By following our tips, your furniture should arrive in its new home safe and sound. That way, if anything gets bumped in transit then you can prove it and claim on insurance (if you have it). Required fields are marked *. However exciting the newness may be though, you may want to keep some of the “old” – the things that worked well for you, the things that brought you comfort and joy, the things that reminded you of happy moments and beloved people, etc. Large corrugated cardboard boxes typically cost between £1 and £2, while standard 10-metre rolls of bubble wrap cost around £5. As you can see from the table above, you can save a lot of money by disassembling and packing your furniture yourself rather than paying a removals company to do it for you. Better weather, different food and a new job are all very exciting, but there are some things that you just can’t leave behind when you move. Determines if the user’s navigation should be registered in a certain statistical placeholder. Well, its service can be up to 8x cheaper than high street banks. You will receive the first contact within one working day. So, the first thing to do when considering international furniture shipping is to assess the practical value of your old pieces and figure out if they will be suitable for your new lifestyle: The sentimental worth of an item is usually more important than any practical or financial considerations – if a furniture piece is a family heirloom or has some special meaning for you, you will certainly want to hold onto it, no matter how difficult to move or how expensive to ship it may be. Make sure you know about any furniture that’s over there. You’ll have other belongings that don’t classify as furniture but are still worth a quick mention. Here’s our plan for how you should create your plan. The less you bring, the less you pay. This is especially true when moving abroad – you go to a new country where anything and everything is new and a new world opens before you. Necessary cookies: Necessary cookies help make a website usable by enabling basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. Now, you have a couple of decisions to make. Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website. A layer of ‘finishing wax’, applied with a microfibre cloth, is a great way to prevent your wooden furniture from getting any scratches along the way. Requesting a professional estimate can reduce moving costs by up to 25%. This guide gives you a complete rundown of how to ship furniture overseas. Therefore, choose an experienced moving company who are aware of the various customs and duties of your destination country. The cookie enable user tracking by synchronising the ID across many Microsoft domains. 01 | How much does it cost to ship furniture overseas?02 | Should I do my own packing?03 | Planning your packing04 | Must-have materials for packing05 | Leaving things behind06 | 9 essential packing tips07 | How to pack specific items08 | Cleaning your furniture09 | Next steps10 | FAQs. You need to check the condition of each item and take photographs of any existing wear and tear. How much does it cost to move furniture abroad? If you’re moving abroad then you’re probably hoping to start a new life, but that doesn’t mean you want, to be new. You should also be inspecting your most delicate pieces of furniture and deciding whether they need professional packing. Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information which are placed on your computer or device when you visit our website. So, if a furniture piece is impossible to disassemble and is too large, too heavy, too exquisite, or too awkwardly shaped to survive the relocation intact and unscathed, it will be better to leave it behind. You need to wrap and pack your furniture properly, but good luck wrapping and packing properly without the right materials. Once you have received the quotes, compare all prices and choose what suits you best. Decide on the date(s) you’ll be packing your stuff and tell your pals. How much you’ll pay will depend on several factors, such as how much furniture you’re moving, where you’re moving it to and from, and whether you move it by sea or air. If you learn how shipping furniture overseas works and understand the costs involved, it will save you a lot of time and money. On the other hand though, bringing your comfortable and functional pieces with you will save you a lot of time and effort when furnishing your new home and will bring familiarity and coziness to your new place. Just don’t leave it until the last minute to ask them. If you’ve got small children or pets, then you probably inspect your furniture fairly regularly for damage. International furniture shipping rates will be higher in peak season (August-September and January-February) and any additional services – disassembly and reassembly of furniture, professional packing and unpacking, door-to-door delivery, additional insurance coverage, etc. Obviously gardening items such as tools and outdoor furniture are the main culprits for bringing dirt into other countries, but all your indoor furniture needs a proper inspection too. There’s more to this than boxes and sellotape. Click the green button below to consent to the use of this technology on our website. Do the same with the back of the chair. Some items are just irreplaceable and worth taking wherever you may be moving to – even if it is a new country at the other end of the world. Well, you should think about furniture too. The table below gives you a rough estimate of how much it costs to move your furniture abroad from the UK by air and sea. But don’t forget the dispenser; you don’t want to be desperately trying to find the end of the tape all the time, You might think you have a good memory, but you will forget what’s inside each box unless you label absolutely everything. When shipping furniture overseas, there are other costs to consider including: the disassembly and reassembly of your furniture, the packing and unpacking of it, the loading, unloading and transportation of it to and from the port/airport, and even the cleaning of your possessions and your home. Make sure you know about any furniture that’s over there.