As I come to these conclusions, it may very well be the result of pre-formed thought patterns; synapses in my brain, firing off in the darkness; looking for connections where there are none. And after the credits roll, we are left, as in Christianity, with merely a hint that something more lies beyond. It's fine if you believe in those fairy tales, just don't infringe on mine or others rights because of some moral obligation you feel toward the "wishes"of your "God", be he Jesus, Allah, Zeus or Poseidon. All rights reserved. American Exceptionalism is the idea that the United States is "qualitatively different" from other nations and has "a specific world mission to spread liberty and democracy." Only, he doesn’t know why. BioShock Infinite's plot revolves around protagonist Booker DeWitt as he explores Columbia in search of a mysterious woman named Elizabeth. Not only are you gunning down hordes of enemies, but you are also wiping them out with supernatural powers known as Vigors. Not only is the villain stopped, he is stopped by us, the hero. Christianity never painted the loving God as a tame God. What would happen if we realized that we were both the hero and the villain? Booker DeWitt's reason for going to Columbia is that of force. Complicit in this criticism is a man (and yes, Mr. Malmberg, Booker Dewitt is his own man, though we are more like him than we may care to admit), wracked with guilt over his past misdeeds, who cannot find any way to atone for his sins but by more violence. Baptism is actually far more bizarre than we realize. I really like the layout of the hb menu theme. For now, though, presence remains the the most valuable aspect of an employee, and this will probably remain without increased social awareness. Just as the original BioShock incorporated several themes and ideas to add to gameplay, BioShock Infinite does the same to elevate the story. This idea is cranked up to the extreme in Infinite. It is revealed near the end of the game that Comstock wants to use Columbia to invade other cities down below, and use Elizabeth as a means to do so. [10]. Enemies are set on fire, eaten by crows and even suspended in mid-air for quick kills. Sans baptism, Booker is a drunk. Post author By Ben; Post date 13 April, 2013; No Comments on Bioshock Infinite Themes and Social Reflection; I’m going to write pretty explicitly about some things in Bioshock Infinite for a moment, so consider yourself spoiler warned! Should we start with the themes of religion? All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. It is, of course, all of these things—these shortcomings—and more. The enigmatic Big Daddies are shrouded in bulky diving suits, their true forms never revealed. Racism? The city's ruling class is a group of elitist ultra-nationalists that work to keep minority races underneath them as much as possible through racial segregation. Columbia, and it's dogmatic way of thinking, is the only life she has had since childhood. BioShock Infinite proved immensely controversial upon its release due to its depictions of racism, American exceptionalism and religious extremism. If given another choice Booker would gladly stay on solid ground, but an unknown group forces him to travel to Columbia to rescue Elizabeth. Many of BioShock Infinite's Historical references include nods to figures and events that feed Columbia's racism. [6]. Would you please take my request? Those with only a small knowledge of the original Bioshock know that water is an integral part of the game. This theme include a hbl theme too, just do this : - Place Bioshock Infinite and config folder on root at your SD, - Install Bioshock Infinite full theme with NXTheme installer. Indeed, it is as far removed from the teachings of Jesus as the anti-religious comments I’m sure to receive are from the thoughtful and generous atheism I’ve witnessed in certain of my friends. The game deals with a lot of mature themes. Not merely deeds, but a state of separation; and not just from “God,” but from the meaning of life itself. Bioshock Infinite Themes and Social Reflection. But in a more radical fashion, I want to share with you the myriad ways that this violent, AAA shoot-em-up has perfectly captured the subversive spiritual energy that first gave bloom to Christianity, the religion in which I was raised. The society of Columbia draws many parallels with Rapture from the first Bioshock, but of course, it is clearly not an objectivist society. One of the original Bioshock's major themes was the idea of imprisonment. Populism? In the broadest sense, the concept of American exceptionalism revolves around the idea the United States' history and mission is superior to that of other nations, and it is the duty of the nation to spread that message across the world. Racism, religious fundamentalism, massacres, etc etc.