The foundation text for Taoist internal alchemy is the Can Dong Qi or Zhou Yi Can Dong Qi, written by the legendary Wei Po Yang. The ghost here, just by the word itself, means that it is when something is used up and done with a process, it goes out of the processing ground and into another place, and be born in the next location onward. When your soul starts to build up and get contained within a structure, the energies inside gets pumped up. It is closely related to the physical world and returns to the earth at the time of physical death. We all know how important the postal service is, and we all get mad about packages coming in late or not on-time, and that is exactly how important your soul is to your body here, which can affect everything in your life, including your health, wealth, career, love, and all kinds of things in your physical life. In the absence of a single way of seeing the body shared by all Taoist traditions, this article outlines some of the main themes that emerge from different contexts. Receive Advanced Notice of Future Webinars. A profound contribution by Lao Tzu was the transition from a shaman view of many gods/deities to one encompassing unifying force, the creator of all life, and that each person has the same chance to realize and connect to the one creator and directly realize their eternal nature. While it keeps on doing so, as you can see, it gathers up essence from the Yuen Sun, and the “ghost” is created on the other end which is your physical body here. The yin and more physical is the Po; the Hun is the yang and more subtle. Now that you know what you know what a soul is, you might wonder how it affects you and why you should care to cultivate your soul, or even how to cultivate your soul. The definition of Hun and Po魂魄(Wun and Paak) is not hard to understand. There are 7 layers of these “light” in a total of a complete soul structure, then the soul is complete in dimension 6, which allows it to be born in dimension 8 – reality, the physical world. If you are in doubt, you can always have tried a distance spiritual diagnosis with us, and see if you got any of these punks tagging around! Your soul is like a bridge between your Yuen Sun (spiritual planetary body) and your physical body here. The long and rich history of Taoism and Chinese medicine include many cultivation methods for refining ourselves. The Five Elements correspond to the five internal organs, and their relationships are found in the classic medical text Nei Jing, or Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine. Yin-yang is the foundation model of Chinese metaphysics; a deeper understanding is that yin-yang is a profound model containing complex and elegant patterns that are applied to every Taoist art. As the soul gets stronger and more developed, the energies inside this “bubble” will build up and start to get multiply its cellular structure, and the energies then get denser and more actively moving inside. In the Han dynasty, the Five Elements (wu xing) were very popular and infused into most every aspect of Chinese culture. As the light reaches the 7, Your souls and spirits, or Hun and Po, or Wun Paak, is not on your physical body, nor overlapping your body like a bunch of energies around your body as most would have thought. Sum up all vertical, diagonal and horizontal palaces or boxes and the total is 15, revealing balance. © 2020 Tin Yat Dragon. Therefore, you can say that the chicken is the ghost of the mouth system now. As you can see, it’s 3 “categories” of energies, and energies are made of little “bits” of essences, like cells or particles that combine to form the gas. Ancient Chinese belief regarded the living person as having two souls, the “hun” and the “po,” which parted ways at death. Being a good boy is good, but it won’t stop the punks from bullying you for their own enjoyment purposes. The Hun-Po model is an integral aspect of the Taoist view of physical and spiritual life, but is often presented in a vague and ambiguous manner. At this time its influence entered the classic text, I Ching or Book of Changes. Your Yuen-Sun元神pumps it’s energy to your body here. A common Taoist view is that each person contains yin and yang aspects of their spirit. These ancients discovered the early and later heaven gua (xian and hou tian gua), the luo shu nine palace magic square, the he tu formation, herbology, Chinese medicine and the I Ching, which all revealed a comprehensive view of life. In nature, you can see that root feeds the plant through the stems and branches, then give birth to flowers. Whatever name you call it by, nothing is better than using the Chinese word itself – 魂魄 Wun Paak in Cantonese. A common and fascinating Taoist model explaining this nature is Hun-Po. Cultivating Hun and Po is a refining process; as one refines oneself, her or she become more subtle and spiritual. The Pu/Paak or spirit of you is exactly formed like this. A real Taoist does not only acknowledge the theories of Tao and Te, but also deals with their real Tao and Te workings, which is to make sure the Yuen Sun (which is their Tao) can be pumping resources to them all the time, and to make sure you put things back to the Yuen Sun for the future to have things to take again. In order to do all these things, and get a better life, one must start by ordaining into a lineage, which provides you the power, methods, and support to guide you through all the dedicated practices. Hun and Po are typically associated with the Five Shen model of the Shangqing lineage of Taoism, which describes the “spirits” residing in each of the five yin organs.