With 2.5 million followers on Instagram, Berk is well positioned to help Corian reach a dedicated audience of interior designers and design aficionados. Interior design influencer and star of the TV show Queer Eye Bobby Berk partnered with Corian Design to showcase the company’s surface material products and interiors. In fact, 15% of the mentions of the keywords relating to the campaign (Smaht or SmahtPahk) were down to this tweet. And it succeeded spectacularly—the campaign achieved an astounding ROI of 82,648 per cent and reached nearly 10 million New Yorkers on social media. a contest for users to create their own art inspired by the movie, 485 Lexington Avenue, Floor 26th, NY, NY 10017, 1 Wallich Street, Guoco Tower #09-01, Singapore 078881. To micro-influencers with audiences in the tens of thousands, like @CensieJ, who reach fewer people but typically drive higher engagement. When Frito-Lay wanted to target millennials, the company created the Smiles campaign, which spotlighted a positive message and mission. Wicked smaht @Hyundai #ad https://t.co/v3kBgSLtKH. Baggit wanted to engage with the audience and build interaction for their new SS collection launch. #RebuildTheWorld @DavidHandSolo pic.twitter.com/QMDRQc0AQo. These channels dedicated to unwrapping and playing with toys are a great way to engage younger audiences - and the biggest toy companies know it. They’re testing the water and developing for future campaigns. Who wants to join me? So, repetitive or frequent posts in shorter intervals or promotional language is a red flag. The #7HourMarathon had 4.9M impressions, followed by online influencers promoting the #7HourMarathon message. What Netflix did to boost their challenge, was to encourage select influencers to post their entry first - sharing their first-ever social media pic. Axis Bank launched a dedicated innovation lab called the ‘Thought Factory’. DavidHandSolo’s story has been viewed nearly 340k times. Chipotle LidFlip Hashtag Challenge. There’s no point in jumping on a trend if you miss the peak. Get the exclusive DVD set for How to Train Your Dragon 3 only at @walmart #TrainYourDragonAtWalmart #Pmedia #ad https://t.co/2Yd57t4WSR pic.twitter.com/G5vIIk5caA, These homemade dragon egg bath bombs are the perfect way to celebrate the upcoming release of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World -- hitting theaters February 22! Subaru, an automobile company launched the #MeetAnOwner campaign to raise brand awareness. On Facebook, #ShootForSolly had 1,16,279 unique engaged users with 28,69,430 as total reach and 32,71,202 total impressions. Competing with influencer-marketing champ Nike for customers, Adidas upped its game with its She Breaks Barriers campaign. Dobrik, who now has 5.7 million fans on TikTok alone, created a TikTok video of him-self flipping the lid on a Chipotle burrito bowl. That’s what you’re aiming for. Think about how the #IceBucketChallenge became a global success just through people wanting to be part of the trend. The trick here was to use a range of influencers to help target different audiences. When you’re entering a new geography, there are numerous disadvantages like brands already having acquired a majority of the market share, the audience having trust issues with an unknown brand and more. Influencers can also help with brand purpose - helping you position your company around the values at the heart of your business. Child influencers are on the rise, with eight-year-old Ryan Kaji named YouTube’s highest-paid star in 2019. Influencers may start the brand conversations, but it’ll be organic growth that turns the campaign into a success. They teamed up with various influencers to promote Lego with a focus on this theme - creative with a conscience. DDB Chicago conceptualised the campaign to make a Super Bowl ad but not on the Super Bowl. Data suggests influencers with less than 1,000 followers have five times higher engagement rates compared to those with over 100,000 followers. But it didn’t matter what the topic was - the influencers had the freedom to create engaging content. Chipotle and Dobrik took to the short-form video app TikTok to promote a #ChipotleLidFlip hashtag challenge. Guys this year, I’m starting a new fitness resolution! More than double Hyundai’s own tweet. Do you know that we are indexing all major social networks in, The 7 best influencer marketing campaigns, 12 dos and don’ts for a great influencer marketing strategy, How to get the most out of user-generated content, Copyright © 2020 Talkwalker Inc. All Rights Reserved The competition has gained 143k views. Read the global state of influencer marketing report. Depending on your product/service, TG, and message, select an apt influencer. For Christmas, they used nearly 250 influencers, and gained upto 104 engagements per mention. For instance, using Influencer Marketing can work well for building brand awareness. Safaree’s post gained 38k engagement for Netflix’s #CircleBackChallenge. This #ValentinesDay I am getting all my girls a rose that will love them back. The campaign delivered 5,531,042 impressions. For the campaign, Netflix created the #CircleBackChallenge. This is what happens when you dream about how to #MakePotatoGreat all-day-long, @tacobellindia. But barely 15% of the engagement. #playthelifegame Baggit Different expression bags is launched for all women to carry bag with their expression. #ad #HowToTrainYourDragon https://t.co/bpfeVWrEnZ @DWAnimation pic.twitter.com/NF53DeUEHa. Hashtag challenges are the perfect engagement driver, encouraging user-generated content from your audience while generating product buzz. |. Looking for ideas for your next influencer marketing campaign? It sounds crazy ! Especially, when you’re entering a new market in new geography. 67.6% of marketers consider finding the right influencer the biggest challenge while strategizing. Frito-Lay also donated $2 million to Operation Smile over the first two years of the campaign. The channel created a series of sponsored videos, one of which was themed around what the channel is known for, cutting things in half. Hasbro used 3 times as many influencers over the same period, creating 5 times as many brand mentions. Their big focus is now seasonal promotions - pushing the Vaseline brand around major purchasing periods to boost sales. To accomplish their mission, they partnered with hundreds of female photographers and directors to photograph and film women and non-binary people around the world. Allen Solly launched their campaign, #ShootForSolly to promote their … The activity resulted in more than 1.2 million impressions of #TridentSocialHotel on Twitter. g_kohls gained 104 engagements and 249 video views for Vaseline before Christmas. All you people who have been wondering about my crazy #7hourmarathon everyday , it’s easier than it sounds @duroflex_IN. The best influencer marketing campaigns don't just involve bikini models and pretty scenes. Crazy to look back to when I started my journey as a solo act, I never would've thought I would be where I am today. The NEW HARRY POTTER Yule Ball Dolls are available at @Walmart.com! Then adapt your promotion to fit. I’ve always wanted to animate LEGO! Why? By encouraging new players to post sponsored content on their Instagram and Twitter feeds, the brand could quickly join the draft conversation. #ad #HarryPotter @Mattel https://t.co/JdsjDdLmzu pic.twitter.com/e6a4EifOOh. pic.twitter.com/CPJJa6Y8d9, Axis Bank is thinking like a startup -whether you cause disruption or get disrupted #AxisThoughtFactory pic.twitter.com/bZbs8tI1oD, Cycle time in terms of tech has changed.Be agile & accept change & keep innovating #startups #AxisThoughtFactory pic.twitter.com/xx2gLXcHJl. The campaign included a Baggit event with bloggers showcasing the products, a Q&A with them, and simultaneous interactions and content sharing.