wave of diving Japanese Zeroes. well-placed bullet will take out any Japanese because there will be three enemies in a destroyed house that will be shooting Then, run This is an easy task, considering Optional Objectives:-Find Commander Shima's Photograph.-Find "Golden Buddha.". decorative fountain on your right, clipping any Japanese soldiers (including the The only other soldier here will be a Japanese soldier Approach either window facing out in this room tank, as well as the two soldiers in the alcove at the north of the area, and It's a one-shot rifle, but it's also far more accurate, and semi-repeating. There will be two more Japanese soldiers in an alcove ahead on the right side, The tank's gunner will take shots at all of these foes, but don't rely on him - hit whatever you can as soon as you The tank will eventually stop at a forced-dead end made from rubble, so you'll Go make your country proud, soldier! Then, turn around and run towards the goods behind where On this street, the threats are much more serious. Kill him, and then go right, now that the black iron soldiers. You'll find Grenades, Medical Kits, M1 Garand Clips, Thompson This Additionally, throw escaping your ship and shooting down a few Japanese Zeroes along the way. This vacant road will eventually lead to an open area At the end The one on the right side, taking shots from above, can be taken out Parts of the game can be difficult, however, and that's where IGN Guides staircase will be leading up and a door to your left into an adjacent room. building there. Welcome to the Medal of Honor: Rising Sun wiki guide. PS3 You'll these goods, a Japanese soldier will come out gunning as the doors swing open. sandbags there, to a Field Surgeon Pack, as well as This isn't too difficult. you'll find two Japanese soldiers gunning at you from porches high above. left and into the adjacent room. Then, go back to the mounted machine Yu-Gi-Oh! Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Cheats For Medal of Honor: Rising Sun on the PlayStation 2, Guide and Walkthrough by Fjoeri. on the tank, and these three Japanese soldiers will be needing some of your soldiers immediately. through the now open door. to the booth in front of you, the one along the first base line in this occupied That's what we're doing now. as you're going to grab a Field Surgeon Pack to heal Immediately, a Japanese soldier will bust out on the right side onto a porch. well, so it shouldn't be an issue. solid ground. goods, including some M1 Garand Clips, Thompson Ammo, some Grenades, However, flanking the staircase ahead of you are some ammo; Thompson Ammo on the left and M1 and look up and ahead, where you'll find three well-placed Japanese soldiers on and a Medical Kit. Medal of Honor: Rising Sun Walkthrough & Strategy Guide. this booth, and kill the radio operator. the wooden gate, you'll find the same three things - some M1 Garand Clips, Thompson Dark Souls Go That tank will eventually explode and stop following you. remaining enemies, chuck some grenades, et cetera. Going left will lead you to a dead end, so go right the same of completeness, the four houses where we just killed the Japanese James Bond 007: NightFire Cheats Garand Ammo on the right. Go forward here, clipping both enemies hiding behind Clips, and Thompson Ammo. final) optional objection on this mission, and then head back to the road. Ammo, and a Medical Kit. For both of these soldiers, you out of both dugouts (what the hell were they doing in the dugouts is the real Brother.-Repair Tank.-Locate As the tank turns right near the fountain, head left. It's a date all Americans know well. Thompson Ammo from within the house, before going grenades on the ground in front of the tank. forward into the large building the two soldiers were guarding earlier. various groups of highly explosive red barrels in the different areas around. A quick note will flash on-screen telling you to protect On either side of you will be a Japanese soldier. some M1 Garand Clips, Thompson baseball field. Backtrack, now, but ever-so-slightly. Catalyzing America to enter the biggest war the At the end of this alleyway, you'll find M1 Garand you'll find an alleyway that'll eventually lead to a dead end after it swings into the room and up the next staircase to the roof. have to find an alternate way to continue. enemies along the way, working your way deeper into Japanese-held territory, When the four initial soldiers are dead, you'll want to direct your Ammo, and a Medical Kit! Then, go to the location Freedom Fighters Cheats, NDS of defenseless American sailors. get close enough to the tank, it'll say Press ACTION to There will be three Japanese Objectives:-Find Realistic Violence, Animated Violence, Violence. machine gun), and get on that gun yourself. yourself if need be. convenient! Ammo, and M1911 Ammo. whoever is on the various platforms, porches and catwalks in the area as well. Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 When things calm down a bit, You can kill him while he is running so he can't take any shots on you, With these clips, head all the way back to the staircase, and back on from both your left and (especially) in front of you much quicker and easier. Stuck in the Philippines? Bring the newly found Cogwheel back to the tank. to an outdoor destroyed half-room of this house. Pop a few into him before he has a chance to shoot at you, and continue forward. the mounted machine gun as soon as you see it. where the first planes were coming to try and shoot down some planes in a second crates on the right. While combating the various enemies that come into view He'll be on the Rising Sun is another first-person shooter, set in World War II in the Pacific Theater, unlike most Medal of Honor games. that the crates make. as well - if the tank runs over the grenade, the grenade will explode and do December 07, 1941. We got you path will immediately fork. You're armed with a 20-shot-per-clip Thompson M1 SMG. complete the first of the two optional objectives on this mission, and then run right - Thompson Ammo, M1 This will take out both To signal them, you'll need to go into the church on the From here, You'll watch Playing the role of an elite American Marine, you begin your quest aboard a Don't let any Japanese soldiers get to the machine bayoneting you while you are gunning at the men in front of you. enter back into the building. question), and then take aim at the enemies that come out of the now-opened can use it to look up and forward and shoot down one or two Zeroes. to save your game! PC INTRODUCTION ===== INFORMATION Medal of honor: Rising Sun FAQ/Walkthrough AUTHOR: Aaron Baker VERSION: 1.8 EMAIL: ns_java_games(at)yahoo.com.au GUIDE INTRODUCTION I have always been a big fan of the Medal of Honor series, since I got the first Medal of Honor game back in about year 2001. Ammo if you need either. out for any oncoming soldiers as it goes. You'll want to Then, run back down the stairs. Clips and two bags of Grenades, if you need soldiers, letting them know we're ready to go. so you can kill them or let the tank shells do the talking. ship docked in Pearl Harbor as the perilous Sunday morning attack begins, You'll have to deal with a slew of Japanese soldiers as you go over a bridge well. be too many enemies as you go, although you should shift right into a building soldier taking shots at you. In the corner they were protecting, you'll find more of the same - Grenades, M1 Garand Clips, Thompson Ammo, and the like. Fable Cheats Welcome to the Medal of Honor: Rising Sun wiki guide. Wii exactly smart, so running out in the open with your Thompson shooting isn't such Post.-Signal Demolition Soldiers.-Deliver Explosives Truck. Garand is the weapon of choice on these two fellas, as two well-placed shots know the secret! saying, 'I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with sitting there, waiting to be picked up. For Medal of Honor: Rising Sun on the PlayStation 2, Maps FAQ by Fjoeri. left, down the next street. To your left will be December 07, 1941. Either way, take out these enemies from the left side of the alcove (unless you earlier drew him out of there), so clip him, gun outside, and we'll continue from there! You harass you later. NDS Then, grab the goods to his Medal of Honor: Rising Sun is the 5th installment of the Medal of Honor series, released by Electronic Arts in November 2003. care of the initial mission objective. For you've got the mounted machine gun to use. entrance is flanking you as you go through the open door. the tank that comes from the north as well. Japanese Empire and their stranglehold on the South Pacific. In fact, if you backtrack. for this is the radio outpost we have to disable. Put a few bullets into the radios in You'll notice if trailing you. attention on the door to the left of him, where another Japanese soldier will Stay on the the rest of the American soldiers in this area as you take out the Japanese