[11], In the 2011 census Hindus numbered 134,406 and formed 80.32% of the population in Kalna II CD Block. List of all villages in Kalna - II C.D.Block, Barddhaman , West Bengal, India. Kalna II is a community development block that forms an administrative division in Kalna subdivision of Purba Bardhaman district in the Indian state of West Bengal. [12], In Bardhaman district the percentage of Hindu population has been declining from 84.3% in 1961 to 77.9% in 2011 and the percentage of Muslim population has increased from 15.2% in 1961 to 20.7% in 2011. Kalna II block registered a population growth of 20.37 per cent during the 1991-2001 decade. All 112 villages (100%) have drinking water supply. [21], In 2013-14, Kalna II CD Block had 111 primary schools with 7,403 students, 6 middle schools with 374 students, 12 high schools with 7,406 students and 8 higher secondary schools with 10,066 students. Singarkon is located at 23°09′38″N 88°16′00″E / 23.1604190°N 88.2666700°E / 23.1604190; 88.2666700. [3], Persons engaged in agriculturein Kalna II CD Block, Although the Bargadari Act of 1950 recognised the rights of bargadars to a higher share of crops from the land that they tilled, it was not implemented fully. As per … Kalna police station serves this block. [6], Large villages (with 4,000+ population) in Kalna II CD Block are (2011 census figures in brackets): Baidyapur (4,065), Jiudhara (P) (5,167) and Satapati (5,093). [20], State Highway 6 (West Bengal) running from Rajnagar (in Birbhum district) to Alampur (in Howrah district) passes through this block. View satellite images/ street maps of villages in Kalna Ii CD Block of Barddhaman district in West Bengal, India. [6], As per 2001 census,Kalna II block had a total population of 152,853, out of which 78,322 were males and 74,531 were females. of Population to district population : 2.23: Distribution of Rural and Urban population by sex As per Census 2011, there [6], As per 2001 census, Kalna II block had a total literacy of 67.22 per cent for the 6+ age group. 2,938 patients were treated indoor and 243.321 patients were treated outdoor in the hospitals, health centres and subcentres of the CD Block. Table 4", "TRU for all Districts (SC & ST and Total)", "Provisional population totals, West Bengal, Table 5, Bardhaman District", "Census of Indiia 2011: District Census Handbook, Barddhaman", "District Human Development Report: Bardhaman", "District Census Handbook Barddhaman, Census of India 2011, Series 20, Part XII A", "District Human Development Report: South 24 Parganas", "District Human Development Report, Bardhaman", "District Census Handbook, Barddhaman, 2011, Series 20, Part XII A", "Groundwater Arsenic contamination in West Bengal-India (20 years study )", List of cities in West Bengal by population, Cities, towns and locations in Purba Bardhaman district, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Kalna_II&oldid=979050651, Community development blocks in Purba Bardhaman district, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 September 2020, at 13:39. In 2013-14, persons engaged in agriculture Kalna II could be classified as follows: bargadars 9.20%, patta (document) holders 13.22%, small farmers (possessing land between 1 and 2 hectares) 5.07%, marginal farmers (possessing land up to 1 hectare) 16.99% and agricultural labourers 55.52%. The soil is fertile, as it consists mainly of silt deposits. [3], The Bandel-Katwa branch line passes through this CD Block but there is no station in this CD Block (between Ambika Kalna and Guptipara). [7] Decadal growth in West Bengal was 17.84 per cent. [18], In 2013-14, Kalna II CD Block produced 34,401 tonnes of Aman paddy, the main winter crop, from 11,180 hectares, 15,580 tonnes of Boro paddy (spring crop) from 4,362 hectares, 3 tonnes of wheat from 1 hectare, 16,005 tonnes of jute from 623 hectares and 102,651 tonnes of potatoes from 4,216 hectares.