One of the major tools of direct marketing is ______ advertising, whereby a, product is promoted through an ad that encourages the consumer to purchase, Accessibility: Keyboard NavigationBelch - Chapter 01 #4
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 Identify the tools of the promotional mix-, advertising; sales promotion; public relations; direct marketing; Internet, 50. Every marketing campaign will be different - from the overarching objective, through to the content, media and call to action. Philip Kotler, one of the legendary figures in marketing provides a great quote that sums up integrated marketing communications: “Integrated marketing communications is a way of looking at the whole marketing process from the view point of the customer.” -Philip Kotler. For more marketing tips, why not take a look at our article on the 3p's of marketing or join our mailing list to receive actionable digital marketing news with interviews from people high in industry! Find out how much business would the end-users bring to your organization, before allocating budgets for the implementation of the plan. Best Global Brands 2013. does not exist beyond direct mail and mail-order catalogues. There are four basic components; all of them are vital elements of the marketing communication process. However, developing the integrated marketing plan carefully and accordingly can help you ensure the high potential of the document’s effectiveness and successful usage. -sets the budge based on what it will cost to accomplish communication and the marketing objective that has been established. Remember, your product must exceed customer expectations for customers to stay loyal towards your brand. Traditional media methods to reach consumers have changed with the Internet and social media adding complexity to the marketing mix. involves creating a memorable set of uses for a product, or applications that allow it to stand out. Duncan, T. (2008). It is important to recognize the two major points - in consumers' minds and relative to the competition. Once a brand strategy is formed, an IMC plan can be created to influence perceptions of the brand across all media and channels. London: Sage UK. An IMC approach provides benefits at every level of the organization including: Forming a well-constructed brand strategy is the first step before IMC can be used. The benefits of a strong brand includes differentiation from its competitors, a barrier to entry, the ability to demand a higher price, and the opportunity to experience higher revenues. IMC Planning Model - Analysis. can be accomplished by contrasting the company's brand against competing brands. (2009). The IMC strategy complements the branding strategy and maintains a consistent message that conveys the right message using the right medium to achieve the pre-defined business goals. This can involve a SWOT analysis, and an external and internal environmental analysis. occur when a company quits advertising and the brand name begins to fade in people's memories. Methods of Determining Marketing Communication Budgets. Find out how much business would the end-users bring to your organization, before allocating budgets for the implementation of the plan. Promotion is only one part of the marketing process and must be integrated into the overall marketing plan. Planning provides direction for creating and delivering brand messages, it provides new opportunities for advertising agencies and for companies to create added value for their customers and ensures that the message being delivered to consumers and clients can be monitored every step of the way. Pages 27 Ratings 100% (7) 7 out of 7 people found this document helpful; This preview shows page 23 - 25 out of 27 pages. Marketers need to strive hard to implement integrated communication plans within the stipulated time frame with the budget allocated for the same. If you order, one plate from the company, you will receive multiple mailings each month, announcing new issues and encouraging you to place your order. References seldom, if ever, used by companies that have a sales force. You can view samples of our professional work here. Know how your brand would benefit end-users. 48. Uploaded By moultonlindsay. Some examples of these are; 1. This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service. Marketing tactics, instead of being used in isolation, need to work in unison communicating the same message to the end-users. Having a great product available to … Using IMC offers significant advantages for the company in the form of financial results and the ability to compete at a heightened level with the synergy IMC provides the company. If so, there will be less impact on sales than with some of the other objectives. Within the IMC plan, the company carefully integrates and coordinates its many communication channels to deliver clear and consistent messages about the organisation and product or service. Factors Impacting Relationship Between Promotions and Sales. Nike shoes are a hit among college going students who prefer wearing them with jeans for a casual look. -Markets can be segmented based on generations. You may also like marketing action plan examples. Principles of Advertising & IMC (2nd ed.). The IMC Planning Process - begins with an analysis of the context, which involves the 3 C's - customers, competitors, and communication. 6th Jun 2017 Marketing Reference this Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a university student. B2C companies such as Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Starbucks, Apple, American Express, Stonyfield Farm/Danone and newcomer GoPro are great examples of companies that are doing IMC right. Planning is important but what is more crucial is executing the plan effectively for maximum results. When developing an integrated marketing communications plan, it is important to thoroughly analyze and determine the target audience, which often is made up of current or prospective customers.It also is important to determine the characteristics of customers, which might include age, education level, gender, income, and geographic location, among others. The final step of the IMC planning process is evaluating the programme. Integrated marketing communication plan integrates various methods of marketing such as advertising, public relation, promotion through social networking sites and so on to create awareness of products and services among target audience. Develop brand awareness 2. The next steps in the IMC process include developing strategies and tactics, deciding on a budget, implementation, and evaluating the IMC plan’s effectiveness. Using IMC offers significant advantages and a distinct competitive advantage for a company in the form of financial results, and the ability to compete at a heightened level with the synergy IMC provides the company. Use of this slide This slide can be used to explain the importance of marketing planning is in the development of an IMC program and how good IMC planning begins with a review of the overall marketing plan and objectives. Careful analysis is essential before you finally implement the plan. An organization’s products or services become top of mind when it comes time to purchase using an IMC approach. Consumer promotions account for 27.9% and trade promotions for 27.5%. B2B companies such as Intermedia, Datavail, and Rockwell Automation are also using IMC to achieve business and marketing goals. However, as marketers, it’s our responsibility to look beyond our individual silos and look for opportunities to connect the dots and develop campaigns that use different elements that support one another. Let us understand this with the help of an example. Promotional Programme Situational Analysis 3. This can be done by certain social media metrics, by analyzing online traffic with the use of Google analytics, by sales and social media tools that allow you to track engagement with certain items. IT has provided the mechanism causing the change from mass marketing to a customer focused approach with databases and measurable ways to integrate communications. _____ is a promotional mix element that allows for direct contact between a, buyer and seller and allows a message to be modified according to the needs or, Accessibility: Keyboard NavigationBelch - Chapter 01 #5
0Blooms: Remember. Successful implementation of integrated marketing communication plan relies on clear understanding of target customers - specifically their needs and expectations. IMC facilitates collaboration and creates synergy across departments or work groups. Accessibility: Keyboard NavigationBelch - Chapter 01 #4
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 Identify the tools of the promotional, mix-advertising; sales promotion; public relations; direct marketing; Internet.