20 examples of simple sentences of “abandon“We tried to find and publish the the words with Simple Sentences of “abandon“ Compound Sentences with “abandon” Complex Sentences with “abandon”Compound-Complex Sentences with “abandon Learn how to spell the word abandon in a sentence with basic 10 sentences 5 Advanced Sentences about abandon in a sentence. should be entered into with abandon or not at all. Firefighters had to abandon their efforts to fight the fire 41- Inspectors were forced to abandon their work on Saturday as shelling continued nearby. www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "abandon" The house has looked abandoned since the Bates family moved away 2 years agoWe found a cat that had been abandoned by its owners when they moved away. 43- It is like pulling teeth, he said of convincing former fighters to put down their guns and abandon their bases. ], Therefore, while not exposing himself needlessly, he advanced with more, But lack of funds prevented further experiment, and Haenlein had to, Neither you nor I shall be to them what we have been; but still, let us not, One hour slipped by and then another, and still I did not, Surely,' she says, with her eyes filled with tears, 'you are not going to, For my poor dear father, when he knows all my crime, will, The failure at New Ross had compelled them for the time to, My neighbour Menedemus, well deceiv'd, Would ne'er have seen his son, They were told at their reception that they might, Their sails had been taken from them and they were ordered to sink rather than, I started from him with horror, pointed out to him his ingratitude and folly, and intreated him to, Every arrangement was made for my departure, and during the preparations, the sultan was continually with me, persuading me to, In fact, officers of the national societies predict that the societies will gradually, They neglect their intellectual life, and, No enticement, even of a dog-friend or of a great bone, will induce this faithful servant to, It was but a passing boy with a stick, but Dicky was sufficiently disturbed to, Still I could not consent to give up the trial and, With regard to the concert the Philharmonic had resolved to give in my behalf, I would entreat them not to, Whether it will be necessary for her to act in defense of the, But when Miliuc heard that Patrick had arrived, he wished not to believe for him, and to, In connection with this difficult question Brant had intended making a trip to England, but was forced to, The minds of men were occupied with problems which it alone seemed to be able to resolve, and they would not, Abandon in a sentence | Short example sentence for abandon[Class 1-5], Postmen in a sentence | Short example sentence for postmen[Class 1-5], Moral in a sentence | Short example sentence for moral[Class 1-5], Twigs in a sentence | Short example sentence for twigs[Class 1-5], Dance in a sentence | Short example sentence for dance[Class 1-5], Navigator in a sentence | Short example sentence for navigator[Class 1-5], Smacked in a sentence | Short example sentence for smacked[Class 1-5], Pawed in a sentence | Short example sentence for pawed[Class 1-5], Bravely in a sentence | Short example sentence for bravely[Class 1-5], Scheming in a sentence | Short example sentence for scheming[Class 1-5], Agreeing in a sentence | Short example sentence for agreeing[Class 1-5], Withdrew in a sentence | Short example sentence for withdrew[Class 1-5], Withdrawal in a sentence | Short example sentence for withdrawal[Class 1-5], Refusing in a sentence | Short example sentence for refusing[Class 1-5], Withdraw in a sentence | Short example sentence for withdraw[Class 1-5], Deployment in a sentence | Short example sentence for deployment[Class 1-5], Insisting in a sentence | Short example sentence for insisting[Class 1-5], Withdrawn in a sentence | Short example sentence for withdrawn[Class 1-5], Words to describe Abandon | Abandon Adjectives. You can practice spelling and usage of the word by getting 10 examples of sentences with “abandon”. depend upon fair and impartial judgments in a world court of law, they 19- By 1815, that conquering zeal had apparently burned out, and he seemed keen to abandon politics for new pursuits. Now you would abandon me. Abandon your diet for heavenly, buttery, supersized, secret-recipe apple pancakes at Walker Brothers Original Pancake House. would abandon the senseless, savage practice of war. 13- At least one insurance company would also like to see the exchange abandon managing payments. 34- I will not abandon my national duty’,” said Shi’ite Muslim cleric Al Sayyed Fadi Burhan. abandon (v): to leave a place, thing, or person, usually foreverUse “abandon” in a sentence He abandoned his hope of becoming a doctor. abandon in a sentence - Use "abandon" in a sentence 1. 15- Beijing has repeatedly urged North Korea to abandon nuclear weapons, to no avail. Since the young girl was unable to care for the newborn, she decided to abandon the child at a fire station. More Sentences: 1 – 2 – 3 – Related Words: —————————This site is designed to teach you English words in context with collocations with the help of example sentences. 36- If we accomplish our objectives, will we once again abandon our gains as we did after the scourge in Iraq? 4- Oddly enough they chose to abandon that in the final play. 10- Amy pokes fun at them with caustic abandon. I was shocked when Microsoft decided to abandon OS / 2. click for more sentence… 24- Force Iran to Make a Choice The rogue regime must either abandon its nuclear program or face crippling sanctions. 3. 2. 2- McLean says any changes will not abandon people who rely on CBC North’s TV and radio programming. The climbers were forced to abandon their attempted ascent 26- Free, with total abandon and aggression, and with an eye on being the best player in the game at all times. Use abandon in a sentence Example Sentences for abandon The police finally had to abandon their search after looking for the lost child for over a year. I will never abandon my dream of becoming a writer. 21- Deer would be unlikely to abandon territory in which they successfully found food before, Ravana said. [First attested from around (1350 to 1470)] | (transitive) To leave behind; to desert as in a ship or a position, typically in response to overwhelming odds or impending dangers; to forsake, in spite of a duty or responsibility. 18- But when you get to the payment page, stop and abandon your cart. Use ‘abandon’ in a sentence | ‘abandon’ example sentences 1- He was referring to the decision to abandon an initial public offering of the rail operator in 2008. A band of devoted followers willing to abandon their earlier lives. 6- We saw them abandon anti-aircraft missiles here in Beirut in the 1980s.”, 7- When we prayed, we didn’t pray to get rescued; we prayed for the people outside not to abandon us,”” he said.”.