This sense of style also extends to fragrance, with men and women alike favouring lush, luxurious scents that capture the Italian penchant for vitality and the baroque. 11 | Don't think of your swim trunks as underwear. If you're verging on peacockery, you're doing it wrong. Choose an aviator. Italian families on average have become smaller in size over the past few decades as the fertility rate has declined. I’d guess it’s about buying quality items that they can wear for years and years. My brother-in-law, an actor on the stage, suggested I try a suit he had been given for a play and when I put it on I looked so elegant that I felt as if I had been spiritually elevated. ", Contemplation Of The Sword (Robinson Jeffers), Of Rogues & Gentlemen (Brooks Brothers blog). The Brits have funny teeth, the French have berets and baguettes, and the Dutch have their penchant for short-sleeved shirts and pulled-up white socks. The Italian-inspired Renaissance Revival homes are more palatial but still often confused with the Victorian Italianate style. The bus driver was an Italian fellow wearing the most gorgeous suit, it fit him perfectly and he was the epitome of style. Still, I persist and always will, I am, after all, basically English. Your fellow sunbathers will thank you. If there's one thing the Italians know, it's that everyone looks better in a pair of sunglasses, even when it's raining... or when it's dark. So true LBF. Ever. Catello's Mozzarella bar: Fresh Italian with a real sense of Style - See 34 traveler reviews, 9 candid photos, and great deals for Pendleton, IN, at Tripadvisor. When I was trapped in Paris in 2010 due to the Icelandic volcano we ended up taking a coach bus to Rome to catch a flight back to Toronto. 55 Gifts Your Wife Will Actually, Truly Like, Esquire's Best New Restaurants in America, 2020, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. 8 | Embrace your hair while you've got it. More often than not blessed with thick waves of dark, coarse hair, Italian men know better than to clip it all off before its time. If there's one thing that Italian men understand, it's that details matter. The Italian can tell simply by looking in the mirror that what he’s done say, with a looser tie knot or a half-tucking of a shirt, is a pure fashion crime – but it’s for good reason. Virile and invariably well-dressed, Italian men are ... we dissect the 12 key style lessons we can ... a sense of depth with clever layering. The masters of Italian tailoring—see Giorgio Armani, Brunello Cucinelli, Kiton, Corneliani, and Ermenegildo Zegna—all embrace a softer cut, and so too should you. Italian men won't think twice about wearing a classic shirt beneath a knitted overshirt, beneath a vest, beneath a blazer, beneath an overcoat—and neither should you. Writer Bio Judith Tingley is a writer, editor and multi-media artist based in Louisville, Kentucky. A dusty pink sweater with a soft blue blazer and cream chinos, for instance; or a brighter blue suit with a white shirt and indigo overcoat. Second, Italian men pull off a timeless fashion even into their old age. And it has, interestingly enough, often been said that style is what Italy is all about. 4 | An espresso and a cigarette is the only way to breakfast. An aviator suits everyone, as the Italians well know. Though the Savile Row tradition of super-structured tailoring still has its place, the Italian look—softer and more closely cut to the body—has never felt more relevant. Italian is full of words and phrases that don’t have a match in English, but oh, don’t we wish they did. An Italian living abroad reveals the truth. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, The Best Black Friday Bargains Under $150, The Best Picks From Mr Porter's Black Friday Sale, Where to Buy All the Best Sweats On Sale Now, The Best Picks From Huckberry's Black Friday Sale, This Season's Most Exciting Clothes Speak Softly, The Origin of the Ever-Enduring Clarks Desert Boot, 20 Black Friday Menswear Finds to Buy Right Now, Here's Every Look BTS Wore in Their Cover Story, The Coolest New Menswear to Scoop This Week. Best place for style in Italy is by far Vicenza. The lid doubles as a handy cutting board. The mistake most men make when sporting a padded vest is to think of it as an outer layer. Italian Chic all the way! It's all about an espresso and a smoke first thing in the morning. When I exhibit occasional flashes of this style of humour in my English language classes, it is instantly recognised and labelled as ‘English humour’ in a faintly disparaging manner. And from today, now also bathrooms and living environments! Brother-in-law usually played leading men or villains, and I felt up for either of these. Marcello Mastroianni is one of my sartorial heroes; the Italians rarely disappoint. Translating to "studied carelessness," the term perfectly encapsulates the stylish Italian man's way of dressing. Every product was carefully curated by an Esquire editor. He was far better dressed than the first-class North American passengers he was driving.So it's not about money for these Italian men, they have a natural style and an eye for fabric and fit. Perhaps its because we don't see the sun as often as our Italian counterparts, but we tend not to take care of our swimwear. When it comes to dressing up Italian men are the perfect sartorial measuring sticks. This beautiful lunchbox incorporates a traditional knife produced in the town of Maniago in the Italian Alps, renown for its knife makers since the 14th century. … Contrast in texture is the key to a successful outfit. Get the Italian look, from Italian street fashions to the red carpet. Opt for something close-cut in a neutral shade, choose a matte fabric (never, ever "North Face-shiny"), and team with an open-neck white shirt, a deconstructed Brunello Cucinelli blazer, and a pair of slim-cut washed jeans for a relaxed, long-weekend-in-Rome look. The trick, as the Italians understand, is to treat it as an inner sheath—an insulating layer worn over your shirt and beneath your jacket. Opt for a suit with a deconstucted shoulder, a half-lining (or no lining at all), and a tapered trouser. The key is to choose washed-out, soft shades. Just look at Patrizio Bertelli of Prada, Giorgio Armani, or Diego Della Valle of Tod's (pictured below). Whether it's furniture, sports cars, architecture, kitchen utensils, or clothing, the Italians have made their mark. Fashion in the Bag: History and style: how did Milan become the new capital of Italian fashion? Follow their lead and never take yours off—just make sure you find the right pair for your face. You're so right about the weight issue. Read Next They grew up going to tailors so they know their fashion well. All of them are incredibly wealthy and all extraordinarily stylish. How do you think Italian men manage to fit into their size 36 suits and super-slim jeans? Here, fresh from Pitti Uomo in Florence and men's fashion week in Milan, we dissect the 12 key style lessons we can learn from our natty cousins across the Atlantic. If you are looking to elevate your own style, how about taking some tips from Italian women who exude a sense of la moda? 2 | Never take off your sunglasses. The imperceptible turn of a foot, the artfully placed hand on a knee—never have an entire people been so ready for their close up.