French Family (La Famille) Worksheet for Distance Learning. This item contains a slideshow style vocabulary presentation. There is a practice section called “Qui suis-je?” in which a member of the family is circled and the students must give the correct word in French. - Family 2 in French flash cards 14 Images of French Family Tree Worksheet Printable. There are 16 sentences describing a family. 10 questions about the relationships; 10 fill-in-the-blank sentences about relationships. You will then have two choices. Some of the worksheets for this concept are Ma famille, French wordsearches, French family vocabulary crossword puzzle, Family human relationships, French wordsearches, French exercise for beginners pdf, Musical instruments, Beginningemerging level unit. Then students write 10 sentences of their own describing the relationship between the given people. This 'My Family' read and draw worksheet is a great way to work independently and … Free French Worksheets. A sample sentence is, "La mère de mon père est ma..." Students must also write a French family word under each of the 6 clip art pictures. home / other. This document is 100% in French and comes with an answer key Shows resources that can work for all subjects areas, This is a paper that I used upon completing my lesson on French possessive adjectives, along with study of family vocabulary. Students must also provide the French meaning of 6 English adjectives. Simple and neat exercises on French family members. A sample question is "their daughter". Traditional: Print and distribute to students for class or homework.Remote: Share electronically to be c, Students practice French family vocabulary by reading and completing 25 family relationship sentences. Includes: - Vocabulary list- Draw some of your family members and write who they are - Vocabulary quiz- Possessive adjectives mon/ma/mes: Explanations and exercice - The verb "S'ap, Family in French Worksheets - 2 pages of worksheets on Family in French This packet contains three worksheets; a Vocabulary Worksheet, a Word Search Worksheet and a Word Scramble Worksheet. It includes rules about adjectives and a practice sheet. Through different reading, writing and drawing activities, your students will learn or review French family vocabulary! There are several different sections to look through, including grammar, vocabulary, and worksheets for children and students. *Thank you to Students read 10 sentences and complete the family tree with names. 10 questions about the relationships; 10 fill-in-the-blank sentences about relationships.This is the same as my Word product. See what these resources are like for FREE by visiting and downloading our similar resources on the Numbers 0-10 in French. The sentences are very basic and allow students to practice gender agreement of nouns and adjectives. This website and its content is subject to our Terms and Hi, At page below we present you various impressive photos we have collected in case … It is designed for beginner learners of French working on mastering family vocabulary. Students must write the combination of family vocabulary and the correct possessive adjective in order for the phrase to fit in the puzzle! - Family 2 in French poster - Family 1 in French online games Square Displaying top 8 worksheets found for - French Family. There is a slide for each of the family members in the list below. In exercise A, students read a family tree and fill in the blanks with the appropriate vocabulary words ("Martin est ______ de Lucas et Claire."). This French Family & Relatives Worksheet Packet is for beginning French classes. Family tree has pictures and names. Easily download and print our French worksheets. These activities are an easy way for students to begin learning family and relative words in the French vocabulary.Take a look b You can find lots more French teaching resources to go with this set of resources and on other topics in our Save Teachers' Sundays store at, This is a PDF document called "Où vont ces mots?" This product contains 45 questions about Pop Culture families - famous and fictional to interest your students! Also includes vocabulary lists of family words, one with English and one without. Created: Oct 20, 2011 | Updated: Feb 10, 2015 Lesson on family members, follows on from brothers and sisters. Free. that can be used for both remote and traditional learning. - Family 2 in French online games A bundle of worksheets covering the topic of Self, family and friends. registered in England (Company No 02017289) with its registered office at 26 Red Lion - Family 2 in French spellin, Family 1 in French worksheets, games, activities and flash cards: Created: Oct 29, 2016| Updated: Feb 22, 2018. This is also fun to use with technology to search for famous family members. French Family Pets Worksheet Packet for beginning French classes. - Family 1 in French word search Read more. French Family. In exercise B, students complete sentences like "Le frère d, 1. Draw a family tree ( Ton arbre généalogique). The second section is a fill in the blank from the word bank, with each posse. Opportunity for group work / paired work through the starter and worksheet to consolidate also included. Author: Created by Sarah2209. Gallery Type. Ma FamilleIdentify the members of Tom’s family?2. 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French Adjectives 10 Sentences With Family and Être Worksheet, French Adjectives Bundle - Descriptive Adjectives - French Distance Learning, French - LA FAMILLE - Family Vocabulary: Worksheets & Fun Activities, French Vocabulary - BUNDLE - La famille, les sports, la salle de bain, Remote and traditional learning worksheet on family in French, la famille, French Family Relationships - 25 Sentence Completions Worksheet - La Famille, French Possessive Adjectives and Family Worksheet, Famille (Family in French) Family Tree Worksheet 2 Google Doc, 25 French Family & Relatives Content Sheet, Worksheet and Answer Key, Family in French Bundle - Worksheets, Games, Activities & More (with audio), Family 2 in French Worksheets, Games, Activities and Flash Cards, Family 1 in French Worksheets, Games, Activities and Flash Cards, French - Family and Personality Worksheet - La famille/Les personnalités, FRENCH - WORKSHEETS - Self, family and friends. - Family 1 in French spelling, This worksheet asks students to complete a variety of tasks on the topic of family and personality. Includes three different exercises. This packet contains three worksheets; a Content Sheet, a Worksheet and an Answer Key. Pl. Tes Global Ltd is 1,011 results for french family worksheets, Also included in: Famille (Family in French) Bundle, Also included in: Beginner French Worksheets MEGA BUNDLE, Also included in: French Adjectives Bundle - Descriptive Adjectives - French Distance Learning, Also included in: French Vocabulary - BUNDLE - La famille, les sports, la salle de bain. Print them off to evaluate how well you know your numbers, colors, and common phrases and words in French. The answer key is included. This packet contains three worksheets; a Content Sheet, a Worksheet and an Answer Key. Students are to indicate all of the pictures for which the sentences are true. 0 Comments . Based on Bien Dit 1 chapter 3-2 French family vocabulary combined with possessive adjectives. These activities are an easy way for students to begin learning the common family pets in the French vocabulary.Take, Students practice agreement in number and gender of 18 French possessive adjectives and family nouns. Created by Sue Summers Ma Famille - LESSON + WORKSHEET: FAMILY. Students translate 10 English to Spanish sentences with être, adjectives, and family vocabulary. Worksheet has pictures of 10 different families.