A classic recipe for meringue cookies! These are in the oven as I type this — looking forward to the results :+). Gradually add sugar and mix. Unfortunately, you need the cream of tarter for this recipe as it acts as a stabilizer. I don’t have a stand mixer, so I used a hand mixer. They were amazing.Best I’ve ever had.I baked them for my family.They said I NEED to make them again. . Hi, Crystal! I don’t have tartar sauce and I want to make these meringues. Love the recipe though! I was just wondering if you need the tartar sauce. We decided to share with you all. You can try popping them back in the oven at 225F for another 10-20 minutes (watch them, if they begin to turn golden brown around the edges turn off the heat immediately) and then let them cool in the oven for another hour, this has always worked for me with meringues that start to get chewy. Beat egg whites, salt, cream of tartar, and vanilla until very firm. Hi Sarah! I ate the entire batch myself. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Most people won't think twice about serving basic cornbread when is on the table. They make wonderful gifts during the holidays! it’s so easy and simple. In this case we will use water from a can of chickpeas. Once you hit stiff peaks. I followed the directions, and added the sugar little by little. When the cookies come straight out of the oven, the chocolate will be warm and melted, to die for! But within 15 -20 mins ( I kept them back in the oven for that duration) they turned really soft . I tried this recipe TWICE but to no avail! See the photo above or the video for a visual. The secret is sugar-free gelatin! It takes several minutes for mine to whip up and yes you can over whip them. They're light, airy and if you use a citrus flavored gelatin they have a refreshing tang. The meringues are as light as a cloud and not messy, you can make a lot of them, and they have a hint of lemon. One reviewer had trouble but I think it was her technique or possibly the weather! All These crunchy dainties are great with coffee or with cream for dessert. (: This is my first time making meringue. Macaron is the French word for macaroon, but are never the coconut-based cookie. Yes. It’s also small than it was earlier. In Germany they are baked on backoblaten, little round wafers (there are gluten-free ones), but you can bake them directly on parchment paper as well. Gradually add sugar and mix. Allrecipes has more than 60 trusted meringue cookie recipes complete with ratings, reviews and baking tips. These are very good, light and airy. Enjoy! Hi, pls what’s a substitute for cream of tartar, Hi Abee! I actually baked these cookies for 30-35 minutes because the first batch at 25 minutes (recommended by author)still seemed gooey inside. This is a Puerto Rican recipe. Easy to make. I do them at night and leave them all night in the oven. My only dilemma was telling if they were done or not. These yummy, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate delights are a perfect way of indulging in sweets without overwhelming your diet. To prevent burning you can bake on an air cushion baking sheet or put parchment paper on a regular cookie sheet. A must for the Holidays. , Your email address will not be published. ²If there's even a tiny bit of grease or moisture in your bowl, your egg whites may not whip up properly. I have another recipe for your holiday cookie tray today — classic meringue cookies! Leave the oven door closed and allow cookies to cool completely in the oven (1-2 hours) before removing. I’ve been making this recipe over and over again the past few months to make sure that I understood all of the ins and outs of making perfect meringue cookies, and I’m finally ready to share what I’ve learned with you, so that you too can make these addictive little meringue cookies.