George Floyd! Hosted by Michael Barbaro, produced by Austin Mitchell and Daniel Guillemette, and edited by Larissa Anderson, A Failed Attempt to Overturn the Election, When the Pandemic Came to Rural Wisconsin, The Rise, Fall and Resurrection of the Taliban, Why Europe Is Flattening the Curve (and the U.S. Isn’t). We had several reports of cops just kind of sitting idly in their cars as people were walking around with suitcases and garbage bags, filling them with stolen goods. So we have these kind of established pockets of looting and violence, right? So it felt very jarring, I think, to see the protests become much more peaceful and the policing subsequently become much more aggressive. Ali, at this point, how representative is what you’re seeing in New York beyond New York — across the country, this more aggressive approach by the police towards the protesters? And you watch him on video as this man just falls backwards and cracks his head and starts bleeding out of his ear. I head out to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, which has kind of become this central rallying point for a lot of the groups that are walking around Brooklyn. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's daughter, Chiara, was arrested around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday near Union Square in Manhattan, a police official said. You have police blocking them from getting into Manhattan, then you start seeing police come over … Hold the line. They laid her down. We have seen these protests begin calm and then quickly turn chaotic as these protests pop up —, Governor Cuomo just announced a curfew will begin at 11:00 tonight. There’s a moment where they’re trying to get a group of police behind barriers to kneel with them. And we saw some of that happen this past week. The rescuers rushed to the Manhattan Bridge around 7:20 a.m. Thursday morning after receiving a 911 call about a suicidal man on the lower level of the bridge, police said. increasingly violent crowd control techniques. So on Thursday, I mean, the day after all of this happened in Brooklyn —, — the mayor’s immediate response was to defend the police —. “Monahan was captured in an iconic video taking a knee and hugging protesters in Washington Square Park on June 1. And there was a real effort from the organizers to say, look, it’s past curfew, we don’t want anyone to get arrested, we don’t want to start a problem where there isn’t one. And if he says no, guess what the [EXPLETIVE] were going to do next year. Don’t shoot! and the mayor did not do their job last night. The police penned in protesters in Brooklyn last week before making arrests, a practice known as kettling. What’s interesting and really surprising is that the protest seemed to become ever more peaceful over the course of that few days. He jumped at 7.04pm on Saturday and was soon pronounced dead. Where did that story start for you? It’s Monday, June 8. We don’twantpeople withgunstotingaroundin ourcommunity,shootingusdown.You havea answer?It is ayes or ano. There was that really jarring video just this past week of police in Buffalo, New York —. Last Friday an officer in Brooklyn shoved a woman to the ground, shoved a protester to the ground. Hands up! And so there’s a concerted effort to take the group away from those fortified lines of cops. And it feels like there has been some kind of power shift. You have hundreds of thousands of Americans pouring out onto the street, marching up to police and saying, we fundamentally reject the way you do your job. And how would you describe that power shift? And saying, you know, there are people out there who seek to commit violence, who want to loot stores, who want to just go out and cause chaos. And I think something that I keep thinking of, if you go back to this incident in Buffalo, where we all kind of saw this really jarring video of two police officers shoving this elderly protester to the ground. The council members promised to create a new public safety system in place of the police, as many protesters in Minneapolis and around the country have demanded. Today: As protesters across the country demonstrated against police violence, they were met over and over with police violence. And even despite so many people seeing this video and the public backlash, those two officers walked out of court after being charged, and there were dozens of fellow officers outside applauding them. And Ali, what is the reaction, come Tuesday, to the fact that there has now been basically two nights in a row of really widespread looting in Manhattan? And today, it’s just one of many places where we have seen these signs of vandalism. Large groups were still gathered in Brooklyn and Manhattan by 11 p.m., with protesters spotted in Union Square, near the Manhattan Bridge and in … A sea of people filled the bridge connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan on Tuesday evening, long after the 8pm curfew imposed by Mayor Bill de Blasio came into effect. — basically by pointing to what had happened the weekend before. — just shoving an elderly protester for seemingly no reason. It’s the first weekend of protests in New York, and we had kind of been seeing them grow in intensity for a few days at that point. And we were all, I think, very aware on Tuesday that we could start to see a lot more clashes, a lot more violence between police and protesters. We need a voice against racism. And I remember I was standing there, and I thought police were going to stop. Whose bridge? And something that I notice is that there was a real effort from organizers to avoid confrontations with police. And now, in response to these demonstrations against that police violence, the police are inflicting more violence. You have Governor Cuomo publicly accusing Bill de Blasio of not protecting the city, of not doing enough to protect New York. But the culture of the police department is a real institution, and it doesn’t change overnight. To see force so broadly and indiscriminately applied to such a large group of people, who I had witnessed for hours at that point, you know, actively trying to avoid confrontation with cops, remaining peaceful. And I think that’s why this moment feels so open-ended, is because it becomes this self-fulfilling prophecy, right? So you have this happening, where politicians and departments are being confronted with this constantly. I certainly saw a lot of that., Additional footage of the serious injuries our officers sustained on the Brooklyn Bridge. You know, we see them use rubber bullets and pepper balls in places like Minneapolis and Dallas. Protesters In Tense Standoff With Police On Manhattan Bridge After Curfew. That officer has been suspended without pay. Rioters smashed windows and looted stores in Manhattan late Sunday night after assembling for citywide protests following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis; a situation Mayor Bill de Blasio described as “limited protest activity.”. Across the country, police officers have responded to growing protests over police brutality with increasingly violent crowd control techniques, using batons, tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets on protesters, bystanders and journalists. One girl back there hit with a baton. They were trying to render aid. Follow live updates of the protests in New York:, — The New York Times (@nytimes) June 1, 2020. We’re seeing some activity in there? We know they were fairly limited in scope. You know, where were these protesters supposed to go? [EXPLETIVE] your power. But having covered law enforcement and knowing that the culture behaves in that way, I think that informs a lot of the violence that we’re seeing from police officers. And I suddenly realize, oh my god, those aren’t protesters. And it becomes this kind of standoff. So we get to 8:00 p.m., and people at the front of this march take this group of a couple hundred people —. Hands up! And it just kind of adds fuel to this ongoing fire. So after this week of really aggressive enforcement by the police that was all caught on video, you know, we’re actually seeing the protests get bigger, and they’re spreading beyond cities. And from what you’re describing, as that’s happening, the police tactics are becoming more violent. In New York, officers have charged and swung batons at demonstrators after curfew with seemingly little provocation. You abuse your power. Here it is… just disgusting to see this in person, “Most of the day we had large crowds throughout the city in multiple boroughs [on Sunday]. What did you say? Three officers violently attacked by protesters crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. Manhattan, New York - Police are searching for someone who may be in need of assistance. Listen and subscribe to our podcast from your mobile device:Via Apple Podcasts | Via Spotify | Via Stitcher. Is that clear? — police try and clear out this area. Like you’re responding to protests against police brutality being met with more police brutality. And you see this line of police behind riot shields, just advancing further and further down the street, just screaming like, “Move! Walking down Fifth Avenue, you just see constant store windows being smashed.