Hi Cheri, how do you determine the THC percentage of homemade dry ice kief (so I can calculate edible potency)? This is done by pressing the cannabis with immense pressure between two heated plates. The dry ice samples showed an increase in yield all the way to the 1-hour mark but increased at a slower rate between the 30-min and 1-hour washes. Scrape all this kief into a pile and store it in a glass container to use for cooking. Start your timer. The cannabis should be as intact as possible, so don’t grind it up. Lower-quality leaf and buds make lower-quality kief. (if using the dry ice method) 4) Firmly lock the screen and unlock the tumbling box. I’m using 100% ETOH which is too hot by itself! If you have very high quality material and you did a really cold and quite short wash, then a second wash would probably collect quite a bit (I never combine washes). Using lower quality buds may have actually been a blessing in disguise. This melts and squeezes the cannabis oils, separating it from the plant material for a solvent free concentrated cannabis that can be used to dab or vape in wax pens. Again making sure your Temps are below 200f. You don't actually need a full ounce of marijuana, you can use more or less as you see fit. Dry ice is actually solidified CO2 gas. The other group thinks bubble hash has the best potency/effects, and that dry-ice hash is an easy-to-make but less valuable extract. Another minute is b But I like pressing nugs or shake pucks because that’s where all those tasty terps are! A can would work. Such an area makes it easy to scrape up kief. Most of the good stuff will be removed after making dry ice kief. Log in … CARAMEL FIRE: Vanilla-Espresso-Cannabis-Caramel with Sea Salt, ESPRESSO EXTRACTION: Bold Bean Flavor With a Punch, IchiBan’s Citrus Peel Extraction and Pain Relief Topical. If the material is marginal and you were quite aggressive with the first pass then maybe not. I used this tool for many reasons beginning with it’s the perfect size for this kind of single batch production. The first couple of shakes you’ll get top-quality resin glands. Step 1: Place a few chunks of dry ice directly into a container. The Pollen Masters come standard with 150 Micron Screen, this is the ideal screen for achieving a balance of quality and quantity of Dry Sift and if you are looking for a higher quality, we offer the finer 125 Micron Screen. Those of you who know me know I NEVER recommend products that I don't actually like and use, and Boldt Bags are one I am proud to endorse. Kief, naturally extracted with dry ice, is my favorite way to medicate foods. As these trichomes are ON the plant not IN it, there is no need for fine grinding. Dogs especially, as they have more cannabinoid receptors in their brains than any other species and likewise they are extremely sensitive to THC. Thinking of getting some low temp plates and a 10/12 ton press. In using lower quality buds I set the bar low for expected yields, knowing high quality dank will surpass it. The easiest way is to let your starting material sit in a air tight container with a boveda 62 for 12-48 hrs. In order to understand this process we will take 6 ounces of outdoor grown, decent quality cannabis and divide it into 3 equal portions. As with any kief or concentrate, that final product is contingent on the original buds. Do you see any additional benefits to using these $200 apparatus? All three final purged products came out very similar with the shortest soak again showing only a marginal advantage in quality while the 30-min soak still looked amazing. The login page will open in a new tab. Log … A friend lab-tested a batch of brownies that had plain kief stirred into the batter, as opposed to kief that had been first decarboxylated, and found the latter to be about 30% more potent! I'm not even sure how it works for people. Old shake vs fresh buds gram for gram you get better yield from fresh. Thanks, Impossible to say too many factors, up to 100%, down to 0%. It depends on the quality of the material, the process you use, what you are making, and how many times you wash the material. Growers love and have fun…. I’ve been determining my time frame based on my daughter’s need for the various medications. 3) Fill the tumbler with trim and dry ice. using for tincture, If you don’t want it dark don’t grind and watch the exposure time. Personally I would press bubble because dry sift is harder to yield. There are many different methods of infusion and extraction, all with a different set of advantages and disadvantages. Dry ice hash using bubble hash bags and dry ice dry shaken. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement unless specified. What’s Best for Marijuana Topicals Isolates or Tinctures? The yields of the three washes from shortest to longest were 12.5%, 15%, 15%. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The next wait time is to allow the oil to be pushed away from your starting material. Over 7 minutes and you’ll start to shake out to much plant matter. Now that you've shaken, it's time to bake - not metaphorically, literally! No, Dry ice kief results in very low yield for Rosin and a very dark not very stable product. While the kief browned up and smelled potent, I don’t think it activated it enough. It’s all about the efficiency of what you are after, I would recommend reading my post on Yield and Extraction and the balance of the two. Again depending on your load size. I believe this reduced the final yield of that wash to some extent, but how much I don’t know. Emboldened by the beauty of the 30-min wash success I was determined to find the limit and see where the undesirables would finally make their way into my wash and contaminate it with the green leak. You could always add more decarbed kief to it though, which is what I would probably do if it were me. Which is the best yield return from starting material weight to final product yield? Please log in again. Dry sifting using screens. If you are planning on doing more than one wash I would do them back to back, you can always store the wash instead of storing the material. Other readers have had similar experiences. There was an error submitting your subscription. You are better off using using your bubble bag to make bubble hash although most only press 45-140. The cannabis should be as intact as possible, so don’t grind it up.. Normally QWET is done in the freezer, then to clean up further the wash can be put back in the freezer to winterize. 8) Lift the trichome tray away from the machine. Body weight will work with the hashes but not flower. The resulting powder progressively turns to green leaf matter. I have been wondering the same, but never found a good source of knowledge on it. The process was to take each bag of the frozen cannabis, pour enough chilled ethanol into that bag to allow for free movement of the material in the solution, and quickly return the bag to the freezer or the dry ice cooler from which it came to soak for the predetermined period. If you used a rosin press, how much pressure would you use with the three stage process? Ya do not press dry ice Kief it sucks!!! As far as plates go, there are so many of them to pick from. Pitting dry ice against the freezer required numerous runs of differing duration to collect enough data points and information for meaningful comparison. Scrape up the kief and shake for another 2 minutes. I’ve also done this a third time. But I like pressing nugs or shake pucks because that’s where all those tasty terps are! The ONLY place to find the entire catalog of RuffHouse Studios' Videos. Or just pressing the material raw? Understanding Kief: What Is That Sticky Stuff in My Grinder? Step 2: Use a Bubble Bag (or something similar with a 160-micron mesh sieve) to cover the opening of the container. Again, by the time I got to the 30-min wash I was definitely expecting to see obvious signs of green in the wash, but again I was happily surprised to see almost no difference in color between the shortest and longest soaks.