The slotted headstock is a feature you’ll usually find on more expensive ukes like the solid acacia Kala above. And unlike laminate wood, solid wood has a tendency to get better with age, meaning that the tone will open up even more over the years. Because of their relatively low production numbers, vintage Martin taropatches are hard to find today. 218.00. Snail SUT-M2 Solid Top Electro Tenor Ukulele. Grid Click here to learn about cookie settings. The OU28TE is an acoustic-electric 8 string ukulele, and actually has a cousin without the pickup system installed, Kala 8-string Tenor Ukulele KA-8, Natural, Tenor (Electronics), Kala’s budget-friendly 8-string still sounds great, with fewer frills, Someone who is more concerned with sound than looks. Some similar systems have a built-in tuner, which this uke lacks, but that’s nitpicking on my part. [Editor’s note: It’s essential viewing! Those features help give this a warm, loud tone that stands it own against its competitors. Dit product verwachten we binnenkort op voorraad en kan dan direct worden verzonden. If not, the bridge must be moved to … Despite its demise, the taropatch fostered the birth of an instrument that’s still popular today. Pono AT-8 Solid Acacia 8 String Tenor Ukulele Satin Finish, Eddy Finn EF-98T Laminate Sapele 8 String Ukulele (Wide nut), Ortega Hydra-ZS Electro Acoustic Ziricote and Maple Double Neck Tenor Ukulele in case, Baton Rouge BR-VX1/B8-CB Baritone 8 String Ukulele Charcoal Burst, Kala KA-6 6 String Tenor Ukulele Mahogany, Kala KA-8 8 String Tenor Ukulele Laminate Mahogany. Your email address will not be published. De meeste medewerkers van onze serviceafdeling zijn zelf muzikant, en zijn hierdoor uitstekend gekwalificeerd om onze klanten te adviseren bij de keuze van hun instrument tot en met het onderhoud of reparaties. A lot of that shimmer found in the more expensive solid acacia is still there, although it’s not quite as loud or full as that uke. The earliest koa wood taropatches sold for $.75 more than the same model in mahogany (koa only cost around $.30 a board foot back then). View as Dit heeft ook invloed op de prijs - ten goede aan de wensen van onze klanten uiteraard. And, There’s no manufacturer option for a pickup on this, which means that you’ll either have to install one yourself or use, Oscar Schmidt OU28T Tenor 8 String Ukulele, Mahogany, OU28T W/Gigbag,Tuner & PC, A solid acoustic-electric 8 string ukulele for a bargain-basement price, Someone who wants to experiment with the 8-string ukulele sound. Even though Martin continued to promote and produce taropatches throughout the “uke crazed” 1920s, it remained the least popular of their ukulele line. But it retains a lot of the characteristics that make the more expensive Kalas great. It’s still loud compared to a 4 string uke, with a sweet tone that shines when playing with other instruments. FAQs; Caring for your Córdoba; Owner Registration; Warranty Policy; Shop; Language . Speaking of which, the OU28TE is fitted with an active pickup system. The cost savings mainly come in the materials department, as this is made out of laminate mahogany, with a fairly plain finish. £419.00, Special Price It also features a real bone nut and saddle, again features usually associated with higher-end ukuleles. Luna ukuleles do have a tendency of being somewhat “overbuilt,” made of thicker wood that doesn’t resonate quite as well. Cordoba’s popularity is due to the high-quality ukuleles and classical nylon-string guitars. It’s got a fairly basic preamp, with two dials for tone and volume, but it sounds very good plugged in. In 1920, the line expanded to include koa-bodied taropatches in styles 1K, 2K, and 3K. Tenor ukelele set Body en hals: mahonie, Fretboard en brug: WPC, Topkam en brugzadel: kunststof, 19 Frets, Scale: 426 mm, Topkambreedte: 35 mm, Verchroomde, gesloten stemmechanieken, Aquila Supernylgut snaren, Finish: poreuze en zijdematte lak, Kleur: Naturel, Incl. Hawaiian koa has long been revered by ukulele players for brightness and clarity that opens up to a rich, resonant tone with more playing. The acacia wood itself has a grain that ranges from dark to light brown, and creates swirls and stripes of color. Your