The fact that these pillows are Ideal to the people with allergies has made me very happy. Goose down is soft, keeps the body heat well, is natural, and much more comfortable. What fans say: "I had only slept on memory foam pillows before, but decided to make the switch to a down feather pillow for more softness. Was very easy to use and review. During the manufacturing process, goose down remains as natural inside the bedding as it was in its original place. It is ultra-plush, yet is firm enough to handle all types of sleepers. Down pillows should remain dry at all times but can get ruined in humid climates. Our goose down pillows are simply among the best, featuring 100% real Hungarian goose down and natural materials. The filling is goose feathers as well as microfiber to ensue it is fluffy and offers full support to your head. To dry your pillow, throw it in your dryer for about 2-3 hours. Reading your review I would say the best pillow for me would be the Downluxe Goose Down Pillow. The real value of a pillow is created by its many various features together.Hamvay-Láng pillows are beautiful at the first sight. Due to my job and because I sit on my computer after work for hours, I always have neck and back pain. Once you fluff them they hug your head and support your neck however you need it to. Therefore, it also matters which bedding we use for sleeping. Sink into our luxurious goose down pillows for a restful and tranquil sleep every night. Wishing you much success with your choice. No matter if you sleep in a prone or a supine position, on even on your side: we always provide you with the perfect solution. Due to the fill power, it is lofty and fluffy. Goose down is soft, keeps the body heat well, is natural, and much more comfortable. We wash the down using clean (physically filtered) water from our own well. Orders that are placed before noon will be available for same day pickup. The inside of our PureDelight product range contains premium white goose down with a filling grade of at least 800 cubic inches/ounce on average. The Nomite casing makes it ideal for those with allergies as well. These pillows are soft, And keep their shape all night.". Their own handiwork, combined with centuries of tradition and expertise, will become a product and get into the pillows. First, you'll want to consider which type of pillow makes the most sense for you. The pillow will go to its original loft within 30 minutes. In Hungary, the climate has always been temperate, which means cold winters, warm summers, varying humidity, and often sudden weather changes. This helps the cover to have proper breathing properties. It can support both stomach and back sleepers, not to forget but also the, The filling in these pillows weighs 22 ounces. You can wash this pillow in the washer as well as throw it into the dryer without damaging it. It has superb insulation, its cover is down-proof, i.e. This thread count ensures it is tightly stitched, yet breathable to keep you cool at night. This pillow is 100% down filled. If you think memory foam pillow may be better suited for you, then have a glance at our review of memory foam pillows. In Hungary, the climate has always been temperate, which means cold winters, warm summers, varying humidity, and often sudden weather changes. Featuring luxurious European White Goose Down fill and a range of support perfect for all sleep styles, these pillows from Hotel Collection provide exceptional comfort for peaceful sleep night after night. They often brag like geese quacking. White goose down in the inside and high-quality, silk-fine, shiny sateen on the outside. Stiff neck and lack of sleep are still troubling you no matter what pillow you use? I honestly loved the way you could jump to a section when interested. You get two for the price of one. Some manufacturers do put duck feathers in their pillows. With the top score out of all the down pillows we tested in the Lab, Parachute’s down… The quality is always the same, but the dimensions may be very different. Also, it's available in 5-foot-long and 6-foot-long options, so you can get just the right fit for your bed. At the same, you can air it out to remove any smell or odors. I’m totally blown away with your review. The thread count on this pillow is 300 while the fabric is soft and comfortable, yet has long-lasting properties. We use the finest materials. Our pillows are soft, but they must always provide firm support, too. We use the finest materials. Hand-plucked goose feather is a real “Hungaricum” with its high down ratio. Some would prefer memory foam pillow, read my review on adjustable memory foam pillows where you can change the loft of the pillow yourself. I have always wondered how to find the best pillows. What fans say: "I really love this pillow, and I'll be buying a second one for my wife. It’s hypoallergenic, making it an excellent pillow for people who may have allergy issues.