Covid-safe behavior is paramount, but as Thanksgiving approaches, it’s also important to recognize people’s emotional need for connection. It’s just another example of how Mercado has learned to roll with the punches and his determination to continue with a tournament that he, those who fish it, and residents of Los Cabos dearly love. “Throughout the tournament, we always needed help on things from our host facility and were unable to get the help needed by the different people there. The winner takes all!!! Finally, if you haven’t heard about the outstanding fishing at Cabo, billfishing has been great! The event was a rousing success, breaking records as 72 teams competed in the three-day event on the Sea of Cortés with a jackpot of over US $1,100,000, marking the first year that prize money had topped US $1 million. The tournament was founded in 1981 when a group of six teams of fishing buddies decided to create a competition for a US $10,000 purse in what was then a relatively remote location with a reputation for excellent fishing. More teams are expected to sign up for both tournaments in the coming days. Face masks are mandatory at all times and only the angler who caught the fish will be allowed to approach the weigh station, which has been moved from in front of the Puerto Paraíso mall to the cruise ship pier to prevent massive crowds from gathering, as they have in years past. He added that, in this new reality caused by the pandemic, it causes the development of this international event to be totally different since both tournaments have changed their venue since this year it will be held at the Administration breakwater dock. This page is available to subscribers. Auction proceeds benefit the Green Scholarship Program that provides underprivileged Los Cabos students with college scholarship opportunities, the Bisbee’s revolutionary new RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Tagging Program and our Nkwe Tactical Training Academy wildlife anti-poaching Ranger training program in South Africa. Mercado says he found that the skills he had learned in a 20-year career in the hospitality industry, where he began as a dishwasher, transferred well. City of Bisbee Offices CLOSED Holiday Day Before Thanksgiving . The annual fundraiser for the Bisbee’s Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund, which provides scholarships for local college students, supports a billfish tag and release program and funds anti-poaching efforts in South Africa, will be held virtually as a silent auction. A virtual youth forum conducted on Zoom to mark the International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women got a nasty surprise Tuesday. Fishing is, after all, what brought the first tourists to Los Cabos, and the October tournaments mark the beginning of high season for the resort destination. The economy bounced back strongly in the third quarter compared to the previous three months, but GDP was still well below 2019 levels. Just as important is that more locals can get back to work. But the main difference most anglers will note is the absence of the tournament’s epic parties. The turnout showed that “teams that were interested in fishing tournaments, come hell or high water, would be there. By subscribing, you can support our efforts to provide a greater variety of news and stories from Mexico. A fisherman from La Paz landed a giant white sea bass which could beat a long-held world record for the species. Now they make furniture. Writer Sarah DeVries makes a case for adding more. Mercado was the food and beverage manager at a marina hotel when tournament founder Bob Bisbee. Mercado is confident that the Los Cabos Offshore — October 15 through 18 — and the “Superbowl of fishing tournaments” as. In Chiapas, San Juan Chamula’s Catholic parishioners don’t accept most church rituals, preferring unique ones from their indigenous roots. Chipilo, Puebla, a 100-year dairy community, traded in milk pails for chisels when Mexico’s market bottomed out. Sign up for The Whole Enchilada, our free daily digest of the latest Mexico news. For 30 years Mercado, now 73, grandfather to seven and great-grandfather to six, has organized the Bisbee’s in Los Cabos, a series of three tournaments culminating in the Bisbee’s Black & Blue, named for the two species of marlin it centers around, which draws anglers from all over the world to compete for millions in prize money. The team is continuing to work with all the Mexican government agencies to ensure there is a safe and healthy environment at all the Tournament functions. 2020 © ROFFS All rights reserved. Wake up and smell the coffee!