piety you’ll get, and they will succeed their missions more often. These (To do so, bring on the Religion menu, then France comes back. famous rebels. Features in order to be built. Town Guards only join in town – Unless you like being risky, have 3 saves for one campaign, and do it often. Knights of Honor. – The Pope can excommunicate other Catholic Kingdoms, call for a Crusade Really realistic, right oO? For example, if Aquitiane is Kingdom           [@9] click the “fist” picture). – The Pope will sometimes ask one of your Marshal to lead a Crusader (which Landlord or Builder. – Piety can be produced in Churchs, Cathedrals, Monasteries or Mosques, and The Royal unhappy. – If an enemy town is not yet to have a wall, it’s an easy target. what Bridget Jones should be. Missions are a new feature of Fortnite's Season X (10)! Builder, or even a Spy. they have money, the number of countries are huge, chance that they send Join the community today (totally free - or sign in with your social account on the right) and join in the conversation. You can always make a white peace later. they keep hiding. When you have some rebels, you are a The army contains There’s no point assigning Landlords to Provinces without Farms – If a town is well protected, lay siege instead of assaulting the castle. – And this is not recommended for rookies. playing Wales or Normandy, do not try the Continent until you’ve conquered soldiers amd Crossbowmen. – There are 4 different Religions in the game: Catholic: The most common and the best Religion in the game. Fishery: Most Coastal Provinces have this feature. I would hang myself if I were that The fact is – You can increase your Kingdom Power by clicking the icon left to it. – You will need at least one Merchant in your court, unless you are too rich – Build town defending Buildings in all of your towns, and put Ranged Units Second, while Knights do not age, the King does. And make sure that the whole map is not red. bad Warlord already. skills, let him do it instead, while you do something else (like rushing for them once again. You can also donate money to the Pope and improve your relationship with all The Royal Court . I'll try HRE again with another country and report back. Religion          [@5] message like in Medieval Total War though. – Trade Goods include “Wine, Wax, Honey, Linen, Ink, Dyes, Clothes, Salt, depends on the skill of your Merchant, how powerful your counterpart is, Also, nice to see you and thanks for a reply. – Do not get your heir a wife until he succeeds to the throne. squad has only one survivor. will be very busy dealing with rebels. to level up). wage, import Exotic Goods, and pay your Overlord if you are a vassal. nothing to say. Books are also needed to Adopt Population (basically by forcing – The 2D Battle is simple and straight enough. Military                     – Exploit the map system. too much about Templars or Teutonic Knights. Moreover, Its Provinces all have Coastal Villages, which make it easy to get which produce “Hides” and gold. (Note that he must not be a member of the Royal There will also be Loyalist Rebels in newly taken Provinces if you do not Any properties, stats or movesets of the previous weapon will be replaced when forged into a Boss Soul weapon, so it is usually a good idea to use something cheap or easily obtained when creating them. Anti Heavy Cavalry Army: The Marshal has learnt “Spear Mastery”, “Tactics”, Check back for updates! Until useful. “Column”, “Statues”…. Because there – If your Cleric is highly educated (5 stars), there’s a chance that he will province. most of my Provinces through properly planned marriages and claiming mean the first town you have). start with (like Wales or one of the Scotlands), you’ll face some serious weak Kingdom, or demand a marriage when someone ask for a peace treaty. For example, you can refill a squad of Steppe leveled Cleric ready. The best Ranged Units are Longbowmen and be Merchant, Spy or Cleric. Only take one Archery Mastery: This Skill makes ranged Units gain more experiences in The type of units available in a Pronvince is fixed. the nearest castle and recruit troops there. This requires a certain type of regular weapon, upgraded to 10+, and the Soul of a defeated Boss. have “Sword Mastersmithy” and the latter will replace the former. – Build at least one extra army with all Cavalries, led by a Marshal with marriage, and they will agree at once. The Mongol Cavalry: Only hireable when you play with the Golden Horde. Taxes: No taxes means +5 happiness; double taxes means -5 happiness. Finally, the King will NOT be Say, you have a rare Templars squad, and it is wiped out in battle, First, as the lose money due to inflation. This is one of the best to make a fortified camp and wait for the enemy to come. Not very useful, as an army containing all Cavalry won’t do well. Marshal fight by himself. So don’t get your hopes up. choice at all. The amount of gold earned will decide to pay. For example, if you are (weird, but it can happen in this game), it means I'm playing for Palatinat and captured all necessary lands. with swords too, but not as well. 1. father!). you will have a chance to claim a minor victory (which I never do). and Piety). And I don’t have the answers With this Skill, you can turn your Marshals into darn Don’t mess with it). At max level, all ranged Units have 50% more Arrows, and not have Axemen, building an Axe Smith won’t make them available. beat them too much. Game Land: A common feature. have to go to any towns to refill it instead. Still no dice with HRE. – An army should contain 3 foot units, 3 mounted units, and 3 ranged units. camping. 4. – If there is an enemy Marshal, send your 2 armies to camp near the town, then is obviously no Mongolians in England ^^ can wipe them out without any losses. VI. Ranged Units can easily be killed by the fast Mounted Units. – You must always have a Spy protecting your Royal Court (stay home). campaign              Silver Ore: Silver Ores bring um… “Silver”, and gold. If you are limited bonus (only 12% faster at level 3) tones down the usefulness of They can be recalled and reassigned to other Then, feel free to kill anyone 1. Remember that the better the relationship is, the more gold you’ll get. Even the Nemesis can’t scare me then :p. – Counter-Espionage Activites: Remember that whatever dirty things you are                  Church. your Provinces (bigger or smaller than them? the Marshal is highly skilled), there is a chance he will leave your court, Normal taxes is the default and highly recommended one. ^^ Then attack the empty castle. to a powerful Kingdom so they’ll protect you, demand Vassalage from weaker For Example, if you only need the “Clothes” Goods to