What you will want to purchase depends on your class of course, but it's always good to have some Red Scrips ready to go. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR Lv60 ★/★★/★★★/★★★★ CRAFTS!! These are special books that allow the Gathering classes to unlock special nodes in different zones. Looking at that, we’re in the “A Realm Reborn Tier” as we’re only looking to level our Arcanist up to 30. (Lv60★★) 9 successful Flawless Synthesis actions performed out of 11 chances. Similarly, you may only use Precise Touch, Basic Touch, or Innovation if you have an unused ToT in the bank. Make up for it with more HQ at start if you have lower Control. If a new rotation appears that is very stable (and relatively CP-friendly), I’ll likely make a new document for it (and will link to it here). Repeat Flawless Synthesis as necessary until MIN Progress reached or Maker’s Mark stacks depleted. Your goal by the end of this phase is to be within ONE Careful Synthesis II from finishing the craft. The rotation below must be strictly adhered to in order to succeed. Until Yellow Scrips are added, you have very few choices when it comes to end game content. It allows you to break down items into their base ingredients, sometime rewarding special items not obtainable otherwise. Make up for it with more HQ at start if you have lower Control. Ch57: Level 70 Stormblood Endgame Rotations At level 70: After acquiring level 70, and after crafting out your own set of i290 white gear, you can then refine your macros for 40 durab items (1353 difficulty) and 80 durab items (2952 difficulty). If using Careful Synthesis II on this step will finish the craft, change the action to a 50% Hasty Touch (unbuffed by Steady Hand II). Violence, Suggestive Themes, Language, Animated Blood, Alcohol Reference, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Wiki Guide, How to Level Up Quickly in FFXIV Stormblood, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. If you do, you must shift one of the Hasty Touches to after the next Steady Hand II (because the ToT proc will take up one of the Steady Hand II stacks). You should have 50/70 durability left, and a MINIMUM of 379 CP (with no Comfort Zone stacks left) at the end of this phase. Before the start of phase 2, you MUST completely deplete the Comfort Zone stacks (10 actions required after using Comfort Zone). You should have 15/70 durability left, and a MINIMUM of 252 CP (with no Comfort Zone stacks left). Doing so will also make it impossible to use an Innovation in the finisher (because you won’t have enough Steady Hand II stacks to cover Byregot’s Blessing in phase 4). * After this Great Strides action, if you have two more Steady Hand II stacks, at least 38 CP (for Observe) or 42 CP (for Innovation), and the condition isn’t Good or Excellent, you can optionally use Observe to try to bait a better condition, or Innovation to buff the Byregot’s Blessing further. Any progress beyond the minimum is wasted (and can cause potential problems if you’re not paying attention in phase 2), so once you’ve reached the minimum (and all Comfort Zone stacks are depleted), go ahead and commence phase 2. Level 70 ore and lumber goes for a decent price in bulk and several of the level 65+ fish are selling quite well due to their inclusion in high level cooking recipes. STORMBLOOD NOTE: Rath’s Rotation works for Lv70 ★/★★ as well! Well we have some info below to hopefully help answer that question and maybe maybe you some gil along the way! http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/250973-3.05-Crafting-Rotation-lv-60**-Materials-Gear?p=3188383. To reach the above MIN progress, you need: (Lv60★) 6 successful Flawless Synthesis actions performed out of 8 chances. Just like yourself, everyone else is hitting level 70 and needs gear, so if you're the appropriate class, look up what level 70 items you can make and see if any of them are main hand weapons. NOTE: Tricks of the Trade (ToT) is highly recommended. If you’re sitting at 48 CP with one Comfort Zone stack left, perform another Hasty Touch to bump you to 56 CP, and then you can Reclaim. Has been yielding great results with 0-1 HQ item needed per synth. If you deplete all Maker’s Mark stacks and have not yet reached the minimum progress, do not despair. The obvious thing to do is earn some gil! Macro 1 /ac “Initial Preparations” This is done by harvesting the items as Collectible, then breaking it down via Aetherical Reduction. Once you reach max level on a crafter, you will have a slightly clearer idea of what to do, since crafters are always needed for something. This is particularly true for your fellow Gathering and Crafting classes. It's not going to earn you buckets of cash, but it's a great way to spend some time relaxing and earning a few dollars. If you only have one Steady Hand II stack due to shifting Hasty Touches around in phase 3, you cannot use any action between Great Strides and Byregot’s Blessing, as you don’t want to risk failing an unbuffed 90% Byregot’s Blessing after all this work. Places in the rotation where ToT procs may be taken safely will be noted in the rotation. Minimum Required Stats (Don’t forget to use food, FC buffs, etc.! We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. The following macros require very minimal stats from level 70 crafters. So you've reached the max level of your crafting and gathering classes, and you're wondering what to do? Your goal by the end of this phase is to have a MINIMUM progress of: 854 (Lv60★)   / 1150 (Lv60★★)   / 1309 (Lv60★★★)  / 1412 (Lv60★★★ IW)  / 1564 (Lv60★★★★). Desynthesis is often an expensive process. These new items will often drop level 70 crafted materials, some of which will sell for 10k+ gil. Although not technically the same, we're lumping this in due to it being listed under the Crafting category. Since you have to break down items, it means you need a lot of items, which often leads you to buying hundreds of items from the Market Board. * If you did not reach MIN progress in phase 1, change this Hasty Touch to a Careful Synthesis II. The rotation below must be strictly adhered to in order to succeed. Having more Inner Quiet stacks for Byregot’s Blessing is better than saving CP from ToT procs for Innovation in the finisher. The GENERAL PROCESS that you follow is outlined in our FFXIV General Leveling Guide – use it alongside this guide. Hey I just saw your rotation guide for blm level 70 and wanted to thank you. NOTE: As your craftsmanship stat increases, the MIN progress required will be reduced (you will need less successful Flawless Synthesis actions), depending on how much progress Careful Synthesis II gives. Because this is a requirement, you will often end up with 894 progress in Lv60★ crafts, which requires paying attention in phase 2 (especially if you have much more than the minimum required craftsmanship for Lv60★). Right now, due to the prevalence of earrings and rings, we always suggest Goldsmith Desynthesis as the best one to start. You can then use these to purchase various items, most importantly are the Tomes of Folklore. (Lv60★★★★) 12 successful Flawless Synthesis actions performed out of 16 chances. Desynthesis is an often overlooked skill. After this point, you will (likely) be unable to Reclaim the craft. Just like a Gatherer, Crafters can farm Red Scrips and purchase items with them. PHASE 1: MAIN PROGRESS PHASE (Highly recommend taking a ToT proc ONLY ONCE during this entire phase.). 1350 Control is the minimum you might need 8500 quality at start then. Level 70 ★★★ 70 Durability Patch 4.3 (1500 Craftsmanship 1440 Control 543 CP) Note: Need 7500 Quality at the Start to make it 100% HQ with Control value above. If you're vigilant however, you can reach the max level and Desynth all the latest Stormblood items. In general, you should get all 8 crafting classes to level 15 so you can use their cross-class abilities. You should have 15/70 durability left, and a MINIMUM of 48 CP (with one Comfort Zone stack left) or 56 CP (with no Comfort Zone stacks left). If you have gained CP from ToT procs and are having a drought of Good/Excellent conditions for proc’ing Precise Touch in place of Hasty Touch, you may consider changing the last Hasty Touch(es) into Basic Touch(es) to guarantee more Inner Quiet stacks. 1350 Control is the minimum you might need 8500 quality at start then. If you do not deplete all Comfort Zone stacks and start the next phase, you will not have enough CP to finish the craft without the use of ToT procs.