Lovely Title you create there!! “My relationship with Yoo Yeon Seok progressed extremely slowly throughout the drama, so that kind of ending drew a lot of attention,” she remarked. I suppose we should do this chronologically but since we already know the outcome... why pretend otherwise . Eeeee! I added it to the first post! Recommended Posts. A friendly asylum for drama addicts, and everyone else who needs a bit of respite and good company. triplem here . Jang está sin club desde 03/01/2020. “I never had an issue with eating. When they worked together, we quivered. How did you do it before! “Sandwiches were kind of hard to eat,” she confessed. yulje's ghostie (@chaesonghwamnda) Tweeted: I was really happy that emoticons was allowed in the title. Should I start worry that our ship is the first to ship when we have 2 more seasons to go? Berkaca-kaca dong Scene itu mengingatkan aku pada film lama “Ada Apa dengan CInta”, saat Cinta dengan penuh emosional mengakui perasaannya pada Rangga dihadapan teman-temannya, penyataan “ya” yang… Find and follow posts tagged jang gyeo ul on Tumblr. Juega en la posición Extremo izquierdo. i am crying while doing my assignment because i don't understand it, "If you go slowly, there’s more you can learn along the way than someone who goes faster than you. “They said things like, ‘It’s finally working out between you two,” she recalled. Both Ahn Jeong-won and Jang Gyeo-ul, they had a past behind them. But wait, the journey isn't quite over yet. I am sure we still have them quite regularly as we re-watch the scenes, the series or just wonder what S2 will bring for Jeong-won and Gyeo-ul. “I thought about that ever since the beginning.”, Before the kiss, Jang Gyeo Ul delivered a memorable line when she confessed to Ahn Jeong Won, saying, “Instead of staying by God’s side, stay by my side.” About her character’s intentions, Shin Hyun Bin commented, “I think she just wanted to be able to stay by Jeong Won’s side, even if he didn’t like her back. He managed a smile. Yay, thank you for the vids! Oho, don’t think we actually need a captain for this ship cos it’s on auto-pilot mode  , Yeah, we are all rowing in the same direction! Log in Sign up. There were many scenes where Yoo Yeon Seok and I filmed separately, but I would observe his acting and add onto it. Please feel free to start posting any WG thoughts, analysis, fan-art, fan-fics you encounter. Have been silently lurking in twitter and reading WG fanfic is my daily routine for the last 3 months . Currently Watching: More Than Friends, Start-Up, Three Meals A Day: Fishing Village 5, 2D1N. We’re expecting wedding & babies . Gyeo-ul nodded. Jeong-won turned back, ready to head out. It's easy! After filming, I noticed habits that I had when I ate, like how I close my eyes when I open my mouth wide.” She said with a laugh, “I figured it would be okay since it looked like I was winking.”, However, there were certain foods that were harder to eat while filming. Cuando se le pidió que eligiera la. When Jeong-won was left by the curb-side, we commiserated with him. @wallflowersforjane Wow! Yeah this ship will continue to S2 and beyond . Hospital Playlist 2. estelle-sim. When Gyeo-ul completed her first solo surgery, we were so proud of her. I hope everyone is enjoying exploring the new forums. Would they just suppress their feelings towards each other? jang gyeo-ul; wintergarden; hospital playlist; Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 2 of 2 . And then the last thirteen minutes of Episode 12 happened, and all around the world, Wintergarden fans squealed in delight as Jeong-won finally revealed the depth of his feelings for Gyeo-ul. It's where your interests connect you with your people. “I hoped that someday I would end up with Jeong Won,” she added. En “Hospital Playlist” de tvN, Shin Hyun Bin interpretó a la residente Jang Gyeo Ul, que estaba enamorada de Ahn Jeong Won, el personaje de Yoo Yeon Seok. I ate ravenously. And since the first time they met each other, they knew that their life will turned out to be difference since then. Thank you! Personally I'm hoping for not too long of a time skip. Shin Hyun Bin says she plans to take a break while considering her next acting role. When Jeong-won sang Confessions Is Not Flashy, we melted into a puddle. I really need you WGs cause the wait is long and second thoughts are coming.I dismiss them but they keep coming back. En el drama, Shin Hyun Bin interpretó a Jang Gyeo Ul, una residente en el Hospital Yulje que albergaba un amor unilateral hacia el pediatra Ahn Jeong Won (interpretado por Yoo Yeon Seok). “I think the viewers showed a lot of interest in us because we showed everyone that we were ready to head in the same direction together.”, Shin Hyun Bin confessed that she had no idea the drama would end with her kiss scene. Spoilers In the drama, Shin Hyun Bin played Jang Gyeo Ul, a resident at Yulje Hospital who harbored a one-sided love towards pediatrician Ahn Jeong Won … Shin Hyun Bin’s co-stars were also excited about the development between the characters. I can't stop thinking about Hospital Playlist so I wrote some things. Just curious to see what they have prepared for WG.Which means I want S2 to start from the end of episode 12.Gyeoul and viewers need to hear from Jeong Won when he started to rethink his decision to leave and when he was planning" to talk to that someone first". Do you guys think there will be a time jump ? “The funniest reactions I saw were from people who said they ordered sandwiches after seeing me eat,” the actress said.