We bevel the fret ends and roll the edges of the fingerboard for a more comfortable feel. Guitar Neck Gallery Once you’ve decided on the shape, choose the thickness. WD replacement parts are made by or for WD Music Products, Inc. and are not to be represented as products of the following companies unless otherwise noted. Nothing fancy going on here. Pauferro Big Bends®, String Sleeves™, G-String Wipes™, Fret Board Juice™, AXS Wipe™, and Encore Scratch remover™ are trademarks of Big Bends LLC. There is also a possibility, depending on the laws of your country, that there may be a “Phytosanitary Certificate” fee which can range from $75 to $125. © 2019 The STRATosphere | Smaller 3/32″ dots are also an option, for a sleeker appearance. We will do our best to accommodate you! Custom Guitar Neck Builder - Details. DISCLAIMER: $1,679.99. Every guitar player wants to believe that the guy who made his guitar built it with love and passion. It always has nice grain, and can range from chocolate to tan in color. Our necks aren’t the cheapest you can buy, but we do feel they are the BEST available. We use standard 1/4″ dot inlays for the fingerboard face. One piece construction necks  are ONLY available with heel adjust due to the way the truss rod is installed. Custom Guitar Neck. It is oily and porous, so it dampens some of the high end out of the Maple, creating a smoother tone. We are truly proud of our design and we hope you feel and hear the difference. Add your email address to our newsletter and get promo codes and news updates. In its simplest form, radius can be described as the curvature of the fingerboard. Access Neck Joint. When the frets are pressed in, there is minimal space (if any) between the fret bottom and the fret slot, creating a stiffer neck. We knew that if we were going to do it, it had to be done the RIGHT way, not the quickest or cheapest. 6 String Guitars; ... Our custom guitar necks are precision made to your specs and delivered with world class fret work, b.. Click for description. NOTICE: We will be performing scheduled maintenance on our website on. Sperzel® is a registered trademark of Sperzel. Please see our Products pages for avaliable types. American Walnut This information is somewhat generalized but if you have specific needs please let us know. All bass necks are 2 piece construction and feature a pair of graphite stiffening rods for extra stability and light weight. Friendly Customer Service African and other types of equatorial mahogany are truly killer tonewoods. Sprague® is a registered trademark of Vishay. GUITAR PARTS MANUFACTURING Build a Custom Neck Build a Custom Body Additional Services Please visit us on social media were we plan daily updates Updated 8/12/20 Please note: Most of you were aware that we had encountered a delay as a result of the mandatory Covid-19 shutdowns which were pushing build times to approximately 12 […] We use standard nickel silver alloy frets, and offer stainless steel frets thanks to many customer requests. Vintage bolt-on neck guitars pretty much all had fingerboards with a 7.25″ radius. low and wide fret for lots of fingerboard feel, tall and narrow – a great all-purpose fret, a new size for the player that wants something in between 6105 & 6150, true jumbo fret for rock and bass players, huge fret wire for those who want a scalloped feel, railroad ties – the largest size fret available. Fishman® is a registered trademark of Fishman. This is a standard feature on all necks, so if you don’t want this done please specify when ordering. Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts - Guitar Necks … We offer the following straight and compound radii options with no additional upcharge. Bill Foley® and Grandaddy® are registered trademarks of Bill Foley Fine Instruments. 800-449-9348 9AM-5PM ET, M-F. Please don’t ask. Awesome for Blues, Jazz and some breeds of Rock. No blocks, no trapezoids, no skulls, no stars. Premium shell inlays are available for an additional $15 for face dots only (w/plastic side dots) or $30 for both fancy face and side dots. All rights reserved. Musicman® is a registered trademark of Ernie Ball Company. We can not (nor will not) cut copyright protected peghead shapes. L.R. $210 Total: S6 Peghead Flat Nut Slot D profile 825-915 Back shape taper Rounded Heel: Vintage Tuners 1.650" Nut 10" Radius 25-1/2" Scale Orders can be placed on the website as usual. A number of unique features differentiate our necks from those of our competitors. Just old school dots. SteelBender Innovations® is a registered trademark of SteelBender Innovations. This a relatively new phenomenon in the world of guitars. Please check your neck pocket width to ensure the proper fit. Birdseye Maple We offer 20 or 21 fret 4 string necks with 34″ scale length. We sometimes stock “exotic” woods such as bubinga, wenge, goncalo, korina, etc. Excellent substitute for rosewood for our International customers. Here are some subjective descriptions of the woods we use for our necks based on years of building, playing and listening. We are excited to offer Luminlay dots in Green and Blue with a white or black perimeter. Alpha® is a registered trademark of Alpha Products Inc. Babicz® is a registered trademark of Babicz Design Ltd. Belden® is a registered trademark of Belden Incorporated. Please click here for important information regarding COVID-19 Coronavirus. All exports of Rosewood will have the proper CITES certificate included with each shipment and will have passed US Govt inspection prior to shipping from our warehouse. Thicker necks have deep set truss rods, enabling you to exert more pressure for greater truss rod adjustment.