Before to talk for negative and positive impacts,we should know what the macro environment means.There is one acronym-PESTEL,which perfectly describe the components of the business macro-environment. Pass-Through Taxes and the Effect on Business Owners. Every company should be registered with the Company House, and should have an official address. If you wish to create an SE in the UK, you must register it with Companies House. If this is going to be your first UK establishment, you must also send Companies House: You only have to submit the accounts if either: If this will be an additional UK establishment, you don't have to deliver the constitutional documents. It may also be subject to state franchise taxes or other annual fees. The corporation files its own tax return and pays its own taxes. When one of the doctors is ill or goes on holiday, the business can cope. However, depending on the size and complexity of your business, you may want to consult with an attorney, and you almost certainly should consult with your tax advisor regarding which structure is best for your situation. If someone sues the business for breach of contract, personal injury, or to collect a debt, the court can directly levy the personal bank account and other property of the owner. Public limited companies' (PLCs) finances are separate from the personal finances of their members. This means your home or other assets may be at risk if your business runs into trouble. An SE may denominate its share capital in any currency provided that at least £50,000 is denominated in sterling or €57,100 is denominated in euros. Students can use our free essays as examples to write their own. EXPORING THE WORK OF SIMILAR BUSINESSES AND APPLY IN OUR WORK THEIR sucses experience.from our business learn from good history and did not apply the bad practices again.In ONE WORD taking the good opportunities thanks to the research and apply them to our business. The stockholders, directors, and officers of the company are protected from the liabilities of the company, including liabilities for their own negligence when acting in their corporate role, except in certain extraordinary circumstances. Very good point of the sole trader is that all of profit go to the sole trader, who also has the satisfaction of building up his or her own business. An LLC is a hybrid of a corporation and a partnership and is rapidly becoming the most popular structure for small businesses due to its flexibility and its low cost to create and maintain, while still offering most of the advantages of a corporation. The major advantage of a sole proprietorship is that it is the simplest and least expensive structure, as there is really nothing to set up and maintain, except perhaps a fictitious business name (aka DBA, or Doing Business As). Ref: Its aim is to facilitate or develop the economic activities of its members but is a separate entity from their own businesses. A company is an unlimited company if there is no limit on the liability of its members. A starting point for this type of communication is the creation of a clear set of company objectives which each function is aware of. This means the company's finances are separate from the personal finances of their owners. The sole trader can provide services to private individuals and to a bigger firms aswell. You can register one of these types of company via a paper application form only - you cannot register electronically. Very big part of the retail sales today are made from organisations which operating under the franchise s like Subway’s which has a brand franchise. The director (or the board of directors) makes the management decisions. Must send an annual return to Companies House. Technology-one of the most important environment regarding the business in today modern world.Like we can see the technology becoming in to our world with day to day increase.Thanks to the technologys the business gets benefits with less need of people for them productions.Like we can see now in ‘Barclays’ for example the simple operations are not longer making from people.The new technology can do so many thinks for itselfs.This is a brilliant for the business because like that the business saving a huge amounts of salarys.At the other side this a very bad for the employment because this new technology taking place instead of the people which can do this kind of job. Have issued shares to the public to a value of at least £50,000 or the prescribed equivalent in euros before it can trade. These are special entity forms created for lawyers, doctors, CPAs, architects, engineers, and other professionals subject to licensing requirements and malpractice liability. A company may be limited by shares or limited by guarantee: For a company limited by shares, shareholders are not responsible for the company's debts unless they have given guarantees - eg a bank loan. What are the Different Legal Structures in Business? Ref:, P3:Explain the relationship between different organizational functions and how they link to organizational objectives and structures. Each of these is governed by certain laws. After the corporation has been formed, the stockholders may elect "S Corporation" status by making a filing with the IRS. A corporation is owned by one or more stockholders. Therefore, the tax implications for a charity will also depend upon the region or country in which the charitable organization operates, Ref:, ref:, p2:Explain the size and scope of a range of different types of organisations.