"— Joanne, "My family and I came out to your farm several weeks ago to buy some beef. We offer a money back guarantee on all products. A long-time customer of McGarroch’s Meats in nearby Micksburg, Mr. Dobson had to scramble for abattoir facilities when McGarroch’s stopped processing beef last year due to the owner’s health issues. The farms in Ottawa region raise the cows naturally, in the traditional way, not using hormones, antibiotics or grain supplements. Alpenblick Farm just might be the closest thing to going to Switzerland that you will ever experience. Mr. Shulist thinks that a mobile abattoir might be a solution to the problem. No delivery charge for Market orders. Small family farm that provides grass fed beef. By signing up for a box you support many farms at once, and help to build a resilient local food network. On small family farms, the cows graze out in the pasture in the summer and eat dried grass, hay in the winter. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. Apply for our volunteer or apprenticeship programs and learn everything involved in taking care of the animals on our farm, from season to season, and how our farm business works. No colouring or additives of any type. Thank you for joining the farmhouse food mailing list! Federal licencing covers the large ‘packing plants’, such as Cargill and Maple Leaf, familiar names after early COVID-19 outbreaks at the plants shut down production. Here, near Ashton, half an hour from downtown Ottawa, Robert and Petra have created something of an “homage” to his place of birth. The lack of abattoir capacity is a problem which extends far beyond Renfrew County. One farmer estimates the impact on the local economy is in the millions of dollars range. “People panicked about the meat supply at the beginning of the pandemic,” he says. Our Beef Farmers are located in: Ottawa, Metcalfe, Embrun, Russell, Limoges, Carelton Place, White Lake, and Bourget I feel it is full of probiotics by being so fresh and without the packaging covered in preservatives it keeps me safe. “Banks don’t understand our business,” Ms. Bennett says, “and most of the government grants are for things like building a web site or advertising.”. With one order, one payment and one delivery, you can access high-quality fresh food from farms across the region. Harvest box contents change with the growing season, so each box is different. Republication or distribution of this content is "— Fatima and Jacob. The rest of the week was occupied with custom cutting and wrapping, with smoking and sausage making. Update my browser now, Order online, we deliver quality meat & seafood in the Ottawa Valley within 5 business days! Other products: pastured eggs, Swiss Mountain cheese, chicken, honey, maple syrup. That's because we produce the healthiest food possible with love and care for our animals. I will certainly return, and I hope to bring a friend or two with me. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for better use of the website! "— Judith, "The meat from your farm is absolutely superior. Newspapers Limited, One Yonge Street, 4th floor, Toronto, ON, M5E 1E6. “You never know what changes they will want next.”. We were eating flank steak from your farm and she couldn’t get enough. We will also be at The Original Navan Market’s Country Harvest, 1279 Colonial Rd, Navan SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2020 AT 10 AM EDT – 3 PM EDT Weekend Farmers Market orders need to be made by Friday noon. 5 Game Meat Farms that raise Deer, Elk, Wild boar, Buffalo 17 Farms where you can find Organic Chicken and Pastured Chicken 5 Duck Farms in Ottawa: Pasture Raised, Organic Ducks “We have to invest in a local food economy that will allow our young people to stay on the land. We need to have food security. On our beautiful 200-acre farm, all the animals are free to roam wherever they want, whenever they want. She demanded more over and over and was just so happy eating it. The mobile abattoir system would see animals professionally and humanely slaughtered on their home farm under the supervision of a health inspector. "- Janice Newman, "Robert’s Parmesan is phenomenal. Feel free to give us a call or stop by the farm. “You can blame the government for continually changing the regulations,” he says. Don't forget your cooler to keep your food frozen on the drive home! Canadian abattoirs operate under a two-tier licencing system. “But there’s no shortage of meat in Renfrew County. Organic maple syrup, maple butter, pasture raised pork, grass fed beef. Vegetables, grass fed beef, organically fed chicken and pastured heritage pork, free range eggs. Although heavily regulated by health and labour standards, they have seen outbreaks of listeria and other health issues. “I would be glad to put in a refrigerated walk-in cooler and a freezer on my farm,” Mr. Shulist says. Craig McGarroch at McGarroch of Micksburg Custom Butchering also cites the shortage of willing labour as a huge factor in his decision to limit their slaughter operation to processing the pork they handle from only one kill day a week. Vegetarian boxes omit the meat but include eggs and cheese. Minimum order of $20 for Farmers’ Market orders please. Also, the beef found in stores is more likely to have added hormones and antibiotics, as they are allowed in Canada for beef cows. Petra, on Sunday we made some eggs for breakfast and I have to say that they were DELICIOUS!! "— Bradlee Zrudlo. Studies show that the grass fed beef has a higher nutritional value than the grain-finished beef. "— Kim H, "Alpenblick Farm’s meat is so delicious and fresh that it’s impossible for us to buy meat from the grocery store. Now that we have gotten used to the high-quality meat sold by Robert and Petra, we cannot get over the “smell” of grocery store meat. Organic grass fed lamb, organic grass fed beef, organic pastured porc, organic pastured chicken, organic pastured turkey. In regular stores most of the beef is grain-finished, coming from cattle raised on feedlots. Certified organic products: grass fed beef, Icelandic lamb, pork, eggs. expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Toronto Let’s keep in mind that the cows have not evolved to eat grain and this leads to digestive problems and weakened immune system. For the long-established abattoir, the temporary closure of McGarroch’s in Micksburg last year and the sudden impact of COVID-19, created a perfect storm. There’s a lack of workers willing to do physically difficult and often unpleasant work for relatively low wages. All Rising costs, increased regulations, lack of succession plans and shortages of labour have driven many small operations out of business. IMPROVING PEOPLES' HEALTH AND THE ENVIRONMENT SINCE 1972. Hopefully we can visit you sometime this summer. The 40-year-old facility, formerly operated as a family business by well-known area farmer Walter Reiche, currently has 19 employees working at full capacity processing cattle, pork and sheep. In turn, this will free up space and labour at the Rankin location. We offer one of the only locally-sourced, whole-diet, home-delivered food boxes in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. Only the best for our animals! “We don’t value agricultural workers and COVID-19 has revealed how insecure our food system is. At the other end of this far-flung county, Paul Shulist near Combermere trucks his cattle and pigs over an hour to Reiche’s near Rankin or two hours to an abattoir in Hastings County. Buffalo Striploin Steak (Boneless) 20% off, BBQ Sauces/hot sauces/salsa/chow-chow/pickles/olives, Desserts, Ice Cream, Chocolates, Cookies and Nuts, Copyright: Bearbrook Game Meats | All Rights Reserved |. Grass-fed Beef, Pork, and Chicken Delivered in Ottawa Grass-fed Beef, Pastured Pork, and Pastured Chicken Grazing Days is a small family-run farm in St.-André-Avellin, Quebec. Eat what you want when you want. Featuring free range turkey, duck, chicken, deer, buffalo, grass fed beef, lamb, goat, rabbit, pork, quail, pheasant, ostrich, emu, kangaroo and other exotic meats. On the feedlots they are kept in an overcrowded, indoor space. Pastured chicken and turkey, grass-fed beef, organic fruits and vegetables, free-range eggs. I wish you could have seen Juliana last night at the supper table. My friend who has a son with severe food intolerances was also successful in getting her son to drink broth made from the lamb shanks that I picked up last time I was there. We’re 100% farmer owned and operated. I have a vitamin blender and it powdered the cheese in seconds. Grass-fed beef, pastured pork, pastured chicken. Organic apples, organic pears.