These types of. Especially important is a sense of humor — a lack of humor can be seen as a defense, behind which might be hidden competence issues, lack of respect for IT goals or simply a desire to dominate discussions. The project manager needs to be able to work with the geographic disparity, different work cycles sometimes forcing delays in communication and even cultural differences in understanding what has been agreed upon and how work should proceed. Project managers are the sole translators, sharing information, updates and next steps from client to internal team and back again.”, “Communication skills are the core part of a project manager’s skill set,” says Danielyan. Will this all be replaced by cloud-based resources before the end of its expected lifetime? A. for PMs is explaining the ROI, expected KPIs and other concrete values in understandable but not condescending terms. “There is a limit to the amount of stuff our minds can process, a.k.a. A stereotypical image of a project manager is someone who is the consummate multitasker, but the ability to “multitask alone won’t help project managers meet all of the demands they face in their role; organization is key,” says Mills. If the project involves SSD storage and an in-memory database, the PM should grasp what that will provide for the company’s operation and how it is different from petabytes of storage for “big data” analysis. Is the infrastructure expandable? Understanding the company’s technological philosophies and goals and the ways the current project life cycle might affect future directions can help to advocate for the project with management at important times. Great communication is a recipe for a great relationship.This goes without saying – if you don’t have what it takes to effectively communicate your point across, you’re already one step behind. The question of whether project managers need to possess certain technical skills has been discussed at great length over the years. Jennifer described an IT project manager as one who oversees the process of planning, executing and delegating responsibilities around an organization’s IT pursuits and goals, often with the help of IT portfolio management software. Part of the organization process also involves envisioning all steps throughout the life of the project and predicting problems that might arise. An important part of any IT project is the quality metrics that the resulting systems will meet. The lead role for project success, 16 tips for a smooth switch to agile project management, The 15 best project management tools for business, Scrum vs. Subscribe to access expert insight on business technology - in an ad-free environment. In this IT Trend Report, you will learn more about why chatbots are gaining traction within businesses, particularly while a pandemic is impacting the world. “Many projects miss their scope, budget or delivery timeline due to unexpected surprises,” notes Tim Platt, vice president, IT Business Services, Virtual Operations, an IT support and managed services company. “The great PM is always on the lookout for risk – and how to mitigate that risk. Outsourcing Project Management: 7 Reasons Why You Should Outsource, Why Human Factors Are Increasingly Important in Your IT Security Strategy, Why Japan Needs to Step Up Its Cyber Security Game. After delivery, the PM has to have processes in place to establish accountability independent of the end result. Copyright © 2017 IDG Communications, Inc. In a well-run project, there shouldn’t be a surprise. “A great project manager is able to keep their team happy during the tough times,” says Kofi Senaya, director of Product at Clearbridge Mobile, a mobile app developer. Today’s IT projects can involve personnel from around the globe. After delivery, the PM has to have processes in place to establish accountability independent of the end result. Yet, with even a rudimentary level of modern infrastructure IT skills, an IT project manager can understand big picture concepts and better anticipate potential roadblocks from a technical viewpoint. “It’s somewhat of a cliché, but this phrase really does describe one of the most important skills that can make or break client relationships. The Right Kind of Leadership. Communication. “They need to be masters at prioritizing [and] time management if they intend to be successful,” he continues. InformationWeek is part of the Informa Tech Division of Informa PLC. The right language, idioms and terminology convey the PM’s intelligence, and a willingness to seek understanding. In addition to understanding the basic principles behind the project’s goals, the PM should be able to write clear business case descriptions to communicate with company management. The PM needs to be familiar with recent IT platforms and methodologies in use and understand how this project is going to meet company needs. A successful project manager needs to be a real-world negotiator with a propensity towards critical thinking. software development has shown that rigid structures can be replaced with clear but responsive iterative processes. First, technology projects are becoming more complex in at a time when everything is becoming virtualized, distributed, and abstract. Therefore, “the ability to organize multiple complicated processes in uncertain conditions is essential – [and] prioritizing, planning and scheduling skills are critical. They can provide coaching to, needs to be a real-world negotiator with a propensity towards. Second, because of the business shift to digitization, companies are relying on technology more and more to create competitive advantages. To be an effective project manager, one who can keep projects and the team on track, takes more than technical know-how. Using the paradigm of “user stories” from Agile software development can help organize project scheduling for an Agile approach. Team management. The PM should have a reputation for making difficult, well-informed decisions. might affect future directions can help to advocate for the project with management at important times. One somewhat valid concern regarding project managers that possess technical skills, is that they might end up attempting to fill two roles. There should be a risk log and mitigation plans for all items, and the PM is in the best position to ensure that’s covered.”, “Dealing with obstacles is without a doubt an essential skill for a PM,” agrees Danielyan. To rate this item, click on a rating below. Understanding the company’s technological philosophies and goals and the ways the current. These types of communication skills encourage IT personnel to go the extra mile in return. There are enough moving targets in IT project management that Agile scheduling can help an effective project manager to guide the project even as resource shortages, standards changes, infrastructure issues, personnel availability and company goals make it difficult to keep promises to management. “Planning is vital, but the ability to adapt to changes and work with your team to overcome challenges is just as important.” That ability to quickly come up with a workaround or change course is absolutely “necessary to be successful in a fast-paced environment.”. “Information overload is a very real phenomenon, especially in the modern workplace,” … Negotiation: Project managers will negotiate with clients on an appropriate schedule and scope of work. Are there unanticipated delivery issues such as power requirements, regulatory issues or technical compatibility? From delegating work to holding individuals accountable, it's a project manager's responsibility to set goals, evaluate performance, and encourage collaboration.