must say that this scooter is a boon for every person when it comes to riding it daily. The fuel tank capacity of the scooter is 4.1-litre. The power is transmitted to the wheels using a V-belt automatic transmission. This emblem can also be seen on the front apron but only in non-matte colour schemes. The 2 variants of Mio Sport are Mio Sport Select and Mio Sport Select Petite. Take a look at the Which Heart Rate Monitor page. Each bottle of MiO Fit is fortified with electrolytes and B vitamins to help replenish the nutrients that your body burns up during exercise. MiO Fit differs from its predecessors, however, in that it is intended to be a replacement for conventional sports drinks like Gatorade, Powerade, and Propel, to name a few. Yamaha has updated the engine of the Mio Sporty and it’s now equipped with a Euro 3 compliant one. The scooter is powered by a 113.7cc air-cooled, four-stroke, SOHC, two-valve engine that generates 7.64 hp of power at 8500 rpm and 7.2 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm. The power output is also perfect for making daily errands. The Mio Sporty Competitors are: Yamaha Mio i 125, Honda BeAT, Yamaha Mio Soul i 125, Honda Click 125i and Suzuki Skydrive Sport. There is a multitude of colours for me to choose from, both feminine, macho and neutral. Moreover, the six new vibrant colors make it look more appealing. Priced at Php 67,900, the Mio Sporty is an affordable bike that gets a very sleek and stylish design that makes it look very trendy. There are 1 variants available of Mio Sporty: Standard. The Yamaha Mio Sporty runs on 70/90 R14 front and 80/90 R14 rear wheels. One of the latest charades to mask the goodness of water comes from Kraft, which makes Mio Water Flavor Drops in sporty little bottles with a catchy label. Subscribe to notification to receive best offers and news. Read More, The Mio Sporty is possibly the cutest scooter around! The Mio Sporty has a seat height of 745 mm. An exclusive bike for new bike enthusiasts, Sleek bike that is fitted for a biker of any gender, Five bikes that topped the Philippines demand chat in 2017, 114 cc, 7.6 hp, Kick & Electric, Gasoline, Yamaha Mio Sporty Engine & Fuel Consumption.