[4] The maiden, the goddess Lindu, was the Queen of the Birds and the daughter of Ukko, the King of the Sky. She loves to interact with people so she could enjoy not being alone. attempt to end the dispute, Hera and Zeus agreed to consult Tiresias, a That day is celebrated as Qi Xi, the Seventh Night (Chinese: 七夕, Korean: chilseok and Japanese: tanabata). In Greek mythology, Hera is the Goddess of Women and Marriage. him, but the infant Hercules, who would become known for his tremendous Several epithets have been associated with Hera, owing to her importance in the various stages in the lives of women. There are many myths and legends about the origin of the Milky Way, the crowd of stars that makes a distinctive bright streak across the night sky. brothers and sisters by giving Cronus a potion that caused him to vomit Hera and Zeus then got married and went on to produce several children – Hephaestus, Ares, Eris, Hebe, Eileithyia, and Enyo. However, his plan backfired. Upon hearing the news of Leto’s successful delivery, Hera became even more furious. Zeus quickly grew up into a strong, young man, and then, in order to rescue his siblings from his father, he asked Metis, the Titaness of wisdom and deep thought and his first wife, to make a potion that would make Cronus vomit his children out of his stomach. Owing to this, Hera hated him immensely. of the setting sun), at the top of Mount Ida in Anatolia (present-day When Hera came to know about this affair, she decided to catch both of them red-handed, which she almost did, but Zeus transformed Io into a heifer, at the last moment. Would you like to write for us? Peacock was unknown to the Hellenes before the conquests of Alexander. Hera’s promised to make Paris the ruler of large areas of Asia and Europe. However, Hera made every possible attempt to make each and every task more and more difficult for the hero. She turned Io into a cow in order to prevent Zeus from chasing her. Zeus, being an all-powerful god, took the wind of Ixion’s betrayal and carved a cloud that depicted Hera in a very seductive manner. , the Titaness of wisdom and deep thought and his first wife, to make a potion that would make Cronus vomit his children out of his stomach. nymphs—often while disguised as a mortal or an animal. The Judgment of Paris shows the three goddesses Hera, Aphrodite and Athena lined up before Paris who holds the golden apple as the prize for the fairest. Unlike many gods and goddesses in the Greek Pantheon, Hera stayed true and faithful to her husband. The story of Hera, Queen of the Gods is one of the fantastic stories featured in ancient mythology and legends. Heracles (Roman: Hercules), the Greek hero, who successfully undertook several, seemingly impossible feats, and always emerged victorious, was a mortal son of Zeus from Alcmene. Get in touch with us and we'll talk... Owing to the fact that Hera was always loyal to Zeus, and in an ongoing tug-of-war with all the other women who were seduced by him, some scholars have postulated that the goddess’ cult might have taken root in some pre-Hellenic matriarchal culture, and the tradition may have then, assimilated within the Greek pantheon. of women. Another myth claims that she was brought up by Oceanus and Tethys while Zeus busied himself freeing his other siblings. But, Zeus managed to save Dionysus from Hera’s anger. Tiresias sided with Zeus, This stellar river separates the two great camps of the Aranda and Luritja people. Hera is a teenage girl, living in a busy city in London. nymphs This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. In Hungarian mythology, Csaba, the mythical son of Attila the Hun and ancestor of the Hungarians, is supposed to ride down the Milky Way when the Székelys (ethnic Hungarians living in Transylvania) are threatened. ▶ Interestingly enough, Hera was worshiped in three distinct avatars throughout ancient Greece, especially in Arcadia―the maiden, the mother, and the crone. ▶ When Heracles was an infant, Hera sent two dreadful snakes to kill him. He then punished Hera by hanging her to the sky with chains made of gold. The stars to the east of this river represent the camps of the Aranda and the stars to the west represent Luritja encampments and some stars closer to the band represent a mixture of both. ▶ In the ancient Greek district of Elis, Hera was worshiped as Ammonia, perhaps due to her association with the oracular aspect of Zeus, which was identified with the Egyptian deity, Amun. counterpart of the Greek goddess Athena. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The Greek creation myth tells us that the Milky Way is actually the spurt of milk that was smeared across the sky. Aboriginal Australian peoples had a well-developed astronomy, with much of their mythology and cultural practices relating to the stars, planets and their motion through the sky, as well as using the stars to navigate the continent. But Zeus, rescued the baby’s heart and gave it to Semele to consume, so that it impregnated her, and Dionysus was born from her womb. Often times, Hera’s wrath was unleashed upon the illegitimate children that were bore out of Zeus’ escapades. Unfortunately for Semele, Zeus’ light was too much for her to handle. The Finns observed that migratory birds used the galaxy as a guideline to travel south, where they believed Lintukoto (bird home) was. Judging by how much Hera hated Alcmene, it was only natural that she made herself a thorn in the flesh of Alcmene’s son, Hercules. Otherwise a beautiful and solemn woman, Hera is known for her vengeful nature and her long-lasting jealousies for the numerous lovers and consorts of her philanderer husband. The 2, century CE Greek mythographer, Pseudo-Apollodorus, in his treatise, the. Echo, a mountain nymph, was given a task to distract Hera’s attention away from Zeus by flattering the goddess repeatedly. Enraged by this, Hera and Athena encouraged Paris to abduct Helen of Troy, which was apparently one of the main causes of the Trojan War. throughout his life. When Hera learned that Leto was about to give birth to Zeus’ child, she refused to give her a place on terra firma to do so. Enraged by this, Hera turned the servant into an animal. One of the most famous myths with respect to Hera’s behavior with the other women, is the tale of, , is very popular.