Aspects such as biomagnification are lessened via the practice of organic farming as chemical pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and artificial growth hormones are all prohibited on an organic farm. Immune System Boost. The Nutritional Benefits of Organic Fruits and Vegetables. There have been several reported cases of food-borne illness outbreaks. about your favorite categories and popular posts! Since harmful chemicals are forbidden in organic farming, there is minimum water, air, and soil pollution therefore ensuring a healthier and safer environment. Besides, healthy foodstuff simply means healthy people and better nourishment for a better living for both people and animals. Not at any time will you find chemical preservatives used in organic foods. This practice is known as concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and it causes deadly drug-resistant infections which are acquired by the end consumers when the food products are eaten. However, it is the CAFOs that normally worsen meat and milk quality by introducing foreign and unhealthy antibiotics as well as other drugs in the final food product. To be precise, organic farming lessens the long-term human health implications caused by air, water, and soil pollution. Why is it more expensive than non-organic food? Organic food refers to food products that are produced, prepared, and processed without the use of any chemicals. So, the fact that organic farming doesn’t use agrichemicals for crop production means minimized consumption of toxic metals. Antioxidant content. There are claims that meat is not good for human health. By eating organic foods, the risks of decline in immune system strength are significantly reduced because organic foods are not altered at all. Instead, focus on health. This means that the production of organic food forbids the use of chemical preservatives, chemical pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. Organic Food Benefits For The Body. Heavy pesticide exposure can contribute to neurological issues, malfunctions, impairments, as well as creating toxicity within your body. The word organic is perhaps the word of the decade in regards to the evolving world of food. This is achieved by getting a variety of vaccinations and antibiotic drugs when a new strain of virus or bacteria is realized. (And Are They Environment Friendly), When Do Peonies Bloom? (And In Which Season), When To Cut Back Peonies? This is because in organic … Health is beautiful. But the practices have the same general features in farming. Eggs, spinach, peanut butter, melons, and foods from fast food restaurants have topped the list as their production is primarily centered on agribusiness gains. Companies who value organic practices will be eager to tell you so. Help fight heart disease. Seek brands that are on a mission to provide high-quality, organic products and invest in them. The positive effects of antioxidants on overall health have been established in … So, Does Organic Food Have Any Benefits? At the end of the day, honey is simply a “ less bad ” … Note that there are many brands out there that grow their foods using organic practices, but do not boast the certified organic label. Without these hefty doses of toxic chemicals in your system, your metabolism is cranking and converting food into energy–which is the way your body is meant to operate. Organic foods are free of pesticides and that is why they are preferable for attaining a better overall health. As big-box companies have been increasingly greedy, these practices has become less popular with mainstream brands and food corporations because they require more diligent care and money by farmers. Genetic engineering of food products is a huge concern in the current era. Humans are susceptible to various health issues and disease, and most of the time they have to take precautionary measures to ensure they remain healthy. Toxic waste in the body can often compile and form 5-10 pounds of weight on the average body. 9 Health Benefits of Eating Organic Food Less risk of antibiotic resistance. From the moment you get up in the morning until the moment you go to sleep, your metabolism will be operating at a high rate, as will your energy levels. A detoxified body is a body that is functioning at a high and healthy level. Each cell has to sort through the garbage, looking for nutrients, thus creating more free radicals, and not enough nutrients to keep the factories running. Thus, the health benefit of consuming organic food is that they are free of GMOs, a very common component in non-organic foods. (And How to Keep Them Away), Do Deer Eat Peonies? Some brands simply do not seek organic certification because it is a lengthy and costly process–not because they do not grow organically. For many, vanity is a significant goal when seeking about the benefits of organic food. Antibiotic resistance can increase your chances in getting the disease. What Is Organically Grown Food? To get the amount that's recommended, most people need to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables they currently eat every day. Fruits, vegetables and grains labeled organic are grown without … One of the most noticeable and palpable benefits of organic food is its ability to amplify your energy. Some studies suggest that organic produce and meat contain higher levels of nutrients that promote health and wellness. Benefits of Organic Food: As organic food contains less preservatives, organic foods stay fresh for a longer time. Thus, it’s worth inquiring if you have a specific product you’re curious about. This is because pathogens are strengthened and are not affected by antibiotics anymore. All of these truths can be hard to digest and can be immensely unnerving. Similarly, non-organic food sources (especially livestock and feeds) use vaccines, growth hormones, animal byproducts, and antibiotics to treat and feed the animals. All rights reserved. Know that eating organic ultimately does many positive things for your body. The effects are not yet visible, but in the long-term, the consequences are sensitivity to allergens and a major reduction in immune system strength. (And How To Keep Them Away), How Recycling Helps Conserve Energy at Home, Are Lithium Batteries Recyclable? The ongoing confusion pertaining to food labeling can be consuming. When you eat these pure, pesticide free foods, you’re ingesting what nature meant for you to, sans the toxic junk. As such, organic food is often fresher and full of flavor since it doesn’t make use of preservatives to make it have a longer shelf life. According to Wikipedia, Organic food is food that is produced by methods that comply with standards of organic farming. Any statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and any information or products discussed are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease or illness. Every brand’s practices vary. This is because organic foods are free of foreign chemicals that normally react with vitamins, organic compounds and minerals thus lowering the essential positive impacts of antioxidants in food products. These large corporations and brands pay farmers to grow in soil that has been prepped with powerful weed killers, and plants that have been coated with insect/bug resistant toxic agents. Your body’s health becomes compromised because it abandons its normal daily tasks in order to make detoxification a priority. New studies confirm that organic crops have 48% lower levels of the toxic metal cadmium than conventional crops. Fortunately, you can take positive action that isn’t so negative and overwhelming. Furthermore, this toxic build up accumulates significantly in regards to weight. When you put your money into organic products and organic produce, you’re supporting those farmers who are doing the right thing for the greater good. Fewer pesticides and heavy metals. When humans consume the non-organic food products, they indirectly consume the antibiotics, growth hormones and vaccines which weaken immune systems on the account of antibiotic, vaccine, hormones, and animal byproducts overdose. Eating organic produce on a regular basis helps to minimize these negative effects and optimize your absorption of nutrients. It means organic food production prohibits the use of chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or chemical preservatives. Organophosphorus, for instance, is associated with various developmental disorders such as ADHD and autism. Important Disclaimer: The information contained on Health Ambition is intended for informational and educational purposes only.