email address will not be published. If you’re looking to gig with this ukulele, the KA-8E is a great option for less than it would cost to outfit the same pickup after the fact. This is the loudest of the ukuleles on this list, and is perfect for loud jams or live performances. Martin’s catalog described their concert uke as, “A large ukulele with a tone of great carrying power.”, history of the company and its instruments, Baritone Ukulele Basics: Expand Your Sound, A Historic Martin Ukulele Visits the Arctic and is Signed by Edison, Coolidge, and Lindbergh, FIRST LOOK: Martin 0X Uke Bamboo Soprano Ukulele, Your First Ukulele Lesson: A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Ukulele, How to Read Ukulele Music: Your Guide to Understanding Musical Notation, Enter the Córdoba 24 Series Ukulele Giveaway, Common Sense Care: How to Keep Your Ukulele in Tip-Top Shape, Watch Craig Chee Perform “Beautiful Dreamer” and Learn to Play Our Arrangement. Some people don’t like straps, but I am a big fan of using one. Sometimes referred to as “taropatch fiddles” (though they bear little resemblance to violins) the taropatch allegedly got its name from being played in taro fields by native Hawaiians. The best 8-string ukuleles combine a uniquely full tone with powerful volume. Required fields are marked *, Luna High Tide Series 8-String Mahogany Tenor Acoustic-Electric Ukulele (Electronics), A ukulele with a signature look and a good sound both acoustically and plugged-in, Someone who wants visual flash to go along with good sound, Kala KA-ASAC-T8 Solid Acacia Tenor 8-String Ukulele (Electronics), Someone who wants the absolute best acoustic sound, Acacia is a higher-end wood that really delivers sonically in this ukulele. An early ukulele cousin is the taropatch, an instrument with eight strings set in four courses of two strings each, tuned to the standard “my-dog-has-fleas.” Taropatches evolved from the Portuguese rajão , a 5-string instrument that is a bit louder than regular soprano ukes due to its slightly larger body size, and offers a more sonorous sound, thanks to the doubled strings. Looking for that classic, cheerful ukulele sound? The Style 1 taropatch seen here was purchased from Mike Longworth, onetime Martin historian and the author of the first comprehensive book on the history of the company and its instruments. Excl. Eén van uw filters filtert zo goed, dat er geen producten gevonden zijn. Of course, that's only the beginning; this ukulele is able to plug in for added volume, and thanks to the L.R. VAT: 179.00. Four-string taropatches were available on special order as early as 1919, but in 1925, Martin created a new model: the 1C “concert ukulele.” This version mated the taropatch’s scale length and larger-than-soprano-sized body with four strings and a narrower neck. Hawaiians have been playing so-called “taropatch ukuleles” for over a century, and more and more people are discovering why. Most importantly, Cordoba-made ukes are renowned in the world of ukulele. You can see and hear Keaton and uke virtuoso Cliff “Ukulele Ike” Edwards play this very instrument in the 1930 movie Doughboys. Altijd met toegevoegde waarde voor muzikanten. The solid wood combined with the 8 strings make a powerful shimmering tone. We zijn zelf ook muzikanten en delen je passie voor muziek maken. Lanikai mostly goes basic on this ukulele, but throws in some nice extras for the low price point. VAT: The result is a plain, generic-looking uke that still sounds great. ], The same ukulele is also available with a Shadow active pickup system, model KA-8E. The solid wood combined with the 8 strings make a powerful shimmering tone. Live. In 1924, Keaton ordered a custom Style 3 taropatch complete with his name inlaid in pearl letters on the headstock. Although it was only offered in Style 1, the public loved it and sales quickly grew. Incl. Hawaiian koa has long been revered by ukulele players for brightness and clarity that opens up to a rich, resonant tone with more playing. Featuring mahogany bodies and necks, three models were initially offered with the same bindings and decorations as the same-style soprano ukulele: Style 1, Style 2, and Style 3, plain to fancy.