The is the influence of Jeong Kwan.” • At the end of the episode, Kwan offers a message to the camera: “I make food as a meditation. She lives in the Chunjinam Hermitage at the Baegyangsa temple in South Korea, where she cooks for fellow nuns and monks, as well as occasional visitors.Jeong Kwan does not own a restaurant and has no formal culinary training. Ancient buildings filled with golden Buddhas are encircled with tranquil surroundings of maple and oak. Baekyangsa Temple is situated 169 miles south of Seoul in a dreamy green forest inside Naejangsan National Park. It is the main temple of the Zen Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. One particular episode of Netflix’s Chef’s Table captured the minds and hearts of viewers, long after it was first aired. She has been a nun since she was 19 and uses food to spread her Dharma. The imagery from Baekyangsa (Chunjinam Hermitage), the temple located within South Korea’s Naejangsan National Park in the Jeollanamdo, delved into the life and food philosophy of Buddhist monk, Jeong Kwan. – Jeong Kwan. Jeong Kwan is a Seon Buddhist monk and chef of Korean cuisine born in 1957. Jeong Kwan grew up on a farm, and learned to make noodles by hand at age 7. Jeong Kwan currently lives and teaches out of the Chunjinam Hermitage in Baekyongsa Temple. She doesn’t run a restaurant; she cooks for herself, other monks, and visitors to the monastery. Abraburger is referring to Chef's Table Season 3 by American film director, David Gelb of the Jiro Dreams of Sushi fame. It will change your life!" Rather than adhering strictly to tradition, as one would expect from a monk, she breaks many rules, infusing each dish with a spontaneous creativity rivaling that of classically-trained, world-renowned chefs. Jeong Kwan is unique. A Temple Dinner with Buddhist Monk Jeong Kwan in Rome, Italy With the fundamental role of promoting the Korean culture to Italy, the Istituto Culturale Coreano (Korean Cultural Institute), between 22 -25 May 2019, hosted the world-renowned Buddhist monk Jeong Kwan, popularized by her role as the protagonist of the TV program Chef's Table on Netflix (season 3) on a series of events in Rome. Kwan’s wooden home is, as you might expect, very basic. She cooks for fellow nuns and monks while also running a weekly cooking class for temple stay visitors. Jeong Kwan’s background. Here she cooks for two other nuns and occasionally some of the 50 or so monks based down the hill at the temple. There's a Reddit thread submitted by user Abraburger that goes, "The new season's first episode is about Jeong Kwan, a Buddhist monk who cooks "temple food," very simple but elegant vegetables from her garden to visitors. Located in the Southern part of South Korea. The Istituto Culturale Coreano (Korean Cultural Institute), hosted the world-renowned Buddhist monk Jeong Kwan, popularized by her role as the protagonist of the TV program Chef’s Table on Netflix (season 3) in a series of events in Rome.