Tiffany from Feel Great in 8 back again! All four of my children go back to school and start the fall soccer season next week. Thanks for sharing. Time-saving recipes that everyone will LOVE. Hi! I’m pinning this recipe and going to try it out. If you do decide to use frozen broccoli, thaw it first, then add it to the slow cooker as directed. Follow @wellplated on Instagram, snap a photo, and tag it #wellplated. Those looking for a Paleo beef and broccoli or keto beef and broccoli can modify this crock pot recipe or check out my stovetop Healthy Beef and Broccoli. Just freeze all of the ingredients except the corn starch and broccoli in a gallon size freezer bag. Reheat gently in the microwave or on the stovetop with a splash of beef broth or water to keep it from drying out. I see this calls for a round roast…I have some top round steaks, I bought on special…do you think I could cut them into strips with the same results? This healthy Crockpot Beef and Broccoli belongs in the latter category. Place broccoli in basket. Then, he can just rewarm it normally on the stovetop or in the microwave once he arrives. Cook it once and enjoy the leftovers for lunch or dinner later in the week. Hi Lacy! Thank you for the recipe! Cover and cook on low until tender, about 6 hours. The Well Plated Cookbook is now available! This Asian-inspired slow-cooker beef and broccoli meal is one of their favorites, so I serve it often. It will thicken up and coat every forkful. Home > Slow Cooker Beef and Broccoli Recipe. Definitely going on our repeat list Thank you! Beef and broccoli is standard-issue fare on just about any Asian takeout menu, but the flavor of this recipe is anything but basic. I really want to try this, it looks incredible! Hey guys! I’m so happy that you enjoyed the recipe, Eva! The glossy sauce thickens right in the slow cooker with the other ingredients, no reducing in a separate pot on the stove required. Once the beef is done, pour in the arrowroot that’s been dissolved in the water. This delicious Slow Cooker Beef and Broccoli Recipe is the perfect healthy meal after a busy day of school, work, and soccer practice. I hope you enjoy the recipe if you try it! I (and many other readers) have loved the flavors of this dish, so I really wish it would’ve been a hit for you too! I have not tried doubling this recipe, but I think that you could easily do about 1.5 times the amount. Thank you for your reply and recipe! Chuck roast is fattier and fairs best when it is browned first, then cooked for an extended period of time. © 2010 - 2020 Well Plated by Erin. For this healthy crockpot beef and broccoli, you’ll need: Unlike a stew (this Crock Pot Beef Stew, for example), I would not recommend making crockpot beef and broccoli with chuck roast. If you decide to try it, I suggest checking it early and often to make sure it doesn’t overcook. Stir into the slow cooker with the beef and sauce, then place the broccoli on top. Instead, mix a cornstarch slurry right into the slow cooker during the last 30 minutes of cooking. I love that I can prep and load the slow cooker during the quieter part of my day and then come home to a healthy home cooked meal at the end of all the craziness. The nutrition estimate is for 1 serving. Once the meat is done, add the corn starch and broccoli as normal. – Tiffany is a wife, mom of 4, foodie, dark chocolate lover, creator and host of the Feel Great in 8 Challenge, and blogger at It takes just a few extra minutes and I love having meals in the freezer for those extra busy weeks! Hi! Taste of Home is America's #1 cooking magazine. Hi Kathleen! In a small bowl, stir together the beef broth, soy sauce, oyster sauce, honey, rice vinegar, chili-garlic paste, and garlic. I think that should work just fine. I hope your family loves this simple meal as much as mine does! Coat a 4-quart or larger slow cooker with nonstick spray. Hi Debbie! Cook on high for 2-3 minutes. Just before beef is finished, steam broccoli by adding 1/2 cup of water and the chopped broccoli to a small pot. I used pre cut stew meat and it turned out great. He has a crockpot/instant pot. Cover and cook on high until thickened, about 30 minutes. I’m sorry to hear that you had trouble with the timing, Sandra. —Brandy Stansbury, Edna, Texas, Slow-Cooker Beef and Broccoli Recipe photo by Taste of Home. I’ll often buy a big roast and put together extra freezer meals while putting ingredients into the slow cooker. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I’ve added different colors of bell peppers, and even other veggies when I have extras that need used up. This sounds like a meal I would really like to try. Just slice it and add it to the crockpot at the beginning. I’m excited to share this simple, real food slow cooker recipe with you today! Just before beef is finished, steam broccoli by adding 1/2 cup of water and the chopped broccoli to … Now I don’t have to get Chinese takeout. The only drawback at all, is that it is salty. Add broth, soy sauce, minced garlic, brown sugar, sesame oil, and chili flakes to slow cooker. This slow cooker beef & broccoli recipe is a favorite in my house. The beef is tender, the sauce is rich and savory, and the broccoli, which benefits from a low and slow “bath” in the sauce, is exceptionally appealing. The sauce works itself into every little fiber and floret. And those looking for a simple, scrumptious, and healthy slow cooker beef and broccoli recipe that’s beloved by Mongolian beef connoisseurs and fussy eaters alike can stop right here. If you have a programmable slow cooker that switches to keep warm, this might be an option, but the best choice is to be able to check it right away at the 1 1/2 hour mark. Add it too early, and you may be left with mushy, watery broccoli instead (no thank you). Because flank steak is fairly lean, I would not recommend leaving the slow cooker on low longer than the recipe specifies, or I worry it might overcook. This post contains some affiliate links, which means that I make a small commission off items you purchase at no additional cost to you. Just made this for dinner and my husband and I thought it was absolutely delicious. I hope you enjoy the recipe! Create an account to easily save your favorite projects and tutorials. In a small bowl, whisk together 1/4 cup water and cornstarch. If this doesn’t bother you, then you have nothing to worry about. Your email address will not be published. Next time, you can absolutely add more spices and maybe a bit of extra ginger and soy sauce so it’s more to your liking. This will guarantee that your broccoli is crisp-tender. Can’t wait. WELCOME! Remove from heat, drain, and stir broccoli into the slow cooker. Oh well. I'm the author and recipe developer here at and of The Well Plated Cookbook. Sharing it with all my friends! Hi Samantha, I’m so sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy this recipe. Should I cook it in advance freeze it and have him just reheat on low or should I prep it raw as a freezer meal and have him do the cooking? My broccoli was still raw, even after 45 min not done enough to be tender. You could try fully cooking the recipe, freezing it, then having him bring it with him in a cooler to make sure that it stays at a safe temperature. In total, this easy Asian takeout recipe takes about 2 hours in the slow cooker. Cover and cook on low for 1 1/2 hours. No pre-browning of the meat on the stove or separate sauce reduction is necessary, and the results are spectacular. Watch the cooking time, as it may need to be adjusted slightly. Two things I’ll do differently tho is cut the meat into smaller pieces and add more cornstarch to thicken the sauce, but other than that this recipe is definitely a keeper.