1 people chose this as the best definition of mayhem: Mayhem is defined as viol... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. The actus reus for mayhem is that the defendant must commit an act that causes the victim an injury that either permanently disfigures him or disables him. 46. Some video games tell a thrilling story of being on the other side of the law, and others just let player cause as much mayhem as possible. RELATED: 10 Best Loot-Based aRPG Video Games Out Today, Ranked. As an expert realtor in Ventura County, we offer you the best real estate solution & excellent service to help you sell or buy your home for the best price. The Ku Klux Klan has been causing mayhem in the United States for well over a century. Rendering that part of the body useless is mayhem in the state of California. With a membership that once exceeded four million, their mission was simple: to cleanse the American people and eradicate the “undesirables” that diluted the pure white race.Here are some of the most villainous acts committed by the KKK. 43. Disablement is defined as the loss of use of a major body part. 24. However, the illegal crime of harming the person is often part of another crime such as robbery. Someone broke into this house of one of my targets and some sort of mayhem followed. Noun. Here are the 10 best crime video games ever, ranked. Example: While raping the victim, James broke the victim’s ankle, which then took over six months to heal. Mayhem sentence examples. Origin: 1200-1250 Middle English asaut. What is Assault. Definition of Assault . Although the victim’s ankle healed eventually, because the injury was prolonged, it would be considered a “disability” under the Penal Code section 203, which would result in a criminal conviction for mayhem and possibly a civil lawsuit for rape . This is essentially the modern definition as well. Each passing year brought the mayhem further northward, causing the old timers and the local newspaper to fret for the good old days when violence was no worse than a dog fight. The common law crime of mayhem is defined as an act of maliciously disabling or disfiguring the victim. Example of Mayhem Many crimes of mayhem are accidental. If the person attacking has a knife or blade, he or she may slice off an ear or stab an eye while trying to take the victim’s property. mayhem. 106. Assault is both a crime and a civil wrong, and may result in criminal charges and/or civil liability. To explore this concept, consider the following assault definition. It can be pretty fun to take part in fictional crimes, from heists to assassinations. An unlawful physical attack, or threat of attack, on an individual, with or without actual injury.