Each PEK voice gets its own stereo output, so in addition to the headphone jack and main stereo outs, there are a further eight jacks (two per individual voice), plus a stereo pair for the audio inputs, then the power connector, connectors for sustain pedal and two continuous footswitches, the de rigeur MIDI trio (plus an extra connector for daisy-chaining other Evolvers and Poly Evolvers), and finally, those completely gratuitous (but very impressive-looking) blue LEDs!Photo: Mark EwingThis means that you have the best of both worlds: software LFOs and envelopes, four step sequencers, effects, sophisticated modulation control, precise control of parameters, and loads of memories to store sounds thanks to the digital side of the synth, plus the warmth and character of analogue. Take some new sounds for a whirl. 73 Posts 9 Topics Last post by lvbeethoven in Re: My First Sequential on Today at 06:33:55 AM MODULAR Dave Smith Modular. SoundEditor is designed to be the ultimate tool for organizing and creating presets for your Evolver series instrument. He is credited as one of the fathers of MIDI, having helped to design and promote this now-ubiquitous interface. The panel is very well laid out. Evolver is quite often used without a keyboard, just using the internal sequencer. Add A Review My KVR. The Evolver uses a 'matrix' method of programming, where you select a line of parameters to edit on the matrix with the buttons at the side and then adjust that line's parameters with the eight encoders at the top of the matrix — it's a capable, but fiddly interface. It would have been good, perhaps, if the encoders were 'velocity sensitive' — in other words, if quick movements allow coarse settings whilst slower movement allow more precise settings. It'll look great on stage... the PEK in reduced lighting conditions. Get more daily download tokens by becoming a contributor! Upload some of your personal patches, and your daily download tokens will increase. This was followed by the Poly Evolver rack (see SOS December '04). Around the back, all seems complex, but it's all quite logical. David Brown, Just now absolutely subscribed. Dedicated to work of Klauss Schulze. The instrument's three different modes of operation (Combo, Program and Global) are also selected here (see the box overleaf for more on this). Welcome to the PresetPatch community! But Mr Smith has obviously put function and usability before form (and issues of cost) to create a knobby user interface that is simple but comprehensive and puts most functions right in front of you. Sounds great, with unique and innovative sounds. These Presets feature full parameter mapping instead of just CC renaming, making the experience even more plug-and play. It's almost as if Dave Smith's latest synth is steadily evolving back into his earlier Prophet 5... We check it out. It'll look great on stage... the PEK in reduced lighting conditions.Photo: Mark EwingIn defence of this method, however, apart from immediate 'take-up' of a parameter's stored setting, it also allows a finer degree of accuracy when setting values, and that has to be applauded. By creating an account you agree to our Terms & Conditions. But these compromises are understandable, as it would be unfeasible to provide dedicated controls for all of these. Awesome ! You can now upload and download patches. You are a valued member of the music community. This is apparently why he prefers to design hardware products — because he feels that they are intrinsically more reliable and will still be of value in the decades to come. I think you could explore it for years to come and still not exhaust its store of surprises. Inserting a cable into these (balanced) quarter-inch jacks removes that signal from the main stereo outputs, as it should in my opinion. Seq Pro 3; Seq OB-6; Seq Prophet 5; Seq Prophet 6; Seq Prophet X; DSI Prophet Rev2; DSI Prophet 12; DSI Poly Evolver; DSI Mono Evolver; DSI Prophet 08; DSI Mopho; DSI Tetra; DSI Pro 2; DSI Tempest; Moog. Global is the most utilitarian of these, dealing (as it usually does) with overall tuning, MIDI settings, sequencer clock, external audio input gain, LCD contrast and the like. Having just one of those achievements on my CV would make me very happy! Such is the depth of the PEK's synthesis capabilities that many of the presets explore territories inaccessible to other synths, notably long and (yes...) evolving sci-fi textures that could have come straight off the soundtrack for Forbidden Planet or from the depths of the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop in the late '60s and early '70s, when they had just taken delivery of their EMS VCS3s and AKSs. Of course, they allow a control movement to take immediate effect from the parameter's stored value, but as you are adjusting them, you have no idea when you are reaching the control's 'end stops' (so to speak) and I found myself referring to the LCD (which, like Novation's K-Station, shows the value of the selected parameter's value) far too often for such a knobby synth. It's a hybrid analog digital synth, with two DCO analog oscillators and two digital wavetable oscillators per voice, with 4-voice polyphony that can be stacked for cutting leads. They are automatically replenished each day. At the other extreme, however, the PEK is equally capable of underpinning a track with strong basses and lush pads, or dominating it with strident lead lines, spikey arpeggio textures and more. Expressive E Help Center © COPYRIGHT 2020, Hardware Presets on the Expressive E website. Whether or not that's true, it certainly holds for the reliability of his PEK — I had not a single problem during the review period. However, there are still many people who prefer hardware, and it would seem that Dave Smith is one of them. Awesome ! Despite having developed the world's first software synth (Seer Systems' Reality), he has reservations about software instruments. 512 fully editable Programs (4 banks of 128) and 384 Combos (3 banks of 128).