Please advice thank you. Not the cookies just the cookie dough? Xx. X. Yay!! I don’t think it is, I’ve found tins that are 20cm squared and 24cm square would either of these do? Next time could I possibly use Melted bueno bars instead or would that not work? thank you! Now she has an ice cream cheesecake . So glad you like them! The only thing is I have made it a couple of times and it sinks when it comes out of the oven, could I be over whisking it? In the bowl of a mixer, combine cream cheese and butter. I posted a pic online and got so many likes and comments asking for the recipe! Or should I use caster sugar instead? If you don’t want to use coffee in the cake batter, you can use boiling water. Hey! A kinder bueno cake: filled with white chocolate ganache, and milk chocolate coat; surrounded by White kinder bueno bars. So so happy with how this turned out, thank you Jane!! Enjoy! Introducing Trips by Tastemade. How were you mixing it? Absolutely gorgeous. I’m cautious not to over bake them as I know they harden up once out of the oven. I would still recommend setting it in the fridge first, and then freezing, but it should be fine! It can! I did think maybe I had overdone some of the chocolate on the sides, but after baking these for exactly 19 minutes, and leaving them to cool for half an hour or so they were SO GOOEY and oh my actual days. 400g (1 + 3/4 Cups) Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese, Roughly chop 4 individual Kinder Bueno bars and fold them through the filling. I have a small bakery and would love to add a cheesecake with kinder chocolate and a Biscoff bottom crust or in a cheesecake recipe. When I suggested these bad boys to him, and he then told all his colleagues they basically jumped and screamed. I usually just use it in recipes without an issues but I can’t seem to perfect my gluten free cookie bars! Yes! Can I use caster sugar to sub the brown sugar? Thanks!! Finally, pour the filling into the chilled base and smooth out with a spatula. It might be that your chocolate is too hot. Love your recipes! Sometimes it was from over whisking the double cream. After whisking for around 5 mins it eventually started to thicken, but then I started to notice it looked curdled!! Then gradually fold the Kinder chocolate/cream mixture into the sweetened cream cheese. Oooh yum! Thanks x. Place the Kinder bars and 8 tbsp of double cream into a mixing bowl. After something a little more Boozy? I usually do 19 minutes so they stay reasonably gooey. In the fridge? If so would you use the same measurements?? I also don’t have an electric whisk at all but I do have a regular whisk, would this recipe still work for me? Thanks xx. Folding through the Kinder Chocolate is easy as its solid, but folding in the Kinder Bueno isn’t as easy because they’re quite a bit more fragile. should I increase the amount of the other ingredients to ensure the mix fills the cake tin? Am wondering about the wafer going soft? Yes you can use other chocolates – I have a variety of flavours on my blog that you can look at to give an idea! Hi how would the baking time and oven temp change when using a 12 x 8 tin please? If you made these into cookies, would it still be 16 portions youd split it into and for the same time/temp in the oven? As in the bonbons or bueno or…? However all 3 times the cheese part has been a littl me runny and it doesn’t set properly. Here’s everything you need to know about the ingredients required to make this recipe. So many people ask me about the recipe. As someone who’s never made a cheesecake (tbh I barely bake/cook) it’s really easy. I just have a quick question – do you remember how much cream you used for the decoration? How much longer should I bake them for? The only downside is how quickly they get eaten! Bloglovin’ This is what folding them into the filling would look like…. Whip cream to soft peaks then fold it into the melted Kinder. Press this into the base and sides of a lined springform pan and chill. Remove the cheesecake from the tin, and decorate by drizzling over some melted chocolate, some whipped up cream (double cream + icing sugar), a piece of Kinder Bueno for each slice, and some chocolate sprinkles! Would it also work if divided up into smaller trays? I made a thicker base (purposely) so overall I winged a lot of the recipe.