Good luck! Seek his blessings in the times of worry and he will remove your pains. I know you might be frightened and anxious. Dear friend, Do not worry about the next day because God and your loved ones are always with you. We pray that when this is all over that our baby will be delivered healthy and happy and that my wife will be perfectly fine. My good wishes are always with you. Let go of the worries for today. I have seen you sulking in pain and I am glad that this is happening. We pray for a miracle. Prayers for Surgery: Pray for a Successful Surgery A Prayer Before Surgery. Prayer for Someone Going Into Surgery (a prayer for a friend to have a successful operation) Lord, You have soothed us, saying "do not worry about tomorrow". Years from now you will laugh at the anxiety and tell stories about it to the people you know. Good luck! So I choose to rest in you. Amen. It’s quite normal to jitter before the surgery. This is a litmus test not just for you but also for everyone around you. Keep up the good spirits within you and battle hard. All the best! Relax. This is a crucial time and your strength will define all. Don’t lose hopes and think of the best. You always wanted to be perfect at everything, right? A smile never goes out of style. It is going to be only good. It brings a chaos with it for both the patient and the family. So, keep calm. Keep smiling, at least for us? We are with you! This too shall pass, my friend. I will take well care of your anxiety and protect it from you. Lord I pray to you for healing of Jennifer. You have your family and friends who love and support you unconditionally. There is nothing to worry about. I may not be able to talk or soothe you but you can still me by closing your eyes and thinking of our memories together. Critical situations are paved in our way to test our endurance. Now, it’s my turn to return the favour. Bad days are difficult but a little bit of positivity can provide you with enormous strength to walk through the tough path. Trust me. Think of good memories and all the good days. I wish you turn into healthier and happier version of yourself. I may not be there in the operation room to accompany. Look at the people around. This is going to be fine. One good memory is enough to wipe away the negativity. All the best! Good luck! Good luck! Go it get, buddy! We are with you! Everything’s going to be fine. Good Luck Quotes for Someone Having Surgery. Chill. All the best! So, I want you to know that I am also going to be by your side no matter what. This too shall pass. Wish you all the luck and health. No one likes to go under the Doctor’s knives yet sometimes surgeries cannot be avoided due to many reasons. Have faith! My good wishes and blessings are always by your side. You will be asleep and wake up all in good health and gaiety. This place and the doctors are going to correct the flaws and turn you into near perfection. This is not going to last forever. In Jesus' name. All the best! All the best! Do not worry and have faith in the God. The doctors are great, you have your friends and family beside you then what else do you need? May every single day bring you happiness, and make you healthier. “Save your servant, O Sustainer of Life, From too early a death. You are scared, nervous and in need of an assurance then I am here to tell you that this surgery is going to be a success and we are soon going to party. I do not expect much optimism from you at this moment but I also want you to know that this surgery is going to yield only good in your life. Wish you the best of everything. Thank you for allowing her/him to successfully complete her surgery. The doctors thoroughly know what they are doing, you will not even know when it will be over and your recovery will always be real fast. This worry is worthless as compared to the life you are going to get.