Enemies I'm a true gamer. 1. After a protracted battle, the Horseman managed to destroy the Guardian, but Eideard told Death that if the path to the Tree of Life was to be cleansed of Corruption, he would need to resurrect the construct. Michael Anthony Claudio Wincott 1 (born January 21, 1958) is a Canadian voice actor. The Nephilim returned to the Hunter, who was quite happy to hear of Belial's death but horrified to learn that the demon had never possessed the power to take his soul, meaning that he had been fooled into betraying his kind for nothing. (voice), Corrupted Angel / The three grudgingly discussed the terms of an alliance to uncover the perpetrators of the attack. The Nephilim had hoped that the purity of the other two Heart Stones would cleanse the third, but he was mistaken and the Guardian went on a rampage. The keeper of secrets agreed but noted that Death's would not. War was offered the chance to find those responsible for framing him lest he be held accountable. He once took a deathblow meant for Fury and brought War back to life after being killed. Death and his siblings pledge their allegiance. The Charred Council relented given Death's personal history with the Abominations, but warned him that they could strip his power away should he disobey them again. The Four Horsemen embark on a quest of vengeance. On his way he finds various weapons from his other brothers. Death responded that the time for assumptions had passed. Death is one of the four horsemen. Death's tendency to help others was commented on once by the Guardian Oran, who observed that he was not as cold as he pretended to be, to which Death responded that he should keep it to himself. The Warden warned him that the way to the Guardian was too dangerous to go through alone and Karn insisted on accompanying the Horseman. The Maker told Death that the Fire of the Mountain would need to be restored if Death was to proceed and advised him to seek a female maker named Alya, who knew of the Fire of the Mountain and would help him reach the Tree. However, Death stabbed himself with War's soul bound sword, Chaoseater, allowing it to feed off the violence and pain of the act, and used the spark of War's life lingering in the blade combined with his necromantic powers to revive his brother. Despite Frostbane's boasts, Death destroyed the creature and returned to Ostegoth, who was satisfied with the results. Death VOICE Michael Wincott. That a new and unique IP can reach the heights of success that Darksiders has is a testament to fact that gamers are clamouring for new and interesting ideas. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. CanisMaioris. Instead, Black Mercy took control of Hadrimon and fired at Death, a shot he barely blocked with Harvester but nonetheless drained his energies and left him too weak to move. As his scythe, Harvester, required the permission of the Council to act and this excursion was not sanctioned by the Council, the Horseman made his way to the demon merchant Vulgrim in search of an alternative weapon. He discovered that the dead peasants wore a peculiar necklace in the shape of a Crossblade. When Death asked about the Rod of Arafel, Uriel told him that it was a weapon wielded by Archon Hestus during the End War, but Hestus fell and the Rod was shattered. Was this review helpful to you? Relations (voice), Basileus / Tortured Gate (voice) (as Issac Singleton), Additional Voices Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Maker Elder Eidard / Death then went in search of the Horsemaster, the very being that had helped the Four Horseman gain their steeds. Death shortly set out for the Drenchfort. Death's voice actor is Michael Wincott (of The Crow fame) who, from what I've seen, nails the raspy vocals of our not quite dead protagonist. Lilith evaded his questions about Belisatra, but he threatened her with the Charred Council's retaliation should she not aid them in stopping the Maker's efforts to awaken the Abominations. To find the Well of Souls, Ostegoth told him, he would need to travel to the Eternal Throne to seek the aid of the Dead King. Still, the yellowy webbing is obviously not a good thing and, in typical Darksiders fashion, Death had to collect three magical stones to power the behemoth. In that regard, the expression Death wore behind the mask as the people he'd come to save from their false prophet were charging at him, was akin to that of grief. (voice), Thane / I almost didn't have any bugs and I enjoyed it so much that I played it several times. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, https://darksiders.fandom.com/wiki/Death?oldid=33530, Also Known As: Rider of the Pale Horse, The Pale Rider, Rider of Death, Kinslayer, Executioner, The Reaper. SHOW COMMENTS (0) FRANCHISE RELATED. The second [Wincott] read some lines, we knew that was the voice for Death.". Azrael and War expressed their distaste at the deceitful way they had achieved victory, but Death told them they were being foolish and that it only mattered that they had won at all. Considering the length and breadth of a Darksiders game, the art department at Vigil has their work cut out for them to create unique new worlds, but even the concept art and screenshots coming out of Vigil pre-release shows they're on the right track. After he killed her, the Nephilim picked up one of the Crossblade pendants and surmised that, while it cured all who wore it, it poisoned everything else. Additional Voices The Nephilim asked the Dead King for the way to the Well of Souls, but the Lord of Bones refused to help Death until the troubles in his realm were addressed. Means of Travel Art was allowed to lead the game design process much more in Darksiders 2." This FAQ is empty. | After breaking their way into the laboratory, Death and War found Hadrimon and Belisatra. JackSolomon 8 years ago #4 "Pity, I was beginning to enjoy the atmosphere." Poster of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Originally sent to oversee the destruction of Earth, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have been betrayed by their master, stripped of their powers and cast down to Earth. After the Nephilim destroyed the constructs, Eideard congratulated the Horseman but told him that the Corruption could not be destroyed with only a blade. His hair is completely black, and he now has a green crystal located on his right pectoral near the shoulder along with a scar/tattoo on that shoulder. The demon remarked that, where he rides, no one is safe, not even her, his mother. This guilt was further exacerbated by War's defense of him before the Charred Council, to the point where even the Council's torment was more or less forgotten in light of the anguish of his guilt. Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. As a friend, Death expressed his discomfort with the feelings of guilt that the resurfacing of the Abominations had brought on. Upon arriving, Death found the battlefield curiously lacking in overt signs of carnage such as corpses and rubble. Despite their protests, they eventually agreed to abide by his wishes. The game was running on the same machine that Darksiders did.Overall it feels rushed, done without love, borrows too many elements from titles like the Prince of Persia Franchise (esp. He also showed that he was willing to stand up to The Charred Council itself more than once to do what he felt was right. War asked his brother what he meant to do with the Abominations, to which Death responded that he would return Black Mercy to the Abomination Vault, though he might keep Mortis seeing as it was nearly dead, posed little threat, and could be useful. Tiamat Nephilim Wisper 5 / Choosing Death to take the reins was not just a chance to switch up the feel of the protagonist. See our Video Games Guide for more. Death refused to acknowledge Lilith as his mother, prompting her to recount her creation of Absalom from the dust of angels and demons and questioned why Death did not destroy the Nephilim's souls when the Charred Council ordered him to do so.